telluresmentis  asked:

Not really an ask but can I just say that I saw one of those "Favourite characters from 10 favourite fandom" asks that float around tumblr. I thought about who I would include and one of the first characters that I thought of was DAV Anakin. And then I remembered that your Tatooine culture worldbuilding is a big tag on ao3 and you mentioned tv tropes and.. Basically what I'm saying is your stuff is approaching the platonic ideal of "transformative work".

Oh my God I’m…

I don’t know how to feel about this honestly. It’s A Lot. But I am glad you like DAV Anakin. :)

im not lying when i say the first time i ever started to ‘get better’ in reference to my mental disorders is when i started to own up to the nasty shit that it made me do to myself and other people. i had to own that and apologise for it and as soon as i started to do that, i started to improve

all the time i spent justifying the way i acted and pretending it was okay or ‘out of my control’ i just got worse and worse and worse.

look i remember hyping dope up in the name of blackness and then finally sitting down to watch it and not being able to get past the 15 min mark cause they kept letting tony revolori say nigga and i was like what the FUCK