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what are some of your hollstein headcannons?

i can never think of any off the top of my head when i get questions like this but one i always stood by a loved was little spoon carmilla. i always thought the idea of carmilla, who pretends not to care about anything, liking to be held by the girl she loves at night and be surrounded in a sense by her warmth and scent and her… was nice.

Allow me to give you a quick lesson in economics to describe to you how royally screwed we are.

A network is a based off of one thing only; not to make you happy by keeping shows that only you like, but rather to make as much money as possible.

Money is usually brought in by merchandise and commercials.

And when a show loses a lot of air time, guess what happens? It becomes less popular. Meaning it can only bring in so much revenue. 

This is of course, means that Steven Universe is basically being thrown under the rug. And might be treated like LOK was by Nickelodeon.  

So we HAVE to bring in more viewers & profit. Or else… We will lose an entire story that we will remember as “What could have been”

My solution? Make as much noise as possible. Bring it up on all social media. Make your friends watch the next episodes. Do whatever you can. We don’t want to lose this. Trust me.  Please just don’t let this go unnoticed. That is all I have to say.


EDIT! after a few days, this was proven debunked, and the whole mess was averted. The show will have its re-runs back, so stop panicking! It’s all right! They were just experimenting! So please stop spreading this around panicked. Thanks.

EDIT! This was averted. This post isn’t credible. As the OP of the post, I’d like to say that if you spread misinformation by reblogging this post, then it isn’t helping anybody. Please just regard this mistake as what it is - a mistake that happened because of fear. I apologize if I have harmed you in any way, and that you enjoy new episodes and their reruns. Thank you.


everlong 2/? (1)

these are quite large gifs that may or may not load on tumblr/mobile. you can also see them here

((sorry for the longer than anticipated wait! i have a hard time keeping a schedule ^^;))

((also since i heavily referenced this vol 5 back cover i should credit it))


Can you pinpoint the exact moment you first fell in love? [insp]

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:'HOLD THE DOOR' *sobbing* did willis see himself holding the door for bran whilst he had his seizure? did he always know that was going to happen to him? is that why 'hodor' was always so willing to help bran out? does bran now know how much hodor obviously cared about him? i just-