My Sun, Moon and Stars

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Reader x Wonho
Word count: 1.7k

A/N: Alright, so I decided I wanted to delve into the Monsta X fandom, so I started with something for Wonho. The premise of this imagine is basically the reader being jealous/upset at false rumors about Wonho being in a secret relationship with a mysterious woman, and they get “caught” having a “date” which leads to misunderstandings and a fight.

Anyways, hope that if you read this you like it okay byE!!

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Author’s Note: i love whenever random ideas just come to my mind, hope you enjoy!

Summary: Being a Makeup Artist suddenly seems 100x more cooler when you get the call to be the makeup artist for the Avenger’s photoshoot.

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“I still find this absolute bullshit that we’re doing this photoshoot for LIFE magazine after all the threats we’ve been given.” Natasha mumbled as she was grabbing her bag.

“This is our time to shine! To let the world know that we’re capable of being on the front cover of LIFE magazine.” Tony exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air enthusiastically.

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Can u do a imagine like me and tris are married with kids and stuff and then we fight because he's been suck a idiot idk

Tristan imagine, you fight in front of your kid; 

“You said you were going to clean the dishes two days ago Tris! As far as I can tell, they haven’t been done” You fold your arms over your chest and give your husband a glare. He looks up from a magazine that he’s reading and scoffs. “I’ve been busy. This has been my only free time in a week Y/N. If the dishes bother you so much, then you do them” He retorts. “I do the laundry, and I clean the whole house, I make the meals, and I take care of Max. You could at least do something other than sit there!” You exclaim, grabbing the magazine out of his hands and throwing it onto the table. He stands up from the couch, towering over you. “I work my ass off every single day to provide for us! I have to help the lads write new songs, while at the same time rehearsing for our tour. Not to mention recording for the new album! I’ll do the dishes when I have time! Now get off my back and leave me alone!” He shoves past you as he makes his way to the bedroom. “Daddy?” The small voice of your son, Max calls out from the doorway of his room. Tristan stops dead in his tracks and looks at your four year old son. “Max go back to bed sweetie” He says, trying to calm down for Max’s sake. Max pouts and hugs himself. “I had a bad dream… Then I heard you and mommy fighting. Please don’t fight” His bottom lip quivers, and Tristan rushes to him. You go behind him and watch as Tristan kneels down in front of Max, scooping him into his strong arms. “It’s alright buddy. Mommy and I were just being childish… We’re sorry that we yelled” Tristan mutters. Max sniffs. “Do you and mommy hate each other?” He asks in a small voice. It breaks your heart to hear that. You rest your hand onto Tristan’s shoulder and give it a small squeeze. “No baby, of course we don’t. Daddy and I just didn’t agree on something. We still love each other very much” You pitch in, giving them both a gentle smile. Tristan nods and kisses the top of Max’s head, then stands up with him in his arms. You both put Max back to bed, then silently go into your bedroom afterwards. “I’m sorry” You both say at the same time. Tristan continues to speak, “I’m sorry Y/N. I’m just so stressed with all this work and everything… Joe has been on my back for always being tired and slacking off. I’m just under a lot of stress right now. I’m sorry for snapping. I’ll do the dishes soon, I promise” He says. You shake your head and kiss his lips gently. “It’s alright Tris. I’m tired and stressed too… We should go to sleep. Then we can make a new chore schedule on the weekend, how does that sound?” You suggest, taking his hands. He smiles and looks at you. “How did I get so lucky?” He mumbles whilst kissing you sweetly. 

I hate the ending for this >.> Sorry

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For a little fic idea, if you're willing. I've always wanted to read from another persons point of view, Gansey's take on how tooth decayingly cute Ronan and Adams new romantic relationship is, seeing all their little hand touches, shy smiles, their games of footsie. Or Henry cheng walking in the door with Ganesy to an eye full of Ronan on the sofa, Adam in his lab and serious mouth to mouth.

Dear friend, I hope this is something close to what you wanted, although minus henry cheng. I sort of focused on one time instead of a compilation of a few and it’s from gansey’s pov and there’s a touch of bluesey but who’s complaining? (hopefully not you anyway) (p.s everyone thinks ronan is hot ok)

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When We Were Young (Part 4)

Summary: Model!Dean AU with Photographer!Reader. After running into Dean, you are a prominent photographer and he an internationally-known model. Things begin to heat up.

Pairings: Dean x Reader (Main); Cas x Reader (side)

Word Count: 2,035

Warnings: None.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

A/N: Sorry this is so short! This is mostly dialogue, things come out into the light and shit hitting the fan. AHHHH.

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arrow au - laurel and felicity as co-founders of an online fashion magazine

“felicity,” laurel sing-songs, holding onto her best friend’s wrist to keep her from walking away.

“no, laurel, you’re crazy! i don’t even know anything about running an online fashion magazine,” felicity exclaims, twisting her arm to free her wrist. laurel gives a big put upon sigh and crosses her arms over her chest.

“you don’t need to, i do! it’s all already in the works, okay? i’ll be the fashion, you be the tech!” she grins when she can practically see felicity about to give in. “i need a girl wednesday!”

“it’s friday!”

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Zülüf Dökülmüş Yüze
Minor Empire
Zülüf Dökülmüş Yüze

Minor Empire - Zülüf Dökülmüş Yüze

Minor Empire are a Canadian world music group formed in 2010 in Toronto.

Since releasing its debut recording, Second Nature in January 2011,Toronto ensemble Minor Empire has been drawing raves for a scintillating soundscape of psychedelia, electronica, jazz & traditional Turkish music. Not only has “Second Nature” hit #1 on national world music radio charts in Canada, but CBC Radio and Toronto Sun music columnist Errol Nazareth noted that “the CD marks an important way forward for Turkish and world music, in general.”

David Dacks of Exclaim! magazine calls their debut Second Nature "successfully dreamy" and says “the record will leave you wanting to see the band live.”,] and TJ Nelson of World Music Central describes the album as “bold, expertly worked and voluptuous.”[4]

Minor Empire is the brainchild of guitarist/composer/producer Ozan Boz and vocalist Ozgu Ozman. Inspired by the traditional music of their homeland of Turkey, they have forged a sound that is simultaneously contemporary and traditional, adventurous yet accessible. Fleshing out their unique sonic vision is a stellar cast of musicians including Michael Occhipinti (guitar), Chris Gartner (bass), Debashis Sinha (percussion) from Toronto; Ismail Hakki Fencioglu (oud) and Didem Basar (kanun) from Montreal, while internationally acclaimed Istanbul-based clarinet player Selim Sesler guests on the album.

OriginTorontoOntarioCanadaGenresWorld MusicYears active2010–present

A deep frown brought down her features as Giselle leaned over the solid wood table she’d made into her own. The coffee shop had been buzzing around her with activity for the last few hours but she’d hardly noticed, not when her mind was reeling over the latest gossip someone had posted in one of those rag mags. How could they be so dramatic? She’d only been out with a friend of her fathers for a simple dinner. The talk of donations the only subject the two had conquered within the two short hours and yet the magazines exclaimed they were practically running off to Paris together already. Fantastic.

It didn’t help that every so often she caught sight of some glancing her way as they waited in line, her scattered books and laptop open as she went through each cup of coffee all too quickly as she glanced over towards the empty mug. If she were being honest though, it really was just a typical Monday which is why she hardly noticed the person approaching her.