@gentleman-caller and i need to never stop talking - cuz like… stuff gets done when we do - and it’s always STUFF I LIKE (O  W O) HEHE<3

the worlds quickest art/writing exchange! GC says, “i’d feel better about the world if there was more cheek kissing” and I said, “like this” and she said, “fuck yeah like this” and then wrote THIS vvvvvv glorious fluff all the while i finished scribbling! WOW! thanks for bringing that out GC! <3 i’ll never get tired of working with you! *SUPER HUG*

(also… (O __O);;; i hope this’ll tide you over a little till i can catch back up on work and do your pages! EEP! *feels so guilty*)

Hux stared at his sleeping partner for a long moment, his breath caught in his throat.  Ren had already made a mess of the sheets and he lay sprawled out over them.  His clothes were strewn about the floor in a way that should have irked him but instead sent a warm jolt of pleasure to his gut. Ren belonged. They were home.  

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