6.25.2017 11:45 AM: A very plain flatlay today because all of my art supplies have been packed away for my trip to Spain! I am enthralled that I have the honor of participating in this exchange, and I am so excited to meet my host family and immerse myself in their culture. In anticipation of that, my next three spreads will be in Spanish, and I will try to post captions in Spanish as well. I’ll have my computer, but because I’ll be very busy experiencing everything, I probably won’t post much, and if I do, it’ll be pictures of the lovely landscapes!

Announcement Event !

Following the previous post and seeing it seems that we’re more than fifteen people interested…


You can send the description right now so I can count how many people exactly we’ll be and keep spreading the word !

/!\ Important things to know /!\

. If I didn’t participate to the last event, may I participate to this one ?
Of course you can, everyone is gladly welcome to share the love of Reborn!

. If I already participated last time, should I send my description again ?
Unfortunately YES, I need to have a clear list to be sure to not forget anyone and don’t add precedent participants by mistake if they don’t want to do it this time

. What kind of “Art” we can make during the event ?
Any kind of art! You can make traditionnal drawing or not, painting, writing, Aesthetics anything you can create is welcomed !

. What are we supposed to write on our description ?
To make a complete description, you have to write

- Name/Nickname how you want to be called
- Few lines about you, but not too much don’t overwheelm your Secret Valentine with tone of details !
- What is your type of Art ? [do you write, draw, do music mix..]
- Your favorite characters / Type of Art
- Characters/pairings you like to create for
- Characters/pairings you absolutely don’t want to create for
- If you participate to the last event, for who did you create ?

. Where do we post our description ?
You can post your description throught the Ask box OR the Submit box, only.

. Can I send a message to the person I received ?
You can send a message to have more informations if it can help you create BUT you have to do it anonymously, you’re supposed to keep your identity secret until the day of the exchange !

. And when I finish my gift ? Do I send it to the person?
Not at all ! Gift has to be send in the box of this tumblr before the 31st of July on the 1st of August, all of the gifts will be posted here so everyone can see all of the wonderful work !

. What if I don’t send my gift ?
If you know that you’ll not be able to send your gift or that you don’t want to participate anymore, send a message to the admin so they could do something about the person you received and your Secret Artist.
Of course, if you don’t send your gift, you’ll not receive the one did for you too

. What if my Secret Artist doesn’t send the gift ?
The admin [and a charitable soul if it’s a drawing] will do a replacement gift, no one is going to be left aside.

Inscription begins right now and until 9th of July !
On the 10th you’ll receive the name of the person and the character/s you’ll have to create for so you just have to do your best!

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask !


By carrie lynn.


Are you looking for a partner to practice your target language? We can help you!

We’re users of the langblr community, and we always find that there’s many people posting things like “please contact me if you’re a native speaker of X, I really want to improve my skills!”. That’s why we decided to give birth to this project.

Languange (language + exchange) is a newly created language exchange Tumblr site that will pair you up with another user so you can both practice and learn languages!

Inspired by tandem language learning, we pair people depending on their mother tongue and the language they are learning, so a native speaker can teach their language to their partner, and vice versa. This offers the opportunity not only to practice a language with a native speaker, but also to teach a language to a foreigner, as well as learning different cultures and points of view.

When possible, we will try to pair up people depending on their level and age, so as to make this a more rewarding and enriching experience. You should talk half of the time in one language and half in the other, so you both get the opportunity to practice your target language, and at the same time teach things to the other person.

You will be given the email address of a person learning your native language, and whose native language is the one you’re learning. You can then talk by email, video call, or whatever you want, that’s up to you.

We will also suggest a list of topics, which will help you expand your knowledge and broaden your vocabulary. Of course, these topics are not compulsory in any way, but we invite you to take them into account. However, you and your partner can talk about whatever you want. The only thing we expect if you join is that you dedicate a minimum amount of time to the exchange.

If you want more information about this language exchange, visit our Tumblr! And you can also contact us if you have any questions. You can sign up by filling the form in our page :)

Also, please help us by reblogging this post. Since we’re new, we hope to reach as many people as possible. We think many of you may find our project useful!