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4/4 You Play Volleyball

Requested: Yes

Author: Brittany


  • I played volleyball for like five minutes in freshman year and just had to take this pref so thank you!

4/4 You Play Volleyball

Ashton: Ashton would be at one of your games being the loudest and most obnoxious people there. When it was your turn to serve, the crowd would go silent, except for one. “WOOOOO YES, Y/N! LET’S GOOOOOOOO!” Ashton would scream causing you to blush because he didn’t know it’s supposed to be quiet during serves. He would see that you were a little flushed and took it as his cue to tone it down, but he’d flash you a smile and thumbs up as you’d nail the serve. Then you’d spike the ball and earn your team another point. Ashton would be so proud that he’d start screaming like crazy and hug the person next to him saying, “That’s my girlfriend! Can you believe it?”

Luke: You would probably have a date with Luke and you’d be late because a game went overtime. You’d rush over to his place, still in your uniform, which consisted of a tight shirt and very short spandex. Luke would take one look at you as he opened the door and shyly turn away because he thought it was rude to look at you while you were so exposed. You’d laugh, kiss his cheek, and reassure him that it’s ok if he looks at your ass because he’s your boyfriend. Then he’d kiss you and ask you to show him some of your moves on the court. You’d spend the rest of the night playing volleyball with a beach ball in Luke’s living room.

Michael: Ok so you would have invited Michael to come see your open practice because he’s always wanted to see you play. He would sit and watch you so intently, admiring you doing what you love. At some point during the practice, you’d accidentally get hit in the head with a stray volleyball and fall to the ground. Mikey would jump up immediately and yell something like, “Woman down!” He’d rush to your side and scoop you up before you could tell him that you’re fine. He would bring you to the sidelines, examine your head, and say, “Yep, you have a concussion.” You’d laugh because you knew you didn’t, but would kiss him anyway.

Calum: Calum would be a cheeky little shit about this ok. He’d show up at one of your games to surprise you. You’d look up from the ball to see Cal with about 20 balloons and flowers. You’d snicker to yourself because you had the cutest boyfriend ever and work super hard to do your best for him. You’d be the middle blocker and every time the ball threatened to come over the net, you’d smack it back down, shocking your opponents. When you’d set up your positions after halftime, you’d start to here giggling from your teammates. You’d immediately look up at Calum who would be, very proudly, holding a sign that said, “Hey Y/N, nice bum!”

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