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Hamilton on Tumblr
  • Alexander:Runs a huge social justice blog. Focuses a lot on the economy. People are convinced that either he has a queue or there are multiple people running the blog, because so much gets posted there at such a wide range of times. But no, that really is just Alexander up at 5:30 am posting massive rants about communication barriers. Sometimes he posts selfies or long posts about how great his friends are.
  • Angelica:another social justice blogger. She focuses mainly on feminism and her blog is super accessible and neat. She and Alexander started talking when she tore one of his posts apart. Both of them expected to hate each other, but pretty soon they were constantly emailing each other and helping edit each other's posts.
  • Eliza:Runs a super cute mostly aesthetic blog. Sometimes does guest posts for Angelica's blog. Angelica introduced her to Alexander and the two started talking over Skype. When they met up after realizing they live in the same city, Eliza posted ALL the pictures.
  • Peggy:really big Marvel fandom blog. Everyone thinks she's lying about Peggy being her real name. Also writes guest posts for Angelica's blog.
  • Lafayette:so many selfies. once uploaded a video of himself ranting about the government while he was hella drunk and it got a bazillion notes because zomg hot guy with a French accent <3333. He's pretty okay with that. Now he uploads a lot of videos about social injustice in hopes that people will watch for the sexy and learn something while they're at it.
  • Laurens:Runs a TL;DR version of Alexander's blog. Alex was so excited about it when he found out and immediately added a link to the blog in his sidebar. Also has a personal blog where he kinda posts/reblogs whatever strikes his fancy (mostly social justice with a strong focus on racial equality). Whenever he's drunk and having crush feelings about Hamilton he inevitably accidentally posts them to the TL;DR blog, where Alex pretends not to have seen them but secretly screencaps them and saves them to a special folder so he can reread them whenever he wants.
  • Hercules Mulligan:runs a fashion blog. Offers a lot of advice on dressing well on a budget and finding clothes that flatter you. Is also somehow friends with half tumblr's programming team and warns people about updates.
  • Phillip Hamilton and Theodosia Burr:Alexander and Aaron get into a passive aggressive war over who can post the cutest picture of their child so finally Eliza's like "Fine, we'll get a separate blog for this" so from the age of like six months there's a blog where their parents post pictures and stories about them. It has so many followers and both of them are so embarrassed about it when they grow up.
  • Aaron Burr:runs a blog where he talks about current events and politics. Has developed something of a reputation for being unbiased and accurate. He and Alexander do genuinely respect each other but their rivalry is legendary. A decent amount of their followers are only there for the sass.
  • King George:anti-sj blog obvs
  • Washington:head of some sort of small non-profit organization, doesn't post much about himself but makes sure to keep the blog active. Everyone thinks his organization is super fantastic and Hamilton is so excited when Washington approaches him about helping run the organization's social media accounts.
  • Jefferson:Almost as many selfies as Lafayette. Also writes music and posts samples on his blog. He and Hamilton get into what can only be described as flame wars.
Maybe I wasn’t your favorite cup of tea, or maybe I wasn’t your favorite novel. But every once in awhile I was your cup of tea or your good read. And that’s what broke my heart.
—  I was never good enough (an excerpt from a book I’ll never write)
what *actually* happened on starfleet academy orientation day
  • kirk:my name is james t. kirk, the t stands for trouble!
  • bones:yeah well MY name is leonard h. mccoy, and the h stands for like Hell it does, jim
  • spock:...my full name is s'chn t'gai spock...
  • kirk:
  • bones:
  • kirk:
  • bones:
  • kirk:S'CHN T'*GAY* SPOCK

Here is just a list of things that are probably more true about the magic folk in North America than anything that JKR said

• While the Native Americans had no “formal” education, they were the most advanced in terms of magic than any of the European settlers were. Magic was common, before colonization so there was no need to hide wix from muggles

• The first thing the colonists did was try to build a school. Probably something snotty that still exists today in New England and is regarded by parents as the most elite school in the USA but all the students know is now a joke and mostly a party school

• Hawaii and Alaska were bought so recently that neither of the states have fully integrated their wix population into the USA. Alaskans go to Canadian schools and Hawaiians go to school in the Philippines

• The confederates sure as hell created their own school before/during the civil war like that is so obvious please

• And don’t get me started on the whole equating black/slave wix with dark magic and, therefore, we’re not allowed to study it

• But that’s where you get a whole new branch off of wix that are still flourishing today. Grandparents teaching little kids magic they can do without wands or words. Just feelings and some fancy finger waving. New Orleans is the biggest hot spot for this

• Texas sure as hell had it’s own school with how damn proud this state is. Just imagine it, mums and wix school dances. Mums with fairies. Mums with charmed flowers that will ask out your date for you. Magicked mums!!!

• There’s gotta be a school somewhere in the Midwest and another one right in Area 51

• Before the Great Depression, school tuition was a thing and when less and less students were being registered in the early 1900s while the magic incidents kept rising, a bill was passed that would make magic education public ally funded

• All the subculture of wix in the USA mixing together so like you have things that are //definitely// real and others that are probably made up (everyone knows the legend of the woman in white but no one south of OK think it’s a joke. La Llorona is real and she’ll fuck all you bachelors up)

• Hiding magic from muggles is definitely a white people thing. All other poc cultures are all laid back about magic use. Everyone KNOWS there’s magic so what’s the point in hiding it? I have a tía in SoCal that everyone swears isn’t magic but that lady can sure cure whatever illness you got with one of her spicy soups

• Oh man and the institutionalized and radical racism that still exists in 2016 when it comes to blacks (dark magic), Native Americans (forcing them to create schools), Latinxs (their magic being “dirty” in comparison to others) so it’s not taught in the “white” schools

• Speaking of racism. You know full and well there is one school for the Natives that was passed off as, “We are taking your land but here is a free school for your children to learn the magic we know.” When it was really a ruse to eliminate all traces of the Magic of Old™ and further force the people to conform to Eurocentric lifestyles

tl;dr JKR created a wonderful world for us but she has very little knowledge of the rest of the world and I think that I, a person who had lived a great majority of their life in the US of A, have a better concept of how the wix population would handle themselves here