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Damn…this show’s only been out for a few months and y’all are already cancelling the WHOLE thing. It really seems like a lot of you are really hopping on any and all opportunities to demonize the (not children but STILL young) cast, call them trash, “drag” them and this that and the third.

I can understand some of the KJ and Cole hate(though there’s no concrete evidence he abused his ex and we’ll probs never know for sure) but are we REALLY calling out Lili (and Camila by association) for being “lesbophobic” now? Why? Because she said that an UNLIKELY ship was UNLIKELY to happen in a story that’s BEEN centered around a hetero love triangle? (Because let’s be real this would never happen in the Archie comics let alone a fucking CW show, y’all give them too much credit). People seem to forget, Lili doesn’t write the show and has no control over what’s canon!!! If she says there’s a possibility of Beronica, it’s deemed queerbaiting. If she says it’s “not gonna happen”, she’s ‘homophobic’??

This is something I feel fans are really overreacting to. She wasn’t talking about ALL LGBTQ ships and even elaborated on the comment in question. And this is coming from a Beronica fan who is LGBT btw..

The section of the fandom doing this disappoints me. Sometimes I really hate this website and the ‘problematique’ call-out culture that’s so prevalent

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4: are you in love right now?
ummmm yes with my beautiful wife @pressedfloral

20: do you fall in love easily?
no sir i do not (but i get crushes really easily like oh my god you have no idea)

50: last love?
never had a proper big love before :/// my ex boyfriend was probs the closest but he was most certainly not a great person

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Im guessing that DoD that reminded you of your ex was probs me, Im really sorry about that :( (Curly hair w/ dream date of walks in the park) ((If Im not Im extra sorry for bugging you!!))

lmao ifs fine and yeah you were,,, i was so shook for a moment i was like uHhh idjngmskam

Harmo to Harmo Chat (1)

Hi chickens! From time to time, we receive personal asks from anons about life, love, heartbreak and everything in between. Even though it’s not specifically 5H-related, these are often universal life experiences many harmos can relate to. As a fandom blog we strive to be empathetic, responsible humans to each other and felt it was important to create a safe space for you guys to talk, vent, empathize, problem-solve and encourage each other. Here’s the first personal ask of this series below:

99 Problems and an Ex is One

I need help ASAP. I don’t even know how I got here but in high school I was one of the 3 people who were out and my school was pretty inclusive. In my senior year I got closer with this one girl who later admitted she had feelings for me. I didn’t see it coming at all because she was always so vocal about her attraction to boys. I didn’t reciprocate the feelings at first because I never imagined the possibility but tried to support her and her feelings while she was still in the closet.

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• Princess mechanic prompt: Finn running into Clarke and asking her if she wants to work things out, and her telling him she’s w Raven, then texting Raven about it. Bonus if he’s confused and flustered about practically setting up his exes together •

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(Sorry if you've addressed something similar but) Do you think the Legends have anything that they get illogically passionate about? Like, a random thing/topic that most people wouldn't guess they would get extremely riled up over/know a lot about. Ex: volcanoes are probs something you do NOT mention around Mick Rory unless you want a maniacal and gleeful grin that is accompanied by surprisingly educational rant about how cool they are that would put an earth sci prof to shame

What a neat question, I love it. Especially the part about things the crew get riled up over; I love when my kids turn into angry nerds over things. 

  • Maybe this isn’t exactly surprising, but Stein will go on at length about the finer nuances of comics from the 50s and 60s, particularly the space adventure-y ones. In his opinion those were the peak of the genre and comics have been falling to shit ever since he was about 15. He also has a giant hate boner for the JJ Abrams Star Trek films and you really don’t want to get him going about that.
  • Sara knows the ins and outs of every drinking game (or even just generally inadvisable games like slap or kiss) that has ever been invented, and could probably write a lengthy dissertation on them. People who play with the wrong rules (or at least rules that she considers wrong), try to cheat, or are just generally party poopers are in for a hell of a talking to. To paraphrase something I’m pretty sure @the-bastard-jon-snow said at some point, Sara is a slut for drinking games.
  • On a more serious note, Sara’s also incredibly passionate about feminism, women’s safety, and why prostitution should really fucking be legalized already. She can fight about that one all day.
  • Obviously Ray has a lot of obscure interests he could talk about for ages, but most of them are something in the field of physics or geekdom that you would expect from him - except for Star City’s baseball team, who happen to be the worst team on the planet. Ray loves them with a passion and will defend them until he’s blue in the face. (“They try hard, that’s the point!” “The point is winning, Ray,” Sara says wearily. “Well that’s just completely missing the point of sportsmanship.”) 
  • Time Dad is absolutely adamant about not listening to music off anything newer than vinyl whenever he can help it, because he swears the sound is purer. He’s singlehandedly keeping the twenty second century record industry afloat.
  • Kendra’s thing is The Perks of Staying Hydrated. She’s always has a water bottle in her purse and god help you express the slightest degree of thirst when you’re out with her; all you’re going to get is a smug reminder that she brought her own water and how healthy it is. The idea that some people literally don’t even care about being hydrated horrifies her and brings out a Mom Friend that’s somehow even scarier than the hawk goddess. (Looking at you here, Mick.)
  • Most things piss Leonard off but if you really want to get him ranting make him watch a Hollywood heist movie and watch his start aggressively nitpicking every detail within the first ten minutes. In the interest of not being a shitbag, I’m borrowing this one from @rockmusicplays because frankly there’s no way to improve upon it. 
  • I’ve definitely mentioned this before but as the longtime Toke Straight Friend to the Snart siblings Mick knows a surprising amount about the LGBTQ+ community and is incredibly passionate about queer rights. Well, okay - he’s incredibly passionate about beating the shit out of people are assholes to gay people. Same difference, really.
    • Like fucking tell me he didn’t decide to help Len out in juvie because he saw some people beating on the little gay 14 year old and just have to intervene because, okay, there’s being a criminal and then there’s just being a dick
    • I’m not saying Mick has definitely been to Central City Pride but yes he has. Lisa probably brought him so she could sit on his shoulders. 
  • Fuck I’m sorry I just got really distracted by the idea of Central City Pride and the Flash being invited and DUH Barry goes because he’s a good guy but he realizes like half his fucking rogues are there and OKAY NOPE. FOCUS. WRAP IT UP. WRAP THIS ONE UP FIRST. DAMN.
  • Jax is a pretty chill guy most of the time but if you try to put pineapple on pizza you will get slapped and then a lecture on how pineapple is a fucking sin against pizza. 

Today my ex who broke my heart had the nerve to text me. Well I dont even know if it was her they said it was luis which is the guy who she was on a date with the day she dumped me.  They had the nerve to do it. So I sent them a picture of me and my new girlfriend flicking them off. They never texted back. Its the best way to end that shit.

things are starting to feel a lot better. youre stuff is gone. that giant weight is now off my shoulders. i found out that youre still slightly hung up on me/our relationship. and to make everything better, im on your graduation vacation that you never even found out about. although i still miss things and i still miss you, im really starting to feel like everythings coming up roses and this is the best feeling in the world :)