What the Signs are made of
  • Aries:Lava
  • Taurus:Bacon
  • Gemini:Sprinkles
  • Cancer:Pizza
  • Leo:Tears if their ex lovers
  • Virgo:Bleach
  • Libra:Glitter
  • Scorpio:Coffee
  • Sagittarius:Mozzarella sticks
  • Capricorn:Nirvana CDs
  • Aquarius:Snow globe
  • Pisces:Vodka

To her future lover,
Be ready for a fight. She will push you and push you until she feels that you care enough to fight back. She will push you away so many times that you will question ever fucking day why you keep trying. Just look in her eyes when she smiles at you. There’s your answer. She will build walls that take months to break down because all she’s known is people leaving her. She will always question whether you’re still into her. Make it your goal to never make her second guess your intentions. Because god, when she loves, she loves. She gives a love like no other. A love deeper than you can imagine. Deeper than you deserve. She will build you up and break you down. She will light a fire inside you that burns brighter than the sun. And god she will make you think. She will make you think so much. She will take care of you. Like it’s what she was put on this earth to do. She will do absolutely anything to see a smile on your face. She will look at you like you put the stars in the sky. If you do it right. Now don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t perfect. We weren’t perfect. But damn, we were something. This girl is my soulmate. In every life, I have chosen her. And I will continue to do so in every life after this because I cannot fathom existence without her by my side. She’s something else. Keep in mind the following; she will always eat your fries. Even when she says she’s not hungry. She’s always hungry for Oreos or fries. Peter Pan is her obsession, to say the least. You will never understand what Peter Pan means to her. She looks down at her feet a lot. Eye contact is a big thing for her. If you get it, you’re either stealing her heart, or breaking it. Not much of an in between. She says hi to dogs every time she sees one. Every dog is a puppy. Accept it, don’t argue. She’s a sucker for musicians. She has hands down, the best music taste in the entire world. She remembers everything. And I mean everything. She hates feet. Don’t even try and make her budge on that one. She always looks mad. That’s just her face. She’s quiet a lot of the time. Make her talk. She has a lot to say. And god damn, have some fucking substance. She hates boring people and if you cannot keep up with her mind, kiss her heart goodbye because you won’t keep her long. She’s a sucker for an intellect. She needs someone who will support her theories of everything from mermaids, to government takeover. She’s my best friend. And you’re going to have to deal with that. No one will ever break us apart. So don’t fucking try. She won’t eat bananas unless they’re cut up for her. She will take most of your clothes. She will write you letters a lot because it’s hard for her to communicate what she’s trying to say when she’s face to face. Pay attention to her eyes. They never lie. She thinks she can hide everything with a smile but if you know her eyes, you know her. Good luck with that. She is unlike anything you’ve ever known. She will make you want to pull your hair out. But she’s worth it. Jesus Christ she is worth every ounce of pain. She’s worth every sleepless night, every argument, every second you have with her. Cherish that. Because she doesn’t hold onto people. She doesn’t give many chances. Don’t fuck her over. I will end you… And that’s a promise. If you ever have the privilege of calling her yours, don’t take her for granted. Don’t underestimate her. Don’t stop fighting for her. Never stop trying. She’s been through enough. So if you have no intentions of catching her, don’t make her fall. She’s a hard egg to crack, but she’s so worth the wait. She deserves to be fought for. If you don’t have patience with her, you will never have her. If you’re not ready for a wild ride, stay the fuck away. There are parts of her that you will never understand. But don’t ever stop trying to. Please, take care of her. I promise that you won’t like it if I have to pick up the pieces because you fucked up.