Blastproof room at the Naval Air Warfare Center, where much of the design of the Cruise Missile occurred.  This room has thick concrete walls and blast doors, along with a thin ceiling - which would direct any percussive force from an accidental explosion upward so as to avoid injuring anybody working there.

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Show Recap: Paramore @ Ewing 4/25/2015

Paramore performed at The College of New Jersey in Ewing, New Jersey, on April 25, 2015. Check out the setlist, a photograph, and videos from the concert!


  1. Daydreaming 
  2. Proof 
  3. That’s What You Get 
  4. Be Alone 
  5. Playing God 
  6. Never Let This Go 
  7. Decode 
  8. Part II 
  9. Hate to See Your Heart Break 
  10. Misguided Ghosts 
  11. The Only Exception 
  12. Still Into You 
  13. (One of Those) Crazy Girls 
  14. I Caught Myself 
  15. Miracle 
  16. Careful 
  17. Tell Me It’s Okay 
  18. Misery Business 
  19. Ain’t It Fun 
  20. Future