Ewim Fanarts

Im tired and havent slept so I drew a doodle comic:

Play time with Little Dave and Jade (featuring Rose, Bro, and John)

Child abuse with a broom.

Child abuse with a broom part 2!

Jade can play the part of damsel in distress very well.

Then Bro gets melodramatic.


Bro ships Dave/Jade

((Cant say that Zombies talking is unrealistic can ya…))

…IDK Dumb RhFe doodle comic because I wanted Rhodey and Tony to hold hands again… and then kiss.. then Rhodey getting embarrassed for getting caught up in Tony and forgetting other people are there. Just like a lot of fluff.
Public displays of affection make people very uncomfortable.

/Doodled more grubs

Karkat doesnt wanna play with you Terezi! Hes a big grub!

Fef and Sol hanging out and bein cuddly. NO1CURR Eridan.

Nepeta on a ball of yarn~

Fef playing in the water! I can just imagine her moving like a shrimp! ;3;

Equius loves milk. Kitties love milk. LOVE~Oh Poor Equius is too strong and gripped the saucer and it broke! Terrible! Sad babbus!But its ok. Nepeta can man up and take of her Meowrail and clean him up!