Sunday was an unreal, incredible day. Trainspotting 2 Premiere in Edinburgh!

The promised follow-up to my “I FINALLY MET ROBERT CARLYLE” post:

@bettercall-gameoftywinning, a couple friends, and I went to the Trainspotting 2 premiere, arriving at 6am with only 12 others ahead of us. We got tickets to the red carpet event after a long, cold wait! Later, we arrived back in our spots in line and freaked when we got the perfect spot on the rail in a one-sided, small section that basically ensured everyone (except for Jonny who snuck past us haha) would come by. We met Danny Boyle (who was so nice and giddy to be there!), Ewan MacGregor (who was jumping and dancing his way all around to everyone and being adorable and energetic), Ewen Bremner, and the rest who signed our T2 flyers.

But Robert Carlyle. Holy fuck. My favorite actor and one of my favorite people on this earth in general. He was so fucking kind and sweet and even more adorable and amazing in person. I talked with him as he signed my flyer (told him he is my favorite actor and thanking him for what he does, to which he looked up (directly into my eyes, yo) and said how sweet that was of me and thank you so much for that) and we took a photo together. As he continued down the line, I was in disbelief at how amazing that experience had been– my inner monologue consisted heavily of “HOLY FUCK.” (PS: look at the photo of Bobby making the heart symbol, and I’m the blonde directly under his left hand. Also took the photo of him in which he looks like the ‘golden child’ haha.)

We thought that was the end of our amazing adventure, but no. They suddenly announced that wristbands #1-30 were getting into the premiere to watch the movie for free. **“HOLY SHIT!”** We walked along the orange carpet, past Robert Carlyle as he was doing a 2nd interview (the blonde looking out from Bobby’s right shoulder in the photo from his live interview is me!). 

Out of all the theatres to be placed in, we were in the one they were in. Not only that, but I was only a few rows back and across the isle from where Robert Carlyle was sitting. Holy shit again. Unreal that any of this was happening, much less that! Sitting so close to him, sharing in the experience of watching the new film for the first time, and often looking over at him during the movie to gage his reactions (lol) was absolutely incredible. And the film, oh my god. You couldn’t have asked for nor imagined a better sequel. I loved it just as much as the original and can’t wait to see it again.

So yeah, I’m still on cloud nine, still reeling from an unbelievable, unexpected, and utterly incredible day. So thankful, so very very grateful and overjoyed.


Ewan MacGregor, as Catcher Block, discusses sock length in Down With Love.  May I just say that his voice is like honey? Thick, sweet, Scottish honey.

Ha, old art flashback today.  Ugh, kinda hate this piece and kinda hate myself a bit for this, but I just went to see the big Star Wars costume exhibition in the city the other day, so is it any surprise that I am feeling a bit nostalgic for this ship…?  I know everybody hates the prequels or something, but seriously, Jedi pairings are as close as I’m ever going to get to getting monk fanfic in the mainstream.  ;)

I should draw new art for this pairing…I got better at doing Liam Neeson’s crazy cool profile for a while there…