Obi wan is just so good that it baffles me. He went through so much shit- watching his master get killed, and then all the crap Anakin put him through (where do I even begin??), and yet he is still so good. It would make sense for him to turn to the dark side, I wouldn’t blame him for it. But no, even after everything he had been through, after his master was killed, after his padawn, whom he loved like a brother, betrayed him and became a Sith Lord, and after all the Jedi were killed, his devotion to the Jedi and to goodness still remained so strong. 

That’s what I love about Obi Wan. He had been through an incredible amount of pain and suffering, but he didn’t become hateful, he only remained kind.

Obi Wan : Torture (Part 2)

    I quickly walked out of the meeting room and headed to Y/N’s quarters. My thoughts were wild with the feeling of hope. I was also trying to figure out a way to tell Y/N what happened, but tell it in a way where I’m not embarrassed by Master Yoda’s teasing.

                   You sat, legs crossed in the middle of your room. Your eyes were closed in deep meditation, and you didn’t notice the door opening. You were struggling to find relief and quiet, because your mind was still racing. You felt a presence gather in front of you, and you fought to keep your eyes shut. “You were never good at meditation were you Y/N?” You opened your eyes slowly, meeting Obi Wan’s gaze. His lips were in a soft smile, and his bright blue eyes followed your own. “I was trying to buy the time…do something useful while I wait.”

“You were waiting?”

“Of course I was.”

“What made you so sure I was coming here?”

     You curled your lips together to stop from laughing and smiling. He let out a chuckle and looked to the floor. You scooched closer to him, and grabbed his hands in yours, comparing them; the only difference being in size, for both of your palms rough from the work of being Jedi Knights. You looked back up at him, and found his eyes on you. A small rosy blush crawled to his cheeks, causing you to smile again. Your hand reached up carefully, feeling the soft skin that had turned the soft shade of red . “What did Master Yoda have to say?” You asked, peering into his eyes.

   “It was telling me how grateful he was for training Anakin. He brought up  Anakin and Padme as well…” He trailed off, rubbing his thumb across your hand soothingly. “He also told me that he knew of us…he’s accepting…” You released a breath you didn’t know you were holding in. His gaze met with yours once again, rising from your combined hands. A tender smile played of his lips, making you feel at more at ease.

“Is that all he said?”  

“Yes, yes that was all.”

    “I can tell when you’re lying Obi Wan. I’ve known you since we were padawans.” You said, smiling smugly at him. “He…He said I was awkward with my feelings.” He spoke as if he were a hurt child, and you couldn’t stop the laugh that escaped your lips. “You’re just very reserved, it’s endearing.” You said, trying to stop laughing. You looked back at him, after calming your giggles. His eyes watched you in wonder, taking in your every breath and laugh. You looked back at him, and a comfortable silence overcame both of you.

    He leaned forward and brushed some hair away from your face. You placed your hands on the back of his neck, and pulled his lips to yours. It was quick, sweet, and perfect. You pulled away from him, but before you could get too far, he pulled you into his lap. “Lets help you with your meditation.” He said, his breath tickling the skin near your ear. You sat with your legs crossed, in his lap which was also in the meditation position.

   You stayed like that, closely together, meditating peacefully. You could feel each other’s power through the Force, and neither of you had felt closer than in that moment. Sadly, it had to end. You felt his hands rub your arm softly, pulling you out of your peaceful state. “It’s getting very late. We should retire.” His voice was hushed, and caring. You hauled yourself up from his lap, and he stood as well. He walked past you, heading towards the door. You met him at the door, and you watched him grab his cloak from the little table.

“Stay.” You murmured, not wanting him to leave. You reached for his hand, and grabbed two of his fingers.

   He turned to face you once again, his eyes soft and loving. “Y/N…” You pulled him closer to you. “I have a recon mission early in the morning, I don’t want to wake you…”

“Can you be selfish, just this once?” You asked, “Just stay, sleep, and wake me when you leave so I can say goodbye, okay?” That’s exactly what happened; you two settled in for the night, cuddled together.

**Next Morning**

    You walked next to Obi Wan, trying to keep up with his long strides. You were headed to the launch bay, to send him off to make sure there were no loose ends on his prior mission. When you both reached the bay, you watched as the repair droids prepared his ship. “Your mission will go fine. I can feel your nerves.” You said, rubbing his arm.

“I know, it’s just…now I have-”

“MASTER OBI WAN!” Screamed a little blonde boy running over to the two of you. His blue eyes were bright with wonder and joy. “Hello Luke! Where’s your father?”

     “Right here Master.” Anakin said, walking towards his son. “I was showing Luke the different ships we have at our disposal. Trying to encourage his pilotin dreams.” He said, fondly looking at his son. “Yeah, Leia got stuck going to Naboo with Mom! She has to deal with the annoying sand!” Luke said, his voice holding only the joy a child can have.

  Anakin smiled at his son, and picked him up, balancing him of his hip. “Y/N, I sense happiness within you, how did this come about?” You felt heat rush to your cheeks as Anakin spoke.

    You felt Obi Wan tense beside you, his hand brushing against yours. “Well I…um..-” “General Kenobi, your ship is ready for departure.” You glanced at the repair droid that had addressed Obi Wan. “Thank you.” He said, turning back towards you and the Skywalkers. “Good luck Obi Wan. Luke what do you say to Master Obi Wan?” Luke turned to face Obi Wan and smiled brightly. “May the Force be with you!” He squealed.

     You smiled at the young boy, and turned back to Obi Wan. His blue eyes met yours, and without thinking you leaned forward a pressed your lips to his. He pulled back gently, placing another kiss to your forehead. “Goodbye Y/N.”  You smiled up at him as he boarded his ship. “See you soon.” He smiled at you through the glass, and prepared for take off. You turned to walk a safe distance away and finally saw the mirrored look of shock on Anakin and Luke’s faces.

“Dad, are Master Obi Wan and Y/N like you and mommy?” Luke asked, trying to shake away the shock. “I don’t know son. Y/N?” You glanced over your shoulder and saw his ship leave the hanger, and a smile crept up on your face. “Yeah…Yes Luke, we are.”