portugal. the man was fantastic at terminal 5 last night!!!

found this video of So American and its beautiful !! 

Evil Friends

A few days ago, my friends tricked me into watching The Evil Dead. They said we were going to watch The Call, so I watched the trailer unaware that The Evil Dead was coming out on that day. I bought hella snacks and was so excited until Josie, one of my roommates asked me for my money to buy our tickets together. I was puzzled on why she asked to buy our tickets together, but I gave it to her anyway and as soon as she got to the window, I heard her say, “Two tickets for The Evil Dead” and I turned around hella fast and said “WHAT.” I was like GIMME MY MONEY BACK, but it was too late. I tried to stall and they were pulling me and we got in the theater and I sat in the very middle. I barely watched the movie. I saw some parts, but most of the times I had my jacket over my head and covered my ears. They tried to make me watch it, but I was like fuck ya’ll. The movie was stupid and gory, but it still scared me because I’m a huge scaredy cat. I was a bit upset that they did that to me and later I ended up crying a bit at my friend’s place, but I got over it quickly.