Think of the kitties, black cats are often killed for no reason on friday the 13 as well as Halloween. seen as the minions of witches only to cause misfortune to those who cross their paths. humans are paranoid creatures and easy to fall for stories. these stories label cats of a certain colour as evil and that they must be destroyed. Many religions also believe this.

For the sake of your cats leave them indoors this friday the 13th.

the Full moon is known to “bring out the crazies” which puts even greater risk of injury to not only black cats but for every wandering feline.

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Sneak attack

Master: *thinks he is safe, thinks his kitten sleeps while he makes breakfast*

Kitten: *sneaks stealthy and silently down the stairs*

Kitten: *hides behind wall, planning the optimal moment of attack, it must be perfect*

Master: *interrupts evil scheme* “Morning”

Kitten: screeeetch *knocks over a lamp, trips on the stairs, and finally makes it back up into bed and under the covers where she will perfect her next plan of attack*