Sneak attack

Master: *thinks he is safe, thinks his kitten sleeps while he makes breakfast*

Kitten: *sneaks stealthy and silently down the stairs*

Kitten: *hides behind wall, planning the optimal moment of attack, it must be perfect*

Master: *interrupts evil scheme* “Morning”

Kitten: screeeetch *knocks over a lamp, trips on the stairs, and finally makes it back up into bed and under the covers where she will perfect her next plan of attack*


Here’s my evil kitten if u haven’t seen him yet <3

New HC: Acronic get flustered over cute things. One time he was trying to give a evil monolouge then a kitten walked by and he was immediatly distracted. He held the kitten saying how much of an angel it is and is just loving the kitten as Krux goes “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!”

"Wander Over Yonder" Alternate Episode Titles
  • The Picnic: Wait What
  • The Greatest: Wander Clones Himself
  • The Fugitives: Wander, You Had ONE JOB
  • The Good Deed: Wander, You Had ONE JOB: The Sequel
  • The Prisoner: That Was SpongeBob's Laughter
  • The Bad Guy: That One Episode That (Almost) Had Male Zbornaks
  • The Troll: Welcome to the Internet
  • The Box: Wandere Over Yandere
  • The Hat: The Ultimate Troll
  • The Little Guy: Introducing Your Favorite Character
  • The Ball: Wander Over Yandere 2
  • The Bounty: T H E P O T T E D P L A N T
  • The Hero: The Prophecy FORETOLD
  • The Birthday Boy: The Darkest Birthday Song Ever
  • The Nice Guy: B r u h
  • The Time Bomb: Wandere Over Yandere 3: Sylvia
  • The Tourist: So THAT'S Trudie Traveler
  • The Day: Oh.
  • The Night: OH.
  • The Lonely Planet: Your NOTP
  • The Brainstorm: Banjo
  • The Toddler: WANDER NOT AGAIN
  • The Fancy Party: OTP Goes Wrong
  • The Epic Quest (of Unfathomable Difficulty!!!): Is This Your Sock?
  • The Void: Wandere Over Yandere 4
  • The Party Animal: Jaws 2
  • The Gift 2-The Giftening: WAIT DID I MISS AN EPISODE
  • The Date: That One Shipping Episode
  • The Buddies: Hater Makes a Friend
  • The Liar: . . .said NOBODY SHALL DIE THIS DAY
  • The Stray: Kittens are Evil
  • The Big Job: Guess What HT125-F Stands For
  • The Helper: In Which Wander Kicks Himself Out of Town
  • The Funk: They Have a Papercraft of this Somewhere
  • The Enemies: Return of the Jerk
  • The Rider: Find the Flarf-Narbling Jerk
  • The Gift: THERE IT IS
Master Post of Carmilla Fanfic by Aria/RunWithWolves

Hiatus got you down? As promised here’s a list of all 40 fics (160,000 words of Hollstein goodness) that I’ve written.Hopefully there’s something for everyone. Semi-organized by category for your reference.

Fluff - who doesn’t love some Hollstein sappiness? Creampuff approved to create sappy smiles.

  1. You want Carmilla rescuing Laura from evil spiders in the laundry room? Try For Fear of Spiders
  2. You want aggressive salesman Laura selling girl scout cookies with tiny Laf? Try Just Buy the Cookies
  3. You want barely friends Carmilla and Laura literally glued together including obligatory shower scene? The Sticking Incident is for you
  4. You want adorable sticky note conversations between broody Carmilla and some girl (Laura) on the day shift who stole her mug? Try The Mug Thief *Authors Choice
  5. You want Carmilla covered in kittens, too tired Laura, and an ill-placed canoe? Go for Kitten Kisses *Readers Choice
  6. You want not-a-creeper tattoo artist Laura, bikini-clad drunk Carmilla, and Hollstein neighbours? Read Tattoos and Bikinis
  7. You want Laura literally falling into Carmilla’s lap and a spunky older gentleman giving love advice? Try Strangers on a Bus
  8. You want a Laura desperate for cookies and a Carmilla who ate them all? Go for How to Avoid Kale
  9. You want Hollstein neighbours shooting nerf guns and marshmallow guns and water guns at each other? Read War of the Windows
  10. You want Carmilla’s cat to keep bringing home some mysterious girl’s underwear, slowly driving Carmilla insane with who it belongs to? Go for Drawer of Lingerie 

Myths and Fairytales - because sometimes you just need a Hollstein happily ever after

  1. You want sassy Laura barging into Carmilla’s castle with a rose and demanding a curse be lifted from her father? Try the Beauty and the The Beast redo, Beauty in A Beast ft Catmilla
  2. You want cupid Laura bound and determined to find vampire Carmilla’s soulmate even if Carmilla doesn’t want her too? Read Stalked By Cupid *Readers Choice
  3. You want totally-in-love Laura and a tiny fluffy kitten Catmilla with a side of jealousy and witches? Give the Princess and the Frog twist, The Princess and the Kitten, a read. 
  4. You want Goddess of Spring Laura accidentally being kidnapped by Lord of the Dead Carmilla for a Hades/Persephone AU? Read Queen of the Underworld *Authors Choice

Inside Carmilla Karnstein -I just really like writing from Carmilla’s perspective, okay? Includes vampire history aus and Countess Karnstein

  1. You want a Carmilla whose vampirism allows her to die and then come back to life each time? Read Nine Lives to Die
  2. You want a behind the scenes look at what Carmilla did after Laura asked her to the Zeta party until she walked in the doorway with champagne? Try Date Like it’s 1698
  3. You want each episode written in an extremely snarky tone in Carmilla’s diary? Give Dear Creampuff a go (only 9 eps in)
  4. You want lots and lots of dancing Carmilla as she moves through time? Read The Right Partner

Cops or Superheroes Au - nothing like a good bout of crime fighting and a mystery to get flirty Hollstein roaring to life

  1. You want Laura as a detective and Carmilla as the flirty annoying writer following her around as they try to solve murders? Read Write Me A Murder
  2. You want a Laura who doesn’t have superpowers trying to navigate a school for the superpowered featuring asshat with superstrength Carmilla? Try Powerless
  3. You want FBI agent Carmilla trapped in a bank/bomb heist and sending flirty notes to the hostage negotiator Laura who talks incessantly about cupcakes? You’ll want Don’t Let Go
  4. You want supervillain Carmilla and superhero Laura being arch-enemies and yet their alter egos are roommates? Read Beneath the Boots and Leather *Readers Choice

Hollstein Life - stories that varied in theme and plot but come down to Hollstein being Hollstein and in love and together

  1. You want vamp Laura going through a photo album and telling stories about her adventures with Carmilla including hilarious canoeing, evil IKEA desks, and kittens in suitcases? Read A Live Well Lived
  2. You want Hollstein becoming friend in kindergarten and then growing up together while getting into all kinds of trouble? Try Loving Trouble
  3. You want mortal Laura and immortal Carmilla trying to figure out their lives and how to handle forever? Read Dandelion Promises 
  4. You want surly Carmilla giving Laura piano lessons, a tiny girl in a tutu, and music as words? Please read Teach Me to Play *Authors Choice
  5. You want a story about the thoughts in our head when we see a stranger on the subway but are too afraid to speak to them? Read Missed Connections
  6. You want Laura, her father, and eventually Carmilla leaving letters on Laura’s mother’s tombstone? Check out Until We Meet Again

Soulmates - because who doesn’t love some soulmate Aus. Usually twisted from the typical soulmate version or an original idea

  1. Technically Stalked by Cupid from myths above belongs here too
  2. You want the scars from one person to show up only on the body of their soulmate featuring a Carmilla who is scarless for centuries and a Laura who will only wear long sleeves? Read all 12,000 words of Scars Inside *Authors Choice
  3. You want a timer soulmate au where Carmilla meets a tiny five year old Laura on her first day of school and suddenly finds her timer has started counting down to the moment they fall in love? Try A Broken Pocketwatch *Readers Choice
  4. You want an au where a mirror will let you see your soulmate every year on your birthday but everyone is convinced there’s been a mistake when 21th century Laura sees 17th century Carmilla in the mirror? Read The Mirror Between Us *Readers Choice and Authors Choice

I Don’t Have a Category - I couldn’t figure out where else to put these

  1. You want a LaFerry fic where Laf is a ghost and keeps stealing substance from Carmilla so that Perry can touch her? Read Define Death
  2. You want saving Laura to be the only reason Carmilla would ever willingly get back inside the coffin ft so much angst? Brace for Coffin of Starlight
  3. You want possibly the zaniest-funniest thing I’ve written as Laura is angry because Carmilla thinks her blood tastes gross and spits it out instead of killing her? Read False Advertising *Authors Choice

Other AU Tropes - From reincarnation to amnesia to clockwork, all the fanfic tropes we love so well and a few I made up

  1. Hearts Au: You want tiny literal hearts to pop up every time Carmilla looks at Laura and all Carmilla wants is for Laura to NEVER SEE THEM? Read Love is Orange *Readers Choice
  2. Amnesia Au & SexWorker Au: You want the girl that haunts Mircalla’s dreams to show up for a session ft the most innocent sexworker au you will ever read? Try Find You In the Dark
  3. Fake Marriage Au & Political Au: You want politician Carmilla to have to get engaged to someone for her campaign and ends up with her long time best friend Laura? Read Marriage of Convenience *Readers Choice
  4. BrokenSoul Au: You want Carmilla’s soul to be trapped in the pit and Laura and the scooby gang have to figure out how to put her back together? Check out Colours of A Soul
  5. Reincarnation Au: You want Laura to keep coming back as Carmilla lives on ft the ending letter that creampuffs love? Read The One Who Loves Her Next
  6. Clockwork Au: You want Laura and Carmilla to each have creatures made of clockwork (dragon and cat respectively) that represent their souls? Read all 10,000 words of Silver and Gold *Author’s #1 Choice

Readers Choice based on kudos, comments, bookmarks, and survey. Authors Choice are my picks.

Hope you enjoy, cupcakes! Always love hearing which ones are your favs!

So I finished my 184k fanfic, Harry Potter and the Problem of Potions, a canon divergent fix-it AU based around the idea of Harry liking potions class. 


Once upon a time, Harry Potter hid for two hours from Dudley in a chemistry classroom, while a nice graduate student explained about the scientific method and interesting facts about acids. A pebble thrown into the water causes ripples.

Contains, in no particular order: magic candymaking, Harry falling in love with a house, evil kitten Draco Malfoy, and Hermione attempting to apply logic to the wizarding world.

It’s been a busy couple months! 

  • Harley: *exists*
  • Robert: My angel. My cupcake. My little pumpkin. My evil little kitten. My sweet lil' dollface. My silly baby. My everything .!!! Will literally die for, but would rather sleep with !!!