CHARACTER : Biker Bucky

AUTHOR : loricameback / loriwrites

GENRE : Oral, female and thigh riding (obviously😉)





The moans coming out of my mouth were inhuman as I rode his thigh. His name was Bucky and I met him in a bar not 3 hours ago. I was only on my first beer but felt drunk, his dangerous looks were intoxicating.

I tried…damn how I tried to brush off his dark stare. But I couldn’t. Turning my bar stool didn’t help because I could *feel* his eyes on me. It scared and excited me at the same time. My hand shook as I raised the beer bottle to my mouth.

And then I heard him approaching. Somehow I just knew. His steps were slow and deliberate. They stopped behind me. “Two more.”

Fuuuuuuck. His voice was that of a killer! I knew I should just go, but damnit, I had to stay. The bartender returned and placed another beer on the bar, nodding behind me. “From the gentleman.”

Pffft, Lord I hope he isn’t. I turned slowly, again scared and excited, and looked into dead eyes but belonging to the sexiest man I had ever seen. I could barely talk…or breathe for that matter. “Th-thank you.”

And before I finished two sips, he asked if I wanted to go for a ride. When he saw that I was looking at his left hand with wide, curious eyes, he purred, “Do you want to go for a ride doll?”

I held on as close to him as I could, leaning into the curves as he did, grinding my clit into the seat thinking of what this man was going…what I was going to *let* him do to me. Those fingers. The moan I let out was swallowed by the wind. What would they feel like inside me?

Bucky turned onto a gravel road which was *not* helping my situation. I was wet already, but Jesus, the more bumps we hit, the closer I thought I would come in my jeans. Thank God we pulled up to what looked like an abandoned house. A shiver of fear went through me. OK, I’m going to die here and nobody will find my body.

He stopped the engine and jumped off. Noticing my hesitation, he chuckled and held out his hand. “The clubhouse doll. It looks rundown so no one bothers to go near it. C'mon. It’s perfectly safe.”

His nose was buried in my neck, tongue licking slowly. “That’s a good girl. Fuck my thigh baby. Take what you want. Mmmmm.”

“Jesus!” My arms tightened around his neck, my head fell and my cunt clenched on his thigh. “It feels so good.”

His flesh fingers pulled my hair and the fingers from his metal hand slid under the elastic of my red lace panties causing me to squeal in approval. His words came out as a moan in my ear, “Is your pussy aching? Hmmm? Ride me baby.” His breath was hot in my ear. “Look at me doll.”

My eyes were hooded as I did so…and my breath caught in my throat. His expression was cold as ice, but so intense on my pleasure. “You are so wet right now. How bad do you wanna come?”

I bucked harder and faster, whimpering. “So fuckin bad!”

He chuckled and licked my neck again, sucked on my earlobe and breathed, “Such a perfect girl. Mmmm…fucking my thigh so good. You hurtin for it, hmm?“ I buried my face in his neck, whimpering like a lost puppy. “Go ahead baby girl.”

The orgasm hit me hard. The heat in my belly burned like never before. My head fell back and my mouth was open in a silent scream. I shuddered hard against him as he praised me.

“So beautiful when you come. Mmmmm.” He grabbed me by the back of my head and sucked on my neck as my orgasm continued. “You’re mine doll.”

“NNNNNFFFF…” Another orgasm started directly after the first. My nails dug into his shoulders as I stuttered expletives.

I had barely come down from the high when he flipped me on my back on his bed, and slid down to my drenched panties, smelling and sucking on the material. I threw my head back on his pillow, extremely aroused. His eyes shone. “Mmmmmm.” The biker ripped my panties and threw them on his nightstand. “Those are mine now kitten.”

I giggled and covered my face, burning hot. Who *is* this man?? Bucky’s tongue lapped my pussy and sucked my clit. “Did I make you this wet doll?”

“Fuck yeah you did. You have a *lot* of cleaning up to do.” I raised an eyebrow at him.

“As you wish.” He licked up each thigh, catching the cum dripping from my pussy. When his tongue touched my clit again I jumped with a start and moaned. “You are delicious sweetheart.” I could feel Bucky’s metal hand move down my body and the anticipation of what was going to happen was so intoxicating that I was shivering.

“God, you feel so gooooooood,” I moaned out.

Cold fingers touched my hot pussy. “Do you want to feel something better doll?” They circled my clit and slowly ran over it…back and forth…up and down. I whimpered and nodded with desperation. He brought the fingers to my mouth and I sucked on them. It was so erotic! The taste of my pussy on metal!

“*Jesus fuckin Christ* fuck me with these fingers!”

His eyes were dark and hooded and his vouce was on the edge of evil. “Whatever my kitten wants.” Slowly he ran one finger from the top of my clit to the bottom then teased my entrance. I bucked my hips, whimpering. His finger slid easily with the juices still running out of me.

“Oh shit! Another…*please!!!*

He raised his head, looking at me in dominance. “Begging. Better. Let’s hear some more doll.”

My body fell limp, hating the teasing, but damnit his voice turned me on so much! “*Pleeeease baby, I need those fingers! Can I have your fingers? I’ll be good.”

He sighed with a satisfied smile and leaned to my face, breathing in my ear, “You can have anything you want doll.” His tongue slowly licked the rim of my ear then sucked my earlobe. Two fingers thrust into me without warning as he looked at me with narrowed eyes, his body moving as harshly as his fingers. “Is this what you wanted? Metal fingers in your silky smooth cunt?” Bucky was sneering and I was almost ashamed to admit that I was loving it.

“GOD YES!!” I met his thrusts and felt a third go in. My head fell and a strangled moan came out of my mouth.

I could feel his smirk against my neck. “You’re a bad girl aren’t you?” His teeth bit into my flesh and sucked and licked to relieve any pain that he *thought* he inflicted. Hell honey, mark me all over!

His fingers pumped faster, scissoring in my cunt. “I want you to come on my fingers doll.” They *moved!* *They were rotating by themselves!!* My eyes widened and I gasped between moans. “J-JES-US!!” It felt like a fire in my belly when I came.

“Clench that cunt kitten.” His fingers still moved and I couldn’t stop bucking. Was I going to pass out? Rotating, coming, screaming…“BUCKY!!!!!” I was out of breath. But he wasn’t done…

He removed his sticky fingers and covered my tender clit with his mouth, sucking on the juices…a fucking flood…running out of my cunt, on my clit and down my thighs. Another orgasm started. I grabbed onto the sheets with one hand and held his head in my pussy in the other. My hips were practically glued to his mouth as he moaned in appreciation against my clit. “BUCKYYYYYY!!!!”

Afterwards I tried my best to return the favor. I could barely stay awake mind you, but damn I needed this man like air. He brushed my sweaty hair away from my face and smiled softly…the first one and it was beautiful on him.

“Sleep kitten. We’ll eat when you wake, then you can play.”

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rosetail trying to be a step mom 2 tigerkit is so fuckign cute to me like she loves leopardfoot, she wants to be a good wife to her, but tigerkit. god. tigerkit. he’s so grumpy and has that evil kitten face that she just. she doesnt kNOW how to bond w/ him and worries that he hates her.

rosetail: hey buddy!!! i wanted to ask if it was okay if me and your mom went on a walk!

tigerkit: >:((((((((

rosetail: how did…..you say that out loud……..

Master Post of Carmilla Fanfic by Aria/RunWithWolves

Hiatus got you down? As promised here’s a list of all 40 fics (160,000 words of Hollstein goodness) that I’ve written.Hopefully there’s something for everyone. Semi-organized by category for your reference.

Fluff - who doesn’t love some Hollstein sappiness? Creampuff approved to create sappy smiles.

  1. You want Carmilla rescuing Laura from evil spiders in the laundry room? Try For Fear of Spiders
  2. You want aggressive salesman Laura selling girl scout cookies with tiny Laf? Try Just Buy the Cookies
  3. You want barely friends Carmilla and Laura literally glued together including obligatory shower scene? The Sticking Incident is for you
  4. You want adorable sticky note conversations between broody Carmilla and some girl (Laura) on the day shift who stole her mug? Try The Mug Thief *Authors Choice
  5. You want Carmilla covered in kittens, too tired Laura, and an ill-placed canoe? Go for Kitten Kisses *Readers Choice
  6. You want not-a-creeper tattoo artist Laura, bikini-clad drunk Carmilla, and Hollstein neighbours? Read Tattoos and Bikinis
  7. You want Laura literally falling into Carmilla’s lap and a spunky older gentleman giving love advice? Try Strangers on a Bus
  8. You want a Laura desperate for cookies and a Carmilla who ate them all? Go for How to Avoid Kale
  9. You want Hollstein neighbours shooting nerf guns and marshmallow guns and water guns at each other? Read War of the Windows
  10. You want Carmilla’s cat to keep bringing home some mysterious girl’s underwear, slowly driving Carmilla insane with who it belongs to? Go for Drawer of Lingerie 

Myths and Fairytales - because sometimes you just need a Hollstein happily ever after

  1. You want sassy Laura barging into Carmilla’s castle with a rose and demanding a curse be lifted from her father? Try the Beauty and the The Beast redo, Beauty in A Beast ft Catmilla
  2. You want cupid Laura bound and determined to find vampire Carmilla’s soulmate even if Carmilla doesn’t want her too? Read Stalked By Cupid *Readers Choice
  3. You want totally-in-love Laura and a tiny fluffy kitten Catmilla with a side of jealousy and witches? Give the Princess and the Frog twist, The Princess and the Kitten, a read. 
  4. You want Goddess of Spring Laura accidentally being kidnapped by Lord of the Dead Carmilla for a Hades/Persephone AU? Read Queen of the Underworld *Authors Choice

Inside Carmilla Karnstein -I just really like writing from Carmilla’s perspective, okay? Includes vampire history aus and Countess Karnstein

  1. You want a Carmilla whose vampirism allows her to die and then come back to life each time? Read Nine Lives to Die
  2. You want a behind the scenes look at what Carmilla did after Laura asked her to the Zeta party until she walked in the doorway with champagne? Try Date Like it’s 1698
  3. You want each episode written in an extremely snarky tone in Carmilla’s diary? Give Dear Creampuff a go (only 9 eps in)
  4. You want lots and lots of dancing Carmilla as she moves through time? Read The Right Partner

Cops or Superheroes Au - nothing like a good bout of crime fighting and a mystery to get flirty Hollstein roaring to life

  1. You want Laura as a detective and Carmilla as the flirty annoying writer following her around as they try to solve murders? Read Write Me A Murder
  2. You want a Laura who doesn’t have superpowers trying to navigate a school for the superpowered featuring asshat with superstrength Carmilla? Try Powerless
  3. You want FBI agent Carmilla trapped in a bank/bomb heist and sending flirty notes to the hostage negotiator Laura who talks incessantly about cupcakes? You’ll want Don’t Let Go
  4. You want supervillain Carmilla and superhero Laura being arch-enemies and yet their alter egos are roommates? Read Beneath the Boots and Leather *Readers Choice

Hollstein Life - stories that varied in theme and plot but come down to Hollstein being Hollstein and in love and together

  1. You want vamp Laura going through a photo album and telling stories about her adventures with Carmilla including hilarious canoeing, evil IKEA desks, and kittens in suitcases? Read A Live Well Lived
  2. You want Hollstein becoming friend in kindergarten and then growing up together while getting into all kinds of trouble? Try Loving Trouble
  3. You want mortal Laura and immortal Carmilla trying to figure out their lives and how to handle forever? Read Dandelion Promises 
  4. You want surly Carmilla giving Laura piano lessons, a tiny girl in a tutu, and music as words? Please read Teach Me to Play *Authors Choice
  5. You want a story about the thoughts in our head when we see a stranger on the subway but are too afraid to speak to them? Read Missed Connections
  6. You want Laura, her father, and eventually Carmilla leaving letters on Laura’s mother’s tombstone? Check out Until We Meet Again

Soulmates - because who doesn’t love some soulmate Aus. Usually twisted from the typical soulmate version or an original idea

  1. Technically Stalked by Cupid from myths above belongs here too
  2. You want the scars from one person to show up only on the body of their soulmate featuring a Carmilla who is scarless for centuries and a Laura who will only wear long sleeves? Read all 12,000 words of Scars Inside *Authors Choice
  3. You want a timer soulmate au where Carmilla meets a tiny five year old Laura on her first day of school and suddenly finds her timer has started counting down to the moment they fall in love? Try A Broken Pocketwatch *Readers Choice
  4. You want an au where a mirror will let you see your soulmate every year on your birthday but everyone is convinced there’s been a mistake when 21th century Laura sees 17th century Carmilla in the mirror? Read The Mirror Between Us *Readers Choice and Authors Choice

I Don’t Have a Category - I couldn’t figure out where else to put these

  1. You want a LaFerry fic where Laf is a ghost and keeps stealing substance from Carmilla so that Perry can touch her? Read Define Death
  2. You want saving Laura to be the only reason Carmilla would ever willingly get back inside the coffin ft so much angst? Brace for Coffin of Starlight
  3. You want possibly the zaniest-funniest thing I’ve written as Laura is angry because Carmilla thinks her blood tastes gross and spits it out instead of killing her? Read False Advertising *Authors Choice

Other AU Tropes - From reincarnation to amnesia to clockwork, all the fanfic tropes we love so well and a few I made up

  1. Hearts Au: You want tiny literal hearts to pop up every time Carmilla looks at Laura and all Carmilla wants is for Laura to NEVER SEE THEM? Read Love is Orange *Readers Choice
  2. Amnesia Au & SexWorker Au: You want the girl that haunts Mircalla’s dreams to show up for a session ft the most innocent sexworker au you will ever read? Try Find You In the Dark
  3. Fake Marriage Au & Political Au: You want politician Carmilla to have to get engaged to someone for her campaign and ends up with her long time best friend Laura? Read Marriage of Convenience *Readers Choice
  4. BrokenSoul Au: You want Carmilla’s soul to be trapped in the pit and Laura and the scooby gang have to figure out how to put her back together? Check out Colours of A Soul
  5. Reincarnation Au: You want Laura to keep coming back as Carmilla lives on ft the ending letter that creampuffs love? Read The One Who Loves Her Next
  6. Clockwork Au: You want Laura and Carmilla to each have creatures made of clockwork (dragon and cat respectively) that represent their souls? Read all 10,000 words of Silver and Gold *Author’s #1 Choice

Readers Choice based on kudos, comments, bookmarks, and survey. Authors Choice are my picks.

Hope you enjoy, cupcakes! Always love hearing which ones are your favs!

“Fuck me.”

(Author’s Note: this was a drabble i made a long damn time ago, and decided to just post it bc i have nothing else to post. plus, my drafts are getting really crowded. and hey! it’s gender neutral so anyone can enjoy! :D might make one for a female bias…)

enjoy, ya dicks ;)

word count: 334
pairing: optional male bias x reader
genre: smut

The way he tugged on your hair sent pleasurable signals to all the cells in your body. The sweet melody of his moans echoed into your ear, you trying to hold yours in with all your might. You cooed in his ear, as if he was a child in time out. You lightly smacked his hand away from your head, pinning it above his head. 

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evil-little-kitten  asked:

Hey Bully! First off, I love you and everything you stand for and do in and out of fandoms. You're seriously a goddess to me. As you have had wayyy more experience with certain things, I was wanting to know if you've ever been to a gay bar/club before. Or any type of club. My friend's 18th bday is soon and she wants to go to the biggest gay nightclub in the city. What should I expect, if anything? I'm nearly 19 and unfazed by things like drag and nudity but I've never been to a club before

Hey, thanks for the message! I’m not sure if I can speak for every single gay bar/nightclub in existence, as every place and city is different, but maybe some of my experience might help???

My 18th birthday was spent partying at Pulse in Orlando, and it remains one of my most treasured memories. As a certified #BabyGay, going out with a group of other #BabyGays in a queer environment was a magical experience, especially consdering most of us had been raised in small towns with little or no lgbt community. Obviously, I havent been to Pulse since the shooting last year, but the majority of my gay bar experience was earned past it’s doors, so I’ll try to impart what I know.

  1. If you are straight: Do not treat this like a zoo trip. Yes you can go to gay clubs, yes you can have a good time, but dont be That Guy/Gal. Dont gawk at the people in drag, dont loudly exclaim when you see two people of the same gender kissing/dancing, dont get grossed out if someone innocently hits on you under the assumption you are also gay. You need to be aware of the fact that gay bars are not a place meant to cater to you, and remain respectful of the fact lgbt people are welcoming you into their space at all.
  2. You’re going to see more male bodies than you ever thought possible. We as a society are used to seeing women being put on display, but gay bars tend to subvert this. Dont get me wrong, there will be people of all genders in all stages of partial undress, but for every half-naked women I’ve seen on the gay club circuit I’ve seen a dozen shirtless men. Just be aware of this fact, as it might be a little shocking at first.
  3. Treat. The. Staff. Like. People. This of course goes for bouncers, bartenders, and dj’s, but I’m mostly speaking about the dancers here. Yes, their job is to look nice and put their bodies on display, but that doesn’t give anyone the right to treat them like a piece of meat. Dont touch them without permission, dont talk about them like they arent even there, and for the love of god tip them for a job well done. Most go-go dancers Ive met are college guys in speedos just looking to pay tuition, and I promise you’ll leave any conversation with them smiling <3
  4. Beware the bathrooms. Tbh bathrooms at gay bars can be scary sometimes. (And trans patrons have absolutely nothing to do with it!!) I only bring this up because at straight clubs bathrooms are seen as a break room to get away from all the dancing and flirting with people of the opposite gender. Gay bar bathrooms on the other hand act as an extension of the dancefloor, and some people seem to view it as a private hookup space, rather than a place to take a dump. My advice is get in and get out as fast as possible. Oh and pray the stalls have doors on them.
  5. General Club safety still applies. Go in a group. Stick together. Always watch your drink. Do not go off with strangers. Check up with your friends frequently. Never leave eyesight of someone you know. Stay safe. Have fun <3

I am a responsible adult so I brought home a lost kitten- Stony

(I firmly believe Steve’s a cat person)

(Prompt from @amerileste-cressderqueen )

Tony is in the workshop, it was he doesn’t know o'clock, but he’s pretty sure it’s still daytime outside… right?

“JARVIS, what time is it?”

“It is currently 3:03 PM, Sir.”

“Thanks, J.” He pauses, where the hell is Steve? He normally made Tony eat but he hasn’t seen Steve since this morning when he gave Tony his morning kiss and went off to run. “J, has Steve arrived yet?” he asks, he’s a little annoyed, but mostly worried, what if Steve is in trouble? What if he was kidnapped what i-

Suddenly the very man he was panicking over came into the shop “He appears to be in front of you, Sir.” There’s an amused tone in the AI’s voice and Tony glares at the nearest camera. He looks at Steve again, who seems a bit nervous and is obviously hiding something between his arms, he walks towards the blond man who looks Tony in the eye and changes an expression of one of determination as he starts to lift whatever it is he’s hiding in his arms, Tony just hopes it isn’t a broken toaster or Bucky’s hand (again, which had been due to a stupid stunt Clint had dared Bucky to and which the dumb man had done despite Sam’s warnings).

“I am a responsible adult” Tony raised an eyebrow “so I brought home a lost kitten.” When Steve had started lifting the kitten it had decided to climb higher up and make itself comfortable between Steve’s upper arms and chest, which Tony can’t blame the kitten for, those pecs and arms were a thing of beauty, ripped and so damn hot and… Tony snaps out of it when the cat meows.

Tony sighs, Steve had already adopted an injured turtle and Tony had to stop him from buying an entire box of puppies. “Steve, honey, darling, we can’t keep the c-”

“His name is Sergeant Fluffs and I already got him a bed, a litter box, foor and a water bowl.” His face is determined, the type of determination saved for missions. Tony looks at his boyfriend incredulously.

“You named him Sergeant Fluffs. And bought him everything.” Steve gives a nod.

“Steve, we already have a turtle who, might I remind you, tries to eat my clothes sometimes because she somehow thinks it’s lettuce.”

To this, Steve responds by playing dirty, being truly evil. He held the kitten up next to his face and gave Tony the puppy-pouty look, the cat somehow seemed to catch up because he gave a similar expression. Tony pursed his lips and tried to glare, it wasn’t working though, he lasted a total of 10 second before sighing dramatically.

“Fiiiine, you win you big softy.” He said getting closer to the artist and planting a kiss on his now smiling lips, being interrupted by Sergeant Fluff meowing and then starting to sniff Tonys face.

“He’s getting to know you” was Steve’s answer, lowered the kitten so it would be laying between his chest and arms, Tony looked down at the little thing, it had to be 3 months at most.

He puts his hand in front of the kitten and when it seemed satisfied and done with its sniffing, Tony starts to pet it gently.

“Where did you even find him?” He asks as the it purrs contently.

“I was driving around brooklyn and saw the lil thing alone in an alley, meowing, he looked so scared… I need to bathe him.” Steve says, looking down at the small creature, he has brown fur with black and orange patches and big brown eyes. Tony smiles down at the little thing and looks up at Steve, his boyfriend has adoration in his eyes, the same look he has for that evil turtle. Tony swears that thing has it out for him. He cups Steve’s cheek, and pulls Steve down to a tender, sweet. When they pull away Steve looks dazed, just like he always does after Tony kisses him like that.

“Yeah let’s go clean Sergeant Fluffs.” Steve gives Tony a huge smile. Tony loves this man, so much.

The Sordid Coat Romance

@8minutehooper said: Congrats!! Well…since you specifically mentioned Mycroft’s brolly… how about Molly being jealous of Sherlock’s coat? Kind of a twisted version of CoatLock (cause we know Sherlock loves the thing!) :) I don’t know, I stink at prompts, so I’ll be happy for anything you feel like doing.

This was excellent prompts, I don’t know what you’re talking about. So… you said ‘jealous of’, and I might have read that as 'madly in love with’. >.> Molly is kind of a madwoman in this and I don’t care because I love it. Also Jim was feeling left out so there is bonus sort of Molliarty because we don’t want to piss off Jim.

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Prompt#2: synthetic

Today was the day she had set for herself to get back to what she loved most but she was faced with problems she did not plan for. She had a plan that she was going to make the most beautiful dress for the party yet the synthetic material she had set out to get had not been delivered.

What was she to do? She can’t go to the party with nothing to wear, it was a disaster she had not anticipated. Evilkitten was debating if she was still asleep so she pinched herself so hard that she left a bruise to remind her that today was not going to plan.

All was not lost though, she was an adventurer and she knew if she was going to have that dress she will have to go out and get it herself. Missing the most important material for her dress she set herself out on a quest to find the synthetic material called nagxian silk. She had to have it and nothing would make her change her mind.

First she checked the dreaded market board to see if she could make a quick buy. She usually hated the market board due to inflated prices or on the receiving end where people would often sell things at ridiculously cheap where she no longer get any profit. Today, however, she was desperate as she only had one day left until the party and as usual she waited until the last minute to make it. To her shock, the market board was empty and there is usually always a few people around selling it. Was there a shortage???

“hmm…” She thought, “I guess I will need to seek out my friends and see if they can point me in the right direction.”

As she strolled to the Headquarters she found herself aware of how gorgeous the weather was, sun beating on her face and a gentle breeze to keep her cool. It almost lifted the pressure she felt on herself to craft with synthetic silks and she decided to stop for a moment to take it in. Feeling relaxed she felt better about her quest and found a small spring in her step.

She steadily wandered indoors and with hope in her heart she notice someone was sitting inside. She asked them if they knew where she could find some silk and she looked surprised. 

“Did you not get your silk delivered in the moogle mail?” 

“No, there is nothing in there except for last week’s leftover materials.” Evilkitten replied, now she was left wondering if it got lost in the mail.

“I’ll go check with the sender”, she said as she reached to her ear to use the linkpearl.

Within minutes Evilkitten notice a ‘ding’ on her notifications device and like a flash Evilkitten used her aether to travel back home. Barely taking a chance to say thank you to her friend.

As she arrived home and briefly taking a chance to recover her aether she glanced at the delivery moogle disappearing round the corner. She was so excited about what was in her mail that she almost forgotten to breathe but sure enough the silk was there with a small note.

“Sorry about the lateness, I accidentally sent it to next door. Enjoy the party”

At last and in no time at all, Evilkitten whizzed into her crafting gear. Now she was ready and she quickly bought out her trusted needle. The one she uses for all her clothes. She could not wait for it to be ready so she could go to the party tomorrow.

Prompt#8 :Shadows

Just like any other day in Evilkitten life she was out enjoying the sunshine and hanging around the Headquarters. She loved being here with all her friends sharing stories and discussing new plans for their next adventure. They would often do crazy fun activities like seeing who was wearing the most crazy outfits and putting on shows for each other. It was like a home away from home.

They even played a game of hide and seek a couple of times around lavender bed and trying to find the best spot where people have hid before. This always made her feel like a child again and always getting to all sorts of crazy things.

She remembers when she was a child always trying to follow one of her friends called Lulu. She wasn’t entirely sure where she came from exactly as she never spoke much of her past but that she was a hyur possibly Highlander as she always appeared much taller than her peers. She had these beautiful locks which she would always change colour. One day it would be purple and the next it was red. Evilkitten was always envious of the fact she always suited her colour.

One of their favourite games was hide and seek where Lulu always insisted she did all the counting. They would often bring evilkitten’s sister along with her too.

“1…2…3…4…5…”, she heard as tried to hide and it gradually got quieter. She sometimes panicked a little and she was never very good at hiding. Her shadows always gave it away and she would rarely remember when they played next. However, she always had fun regardless because she always preferred the looking part.

As they got older they eventually lost touch like most childhood friends but will always remember her. How she was always there for her when she needed Lulu the most.

So now, whenever she plays hide and seek with her friends at the headquarters she always looks out for her shadows and remember her. She is slowly getting better at hiding but it will always be one of her fondest memories from her childhood.