“I hope that it’s only a matter of time before Disney decides that it’s time to look to India for our next princess. Indian culture is sooo beautiful, from the traditional clothing, to the styles of music, to the different dance forms, to the various languages, and everything in between. The animation, the visuals, the soundtrack, the score;I can just envision how incredible everything could be. Make it happen, Disney!”

MCU Ladies Week | Day 6: Headcanon/AU
              ↳ Natasha, Pepper and Maria have a standing dinner date every other Wednesday to complain about the men in their lives. There are only two rules: everything they say will stay between them and no one is allowed to talk about work (except when it’s essential to prove a point).

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how do u define love? you seem like you "love" a lot of people

My whole life I grew up hearing that love is sacred and should only be given to extremely special things. While I believe that love is a powerful I disagree that it should only be given to a select group of people or things. People say that love is the greatest emotion to feel; so why would you be so selfish with it? I love the sky, the trees, the ocean, the moon, the stars, and everything in between..every person in between. That does not belittle the power or legitimacy of my love. 

when i look at you,
i see someone i don’t want to forget,
someone who i need to have close to me.
i see someone who i want to fuck each night and wake up to each morning.
someone i want to get sunday brunches with and someone i want to take home to my mother.
when you looked at me,
you saw someone you wanted to makeout with while drunk.
you saw someone you’d fuck in your room at 3 am and kick out at 7.
you saw someone who’s texts you’d ignore and who you’d walk the extra mile to avoid.
i saw a future in you. i saw a smile i wanted to see each and every day.
all you saw was a hookup, another girl, nothing.
—  i feel like shit about everything that happened between us but i should’ve saw it coming.

i know i cant trust you again
i tell myself that everything was over between you and me
but when your texts starts coming in
i find myself torn between answering you again
pretending that everything between us was fine
faking that you never cheated on me before
and that nothing between us changed

you keep lying to me
but every time you look at me
i find myself asking on behalf of you for a second chance
i find myself going back to you
i felt like me and you could start over again
i believed everything you said
and i thought you could be mine again

and i hate that
even after all the things you’ve done
i still wanted to trust you
i knew you will break my heart
but i still wanted to give you my heart
and i disliked myself for that

—  shljx - hate that

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I noticed you said not every little wants a daddy and just enjoys the stuffies Ect. But out of curiousity what are you in it for? Just curious because I'm new to the whole thing myself. I like the idea of having a little to care for that will in turn return the love.

I’m a part of this because I know I have a little side and it tends to show and this is where I can let it out. I love playing with stuffies, coloring, and everything in between! I would love to have a daddy/caregiver but I don’t feel like I need one at the moment, but when that time does come I wouldn’t want to just be loved on but I would also want to share the love that is being given to me. So that’s why I like being a little and why I’m a little.

Between Us by @flippermood

“I always look into your eyes
and if you look in my eyes
everything is between us…” -Mario Benedetti 

between my two English classes, I’m noticing this trend in older novels (v. roughly 1850s-1930s) of outright stating the ages of male love interests while being very cagey about the exact age of the heroine…. Honestly even if it was the “norm” for there to be dramatic age gaps in romantic relationships, it’s weird to me that they go to such lengths to hide the sheer size of the gap, unless it’s just totally overboard,  like in Jane Eyre… But then again, it’s probably not that the heroine’s age is being hidden, so much as it’s considered irrelevant 

Of Cats and princesses: A book of oneshots

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by dolphinandwater

A collection of Miraculous Ladybug one shots. Cannon, Au and everything in between. Chapter 1 i’ll go but i won’t go quietly

Words: 1756, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

February 09, 2016 at 03:22PM
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a permanent truth from opposites-at-birth via theresno-youandmer

roar (report of a reality) #339 ~ of you and me . .

. . and everything in between. our lives and everything we are, our emotions and everything that we feel, our possessions and everything we have. the only thing that lasts is the lingering truth that nothing will ever last.

~ a.k.a.cross long but not lasting

p.s. something to make you happy if you’re sad or sad if you’re happy, but don’t worry coz that won’t last that long either. (; good morning and have a temporary but meaningful day

Of Cats and princesses: A book of oneshots

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Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir
English, Rated: K+
Chapters: 1, Words: 1,750, Reviews: 0, Rated: K+, In-Progress

A collection of Miraculous Ladybug one shots. Cannon, Au and everything in between. Chapter 1 i’ll go but i won’t go quietly

from FanFiction.Net: Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, Last Updated
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Bastille - Torn Apart (Bastille VS. Grades)

In all honesty, I find this video even more meaningful than the previous ones they had already released for the Bad Blood album.

I mean, yes, it does goes against what decent is in society’s standards.
I don’t want to dub this as an artist thing because I’m not a fan of labels, but come on guys…
I think it’s pretty neat. You can actually interpret it quite literally.

Love is love, and so they say.
Who ever came up with this video, be it the Bastille members, producers, directors, I don’t know who else — all I can think of is that they chose the explicit way of conveying a message, because which else is the better way to make people listen to something you have to say than getting their full attention?

It can be taken in different forms:
1. It’s plain weird and has disgustingly gotten way out of hand
2. People have many faces that you will only get to see once you choose to stay with them, and which you probably will never see if you left them
3. Love is diverse
4. Love is diverse as fuCK, I mean seriously diverse
5. Everyone can love. Three-dicked aliens and vagina-stomached aliens can love, both romantically and sexually
6. gET over it
7. People are weird, love is weird, you get to see things that sometimes you wish you could unsee when you venture in the world of love
8. Everybody argues and throws different things no matter which couple you are
9. Your partner will scare and confuse the soul out of your body at some point, I guarantee it
10. People change in the course of the relationship, and time itself
11. Sometimes people (or aliens, or whatever creature that can love) are face with things they want, and then sometimes things that they do not even remotely dislike
12. Et cetera
13. Love is love, and sometimes it leads to music and videos like Torn Apart

And then there’s the lyrics:

I could only be myself, with you around

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so we all are their judges.

The thing is, BASTILLE is a band that makes music first and foremost, and that’s where I want to put my attention initially. It kind of hurts that some people are dissing them for going astray from their rock alternative genre, for having a gross music video, for blaming a sole band member for the video, and so on, and so on… Guys. We are all entitled to our own opinions. This is mine, for example. And in my opinion, it’s kind of sad that some people choose to lash out in the blaming and the dissing towards the band that you once claimed to love.

This is an experimental mixtape, and I interpret it as an eye-opener in someways.
A lot of music videos barely make sense and are outrageously weird.
It would be nice if we just sticked to loving them for what they do, and if you don’t find it endearing, maybe just wait for their next official album tracks or something.