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Recruitment: (Dean x Reader) You find yourself the unlikely new hunting partner to Dean Winchester while Sam recovers from a broken leg… You are on the prowl to take down Crowley, and the Mark of Cain is causing some problems. Language, violence, some brief smut later on.

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(c) also what a way to to shit on malia/parrish..if stiles supposedly liked lydia the whole time he was with malia then why make stalia a thing? and if stydia was just going to happen why bother building of parrish? especially bc if stydia just does happen i feel like they won’t ever bother having stalia talk about their breakup and marrish will just be forgotten??? lmao i'm dissapointed and if malia gets hurt i'll be furious

ok Ive got two part c)s and no (a) and (b) so i think tumblr must have eaten them but i’ll just go ahead and answer this the best i can :)

I agree it doesn’t make sense. which is why i believe its fan pandering. And when I say that I don’t mean that everything that we have seen of Stiles and Lydia is bullshit I just mean that EVERYTHING that has happened between these two can be can be twisted one of two ways, as platonic AND as romantic. That way either outcome can be seen as viable and Jeff can step back either way and be like LOL. I have faith in the teen wolf writers, enough to believe that they wouldn’t use one let alone two characters as stepping stones to a relationship. Things have been quiet for stalia. to quiet. and I don’t buy it. also with all of this marrish stuff happening aswell. It makes no sense for these things to just be forgotten. Literally none. the idea that Stiles has just forgotten Malia existed in a few weeks coupled with the idea that Lydia is going to jump into stiles bed after everything she has just been through is horrible. but I don’t think it will go down this way. Stalia will have a convo at some point or another and I have a feeling they will work things out. I will stand by this until It gets proven otherwise.

So this season of Agent Carter has been fun…. I really don’t have any complaints… BUt  I think the romantic side-interests are being rushed. Wilkes falls for Peggy in about 3 seconds and it feels so forced. We’ve seen Violet about twice before Daniel proposes. And both of these romances go on ahead despite everything we see see between Peggy and Daniel.  I get it is a limited series. Only nine episodes. BUT can they can dial it back a little? Daniel makes a proposal to Violet which feels quite genuine despite how wrong he is. And then by the end of the same episode they are breaking up? Because he was concerned about Peggy. Okay, so it’s not the worst TV writing ever. I’m not really complaining. But IMHO It would have been better, I think if Violet had maybe found the ring in another episode and been waiting for him to propose. And then he keeps NOT proposing. And then when he makes her dinner, she thinks AT LAST no interruptions… He smiles at her politely and she flirts with him so sweetly BUT THEN for NO reason at all, he just chickens out. Then when she sees Daniel worrying over Peggy, she finally understands that he’s hung up on his colleague. And Daniel comes off looking a little better too.

“Ivan…I-I like you.” He looked deep into the Russian’s eyes, unsure about how to go about it. He wouldn’t be able to know how to respond. He looked back at them, eyes wide with shock. 

“You mean…you like me? As a friend, or as something…more?” He nodded. 

“Something more. I just wanted to let you know, but if you don’t feel the same way I do, I can’t change your mind.” He began to walk away, clenching his fists. He knew it, he ruined everything between them. 

Ivan quickly caught up to him, holding him back. 

“It’s not that, I just…” Ivan hesitated for a moment before kissing him briefly. He pulled back, pink dusting his face. “I didn’t know you felt the same way I did.” He smiled widely and kissed Ivan, throwing his arms around the Russian’s neck and smiling widely. 

I’m surprised so many of you have stuck with this blog because it really just goes in cycles from reblogging all the cute ponies I see to an aesthetic sort of thing to me complaining or journaling to spamming reblogs of two or three musicians to fangirling and everything in between…ahaha

Sister, Mine

by fanshae

Louis wasn’t the first person Harry came out to, Fizzy wants to know if Harry’s going to wear a dress when he gets married, Gemma insists that Harry’s stretching her shirts out, and Harry doesn’t get a corsage to wear to prom.

A sequel to “And Everything In Between” where Harry is genderfluid. I really recommend that you read that first or this probably won’t make sense.

Words: 1033, Chapters: ¼, Language: English

Series: Part 2 of And Everything In Between

via AO3 works tagged ‘Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson’ http://ift.tt/1SdVxa2

Whew finally a chance to update!!! So I had my baby shower Saturday!! Even though I was still on bed rest they said I could do it still so I was so happy! And my goodness what a day it was!! My mom and aunts decorated the place so beautifully and the place was gigantic!! Which we ended up being so glad we could host t there cause I seriously had like so many people there!!!!!!! And goodness almost have the common room was full of gifts (sadly no pictures to show the full amount.) and I got wonderful things. A ton of diapers and wipes, wayyyyy too many clothes. Two diaper genies. And everything in between lol. My mom also got us a car seat! So we are officially all set for Jaxon. Have all our wants and needs. We kept getting told how it was the nicest baby shower they attended. Cause it was so full of love and happiness. I am so insanely grateful for everything and everyone. Nice to feel so loved and know that Jaxon is also just as loved!! One downside, I noticed in the pictures that my nose has widened this pregnancy. I feel it’s ruined my face lol. But I had such a nice time and I’m so glad to have had that day! Luckily now we can rest a bit until Saturday, which will be the maternity shoot from my mom for me and my best friend who’s only two weeks behind me!!! I’m so happy!!!

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Those balloons zayn posted on Instagram.... I'm imagining Louis sending them to him even though they haven't talked in months because he's so proud and wanted to reach out. Then zayn posted it on Instagram to publicly show Louis how grateful he was 🤗

I need zayn and Freddie to meet. Just imagine how good zayn would be with him :’(

I’m combining these two anon messages to answer at once bc IN MY MIND they are connected. 

bc zayn liked that picture of freddie, liked it and then answered a question about it. and maybe louis isn’t ready to talk to zayn again yet. maybe he’s not ready for them to forgive and forget or actually talk about everything that happened between them. so maybe he sends the balloons instead. doesn’t sign them, doesn’t do anything - just sends them. zayn never has to know they’re from him, never has to know that louis has been paying attention to what he’s been doing even if he doesn’t let anyone know.

but zayn knows. the balloons arrive and he just knows. so he takes a picture and posts it to insta. no one knows who the balloons are from, no one would ever guess they were from louis. zayn doesn’t know why he seems to think they’re from louis. he just knows. 

and maybe it keeps happening. zayn keeps mentioning him in interviews, keeps saying how much he wants to talk to the boys again - never actually saying louis’ name, trying to be casual and careful about it - but he keeps saying it and louis keeps hearing it.

and maybe one day louis opens is phone and is scrolling through twitter when he’s lying on the couch with freddie on his chest and when he sees all the tweets saying variations of just call him louis!!!! he doesn’t get angry or sad. he just thinks well why not. maybe he calls zayn and it’s a little awkward but he just says do you want to meet him? because he doesn’t know how to talk about everything that happened and all the ways they fell apart. and zayn doesn’t really know how to talk about it either and just says yeah mate that’d be sick.

so zayn comes over and they don’t talk, not really, but zayn holds freddie and smiles down at him and things start to feel a little less broken. they’re standing in the same room for the first time in a year and zayn is holding louis’ son. they can figure it out from there

Our Spring Collection & Lookbook “Fashion Summer Camp” is out.⚡️⚡️ Dedicated to our muses, our best friends, the ones who get us into trouble as easily as they get us out of it. The friends that make us sweet and dangerous and everything else in between. Enjoy Spring! Enjoy the Collection! We love it so much! ⚡️⚡️ #vanessamooney #fashionsummercamp #Spring2016
Photo: @doveshore
Model: @pyperamerica
Makeup: @staceytan_mua
Hair: @luke_chamberlain
Styling: @donnalisa00 (at Vanessa Mooney)

Probably not the best banner in the world, but I gave it a shot. 

Valentine’s Day is getting close. While it is a day to show appreciation for your spouse or significant other, it’s just as important to let your friends and family know how much you care. Sometimes, not everyone has a Valentine. 

That’s why I’m doing this little event. 

Please like this post to give me permission to send you something for Valentine’s Day. I would like to send something to everyone but I know not everyone wants anything for Valentine’s Day. Liking this post lets me know that you’re okay with me sending something, be it a ooc Valentine, IC drabble, etc. Anything goes. 

I would like to know by February 12th. I’ll have this post circulate during that time so everyone will have a chance to see. I’ll try to distribute everything between February 13th-15th.  

Now, I may want to send you one even if you didn’t see this post. If you don’t want a Valentine, please let me know by sending an ask or IM. If you want to blacklist this post, I’ll add the tag: ValentineCall.


Bastille - Torn Apart (Bastille VS. Grades)

In all honesty, I find this video even more meaningful than the previous ones they had already released for the Bad Blood album.

I mean, yes, it does goes against what decent is in society’s standards.
I don’t want to dub this as an artist thing because I’m not a fan of labels, but come on guys…
I think it’s pretty neat. You can actually interpret it quite literally.

Love is love, and so they say.
Who ever came up with this video, be it the Bastille members, producers, directors, I don’t know who else — all I can think of is that they chose the explicit way of conveying a message, because which else is the better way to make people listen to something you have to say than getting their full attention?

It can be taken in different forms:
1. It’s plain weird and has disgustingly gotten way out of hand
2. People have many faces that you will only get to see once you choose to stay with them, and which you probably will never see if you left them
3. Love is diverse
4. Love is diverse as fuCK, I mean seriously diverse
5. Everyone can love. Three-dicked aliens and vagina-stomached aliens can love, both romantically and sexually
6. gET over it
7. People are weird, love is weird, you get to see things that sometimes you wish you could unsee when you venture in the world of love
8. Everybody argues and throws different things no matter which couple you are
9. Your partner will scare and confuse the soul out of your body at some point, I guarantee it
10. People change in the course of the relationship, and time itself
11. Sometimes people (or aliens, or whatever creature that can love) are face with things they want, and then sometimes things that they do not even remotely dislike
12. Et cetera
13. Love is love, and sometimes it leads to music and videos like Torn Apart

And then there’s the lyrics:

I could only be myself, with you around

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so we all are their judges.

The thing is, BASTILLE is a band that makes music first and foremost, and that’s where I want to put my attention initially. It kind of hurts that some people are dissing them for going astray from their rock alternative genre, for having a gross music video, for blaming a sole band member for the video, and so on, and so on… Guys. We are all entitled to our own opinions. This is mine, for example. And in my opinion, it’s kind of sad that some people choose to lash out in the blaming and the dissing towards the band that you once claimed to love.

This is an experimental mixtape, and I interpret it as an eye-opener in someways.
A lot of music videos barely make sense and are outrageously weird.
It would be nice if we just sticked to loving them for what they do, and if you don’t find it endearing, maybe just wait for their next official album tracks or something.

i don’t draw liam often. i thought i’d change that. please click for more detail