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Not every baby boomer = asshole. Not every millennial = nice person. Age doesn't set the scale for how someone behaves. I've seen my fair share of millennials who were turds, and baby boomers who were saints, and everything in between. I stress this with all of my new trainees. I make sure they know not to assume people will act a certain way based on their age. They know that many old people are asshats, but not all of them are. Also that many millennials are nice, but not all. Age ≠ niceness.

The two of them are in the Impala when Cas says it.

They’re on their way to a case - a case which looks to be a simple salt and burn, no stress needed - and a rock song is quietly drifting out of the speakers, almost completely obscured by the sound of the engine rumbling, the tires on the tarmac. Despite that, Dean is singing along softly - clearly, he doesn’t need to hear the track in order to know the words.

Since becoming human, Castiel has felt so many emotions - anger and happiness and sadness and practically everything in between, even feelings which he sometimes struggles to put a name to. But nothing compares to the thing he feels when he’s next to Dean like this - it’s like an ever-burning flame, hot and cold at the same time, a symphony with no sheet music. Something inexplicable, rather like the grace which used to rush around his body, he muses.

It’s stronger now that he’s no longer an angel, more in tune, something he’s slowly coming to understand. He’s no longer afraid of it like he used to be, not even when he’s around Dean in such close proximity. Turning his head slightly, he watches Dean hum the melody of a song he doesn’t know the name of, fingers tapping the beat on the steering wheel, smiling faintly.

“I love you.” It comes out unbidden, like it usually does, and Castiel has said it before he can even think about what he’s going to say. For a split second, he fears that Dean hasn’t heard him over the combined noise of the engine and the music, but then Dean does the most extraordinary thing.

He throws his head back and laughs, small smile morphing into one of pure and unadulterated joy. As Castiel looks at the late afternoon sun enveloping Dean’s face, sending flecks of light dancing across dappled freckles, the feeling inside of him surges up, begging to be freed.

Before he realises it, he’s kissing Dean with all his might, laughing along with him and basking in his warmth.

They only break apart when Dean realises that he should probably keep his eyes on the road, and they smile at each other sheepishly, hands intertwined as they rest on the leather seat between their bodies.

There’s something that’s been bugging me about Sonic Mania.

And that is that I didn’t enjoy it MORE than any other title in the series. I feel I enjoy it as much as S3&K, or Rush Adventure or SA1 or even Heroes. Yet everyone is insisting it’s the sole good thing to come from the franchise since the mid 90s.

People keep talking about how it’s this grand thing that makes them forget about the dark times of the franchise (everything between 3&K and Mania) and how it’s like a religious experience or something. I kinda don’t feel that. So in a way it was almost disappointing to me, due to how highly people rated it, since I didn’t feel some sort of grand relevation while playing it. It was more like a “oh, this is very similar to 3&K, that’s cool”.

But due to how it’s the best rated game in the series in a long time, people seem to equate that to “everything after the mid 90s is irredeemable trash”, which is a great shame. Sure, Shadow is a bad game, 06 is awful, Secret Rings is pretty rough, but there’s also a LOT I like about that era of Sonic games. I’ve been thinking about replaying Rush Adventure because of Mania recently.

Basically, this is just a rant because I love the Sonic franchise, hate how the majority views it and how “Sonic was never good” has been replaced with “Mania is the first good Sonic game”.


Happy Kingsman meetup!

WOW can’t believe it’s a month until the sequel!

Hi guys, my name is Bristi, teenage Indian-American, gay, and self-proclaimed geek and fangirl.

Now, you know those fandoms that you see and hear a lot about, you know they exist, and sometimes get excited by posts even though maybe you’ve never watched the show/movie or read the book, but once you do, it becomes an infatuation and addiction. And oh look, a ship comes along, sometimes it can be a popular ship that 99% of the fandom ships or a rare ship that you just happened to like. Next thing you know, you’re reading 100k and 200k long fanfiction, scrolling through your tumblr dash and tags trying to find new blogs to follow, looking at fanart, AUs, fanfiction, headcanons, trailers, posters, interviews, everything in between. That was me with Kingsman.

I joined quite late, but I remember wanting to watch the movie ever since the trailer for the first movie came out couple years ago. Ever since then, I would see it on my tv, and never got to watch the full thing, until recently. I went to the movie theaters twice in July, and both times saw The Golden Circle’s trailer. I had watched scenes and parts of the first movie, but never the full thing. And then, it blew up on tumblr. I swear, it’s like I saw a few hartwin posts and I said, “I’m going to find a bloody website and watch this bloody movie and ship this bloody ship.” I had known Colin Firth for years, watching a lot of his movies and series from the 90s, 2000s, and recent works, always thinking he was a brilliant actor and his characters were made of charm. But Hartwin gave me another reason to watch The Kingsman, and I’m so happy I did.

Please don’t judge me for being a new fan, I wished to god I had joined from the beginning, but I think I have seen so much and read so much in these past 3 or 4 days that it feels as though it’s been years I’ve been in this fandom.  I swear, I’ve done nothing but read fanfiction and look at blogs on tumblr these past few days. The number of blogs I have followed and posts I have liked these past few days, especially relating to Hartwin, is crazy!!! Yesterday (or rather this morning), I stayed up until 3 am to finish a 100k+ fic- I finished this in less than 3 days- the fastest I have ever read any long fanfiction ever. I honestly think I am in love with Hartwin.

So more about myself and me watching and becoming addicted about the Kingsman and Hartwin! Oh yes, Hartwin. SO MUCH LOVE FOR IT!!! That is my main ship, and I have so much to say about it, so please don’t be afraid to message me if you want to fangirl about it or share something with someone! None of my friends irl, much of whom are fangirls like myself, have watched the Kingsman so I have found this community on tumblr with all of you fabulous people!! I’m always ready to talk about my spy husbands!! Of course, I will talk about absolutely anything else Kingsman related, any ships (I’ve even though about Hartlin, Merlee, and Reggsy!) I’ve already befriended a few people on here and bonded over Hartwin, even sharing a few of my hopes and fears over the ship with some people. It feels like I’ve been part of this fandom for years, and I love it!

Like I said earlier, I am a huge geek, I could list all the book, show, and movie fandoms I am part of but that would make quite a long list. Some of my all time favorites are Doctor Who, Sherlock, Orphan Black, and NOW THE KINGSMAN! Wow, I really love Brits I guess. I post a little bit of everything I like as well as reblogs on my blog.

I can’t wait for meeting more of you and The Golden Circle!!

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Really?? Again, tumblr? *looming at them like in the office* ok i'll try once more. (1/4)I saw one of your answer about scott and stiles character, and i just HAVE to recommend this fic to you /works/4687064 it's stop crossing oceans by greenleaf. This is how i potrayed scott, and how i think sciles relationship possibly reastically(?) developed. Even canon seems not making any sense. After everything stiles has done to scott, scott can just... distrusting stiles?

(2/4, because i don’t know where i cut my previous ask :( ) And after that everything just magically okay between both of them? Haha nope. For me.. from the very start, scott always strike me as black and white pov person, y'know. “Like.. oh you do that? Then you’re evil” “we can’t do that, that’s wrong, there has to be another way (when, shit sherlock, if there ARE any other way, we sure as frak won’t choose it)”. While i feel like stiles will go all the way, anyway, to do things right

(¾)to people he treasures. He’s not evil, but he’s not fitting to be called a saint either. He just loves and cares so much, so deeply. And that’s why he’d do anything in his power for people in his life. I never really hate scott actually. I just thougt that his character is not as interesting as other, unfortunate for him, because he’s the supposedly main star. But it happens.It’s not just spesifically happen because of him, or his race, or his..what excuse again that they use? It’s because

(4/4) his character is not as interesting as other. Is it a crime because appearantly loads of people thought so? Nope. Anyway in this fic it showed how their relationship could break because of that difference between them. I’m sorry for ranting so much (again) on your blog, but i just have to unload it from my chest. I would love to hear what do you think about my fic rec, anyway, have a a nice day!

Here is the link to the fic if anyone wants to check it out: 


This is a great fic, and pretty much how I see their friendship too. 

I agree that Stiles is the more interesting character. He’s not morally pure, and that’s not a bad thing. Stiles crosses lines all the time between right and wrong, because in an unfair world, someone has to. The moral high ground is a luxury they can’t afford, because they have a fight to win. And to me, that’s always going to be a hell of a lot more interesting a journey to watch. 

And again, it’s why I’d pick Stiles to be on my side in a fight any day. Because first we win, and then we can hate ourselves for the things we did to get there. And in a world like Beacon Hills where the villains aren’t playing by the rules, why should the heroes? There’s no chivalry in a fight to the death 

i wish i never told my friend i was in love with her because i now view her behavior toward me through that nasty lens of, ok she’s treating me this way knowing i’m in love with her, so every ounce of kindness is either cruel and a trick or a symbol of love with no in-between. everything fucking has to mean something with me. why am i crazy. 

everything in between...

After the final battle, Killian and Emma finally find their way home. (I like imagining the conversations we never see, and the sexy times that follow)
rated M, 1200 words

The walk up to their door seems endless, both of them clinging to the last tendrils of adrenaline keeping them upright after a hellishly long day. Killian’s lost track of the hour, but his body feels every minute spent, muscles still burning from his climb and fall from the beanstalk, head aching from clenching his teeth as Emma performed her Savior’s sacrifice before his eyes. Her fingers give his a gentle squeeze causing her wedding ring to press against his and like a rope snapping loose in the wind, he becomes completely untethered. Eyes burning with overflowing emotion, he stops, turns and gathers her close, tucking his face into her hair as hot tears splash down over his cheeks.

“Hey, what’s wrong?”

Shaking his head, he just pulls her in tighter, not sure of how to express the weight of everything crashing down over him, just knowing he needs to hold her and allow himself a moment to find his bearings. Her woolen cap is slightly rough against his temple, but it’s so achingly Emma that he finds himself leaning further into it, the threads drying the tracks of his tears. Keeping his hook anchored against her back, he loosens his grip on her jacket so he can cup her cheek with his hand, forcing a shaky smile upon his lips as he finds her worried eyes with his own.

“Sorry, Swan, it’s been an exceedingly trying day.”

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Fandometrics in Depth: The Defenders

Early this morning, in the weeist of hours, Netflix (@netflix) released a miniseries two years in the making: The Defenders. The show features four major characters that each starred in their own Marvel (@marvelentertainment) show: Daredevil (@daredevil), Jessica Jones (@jessicajones), Luke Cage (@lukecage), and Iron Fist (@marvelsironfist). 

These four shows have had their time in the Fandometrics spotlight and the community around them is extremely dedicated. The excitement for the new series is nearly palpable. With all four characters on one show, The Defenders is set-up for success.

The Defenders, historically

The first series to debut was Daredevil on April 10, 2015, followed by Jessica Jones on November 20, 2015, Luke Cage on September 30, 2016, and Iron First on March 17, 2017.

With 16 appearances on our Television list, Daredevil has appeared on more lists than any other Defender, partially due to being the only series that had a second season run thus far. Jessica Jones has appeared eight times and Luke Cage twice. Iron Fist never made it onto a Fandometrics list. This could be attributed to the whitewashing controversy around the titular character’s casting. Y i k e s.

The stars have appeared on our Celebrities list a number of times as well. Charlie Cox and David Tennant are tied with each appearing four times. Though David Tennant is beloved for his time as the Tenth Doctor, most of his rankings took place in late 2015, correlating with the release of Jessica Jones.

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The Defenders, currently

We parsed data and perused our lists from the last six months to bring you the hottest, freshest numbers. Though Iron Fist was the most searched (120% more search volume than the next highest Defenders show) and most posted about (9% more search volume), Jessica Jones wins for most reblogged (3% more reblog volume). Daredevil, which fell into the number two spot for searches, original posts, and reblogs, had the most likes; 4% more than Iron Fist.

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For your consideration

If you want to take your time with the new episodes, there’s tons of stuff on Tumblr to sift through in between your binge-watching. May we suggest you start with:

And finally, don’t forget to tag your spoilers, pals.

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Life aesthetic: It’s 3am, the love of my life is behind the wheel driving somewhere without a destination. My best friends are in the back seat passing the aux cord around, all arguing over who gets what next. The road is dark and empty, the only light being the stars above us. We all talk about our past, our future, and everything in between. We all sit in silence for awhile, listening to the rain patter against the window. Everything is calm.

Taking care of yourself during the school year!

If you’re in school you know how easy it is to forget about taking care of yourself. With deadlines, homework, projects and everything in between, it seems like there is very little time left to yourself! So, here are some of my tips for taking care of myself during the school year! 

(Disclaimer: This is aimed more towards college students but it’s easy to adapt to those in middle and high school. Also, obviously these things won’t work for everyone, so don’t beat yourself up if something doesn’t go the way it’s “supposed” to.)

  1. Leave water somewhere you can see it. It’s super easy to get dehydrated in general, so add in limited focus on anything other than school and bam, a recipe for disaster. To remedy this, try leaving a glass or bottle of water in view and every time you look up from studying and/or your eyes pass over the bottle, take a sip!
  2. Pre-pack healthy snacks. In-between classes it’s easy to stop at the campus store, dining hall or vending machine to resolve your hunger. However, often the options available are things like candy and potato chips. By packing healthy things in advance it saves you money and also saves you from the empty calories. (If you don’t have a dependable way to get fruit, etc. take some extra apples or bananas from the dining hall every time you leave and store them in your room!)
  3. Pre-plan out your outfit the night before. Pack your school bags too! That way you can sleep in a little longer and your morning is a little less stressful, because you won’t be scrambling to get everything together!
  4. Avoid hangovers. Drink a huge glass of water before you start drinking and before you go to bed, and make sure you eat a lot during the day. Not only do hangovers suck, but they also take away valuable study time!
  5. Go to the gym with a friend! Working out can suck, especially if you’re not used to it. So go to the gym with a friend! It keeps you motivated and can even make things fun!
  6. Take a multi-vitamin! Even if you never had to take one during high school, it’s easy to eat horribly/not enough, and getting your daily vitamins is really important!
  7. Don’t give up your morning/bedtime routine for anything. This one might sound a little dumb, but trust me. Skipping a face wash or shower might sound okay at the time, but when you start breaking out or feeling less than your best, you’ll see what I mean.
  8. Buy some Melatonin! Even if you don’t have sleeping problems, college takes away a lot of your sleep and has a lot of distractions that make it hard to fall asleep (ex: noises neighbors). Melatonin helps you fall asleep and sleep better, so even if you only get a few hours, it was a few hours of better quality sleep than it probably would have been. (Because Melatonin is a tablet, it’s important to read the warnings on the packaging and consult a doctor before taking it!)
  9. Buy earplugs. Trust me. They’re a miracle worker when you’re trying to go to sleep, stay asleep, or get some work done in a noisy/distracting place.
  10. Keep your surroundings sanitized. Wash your hands on a regular basis and disinfect your room (focus mores on the things you, your roommate and friends come in contact with a lot like light switches, door knobs, etc.). Carry a little pack of sanitary wipes or a thing of hand sanitizer with you in your backpack at all times. It may sound like I’m going overkill on all of this but the plague is real and consistent in college. You remember how in high school everyone would come back from school breaks sick? Well it’s the same way in college but 24/7. You’re going to be surrounded by people from all over the country (most likely) that come in contact with things you don’t, who will bring them back to school with them. Being sick during college is one of the worst things ever, so try to avoid it if you can!

There we have it! 10 tips on how to take care of yourself during the busy school year! Feel free to add something if you feel like it’s important and I left it out!


i’mma call this guy Kuro, cos he sure as HELL ain’t Shiro:

  • Shiro’s prisoner number is 117-9875 (1x10). This guy is referred to as “subject Y0XT39″ {source 1}
  • When he first gets up off the operating table he faceplants like someone who’s never actually walked before
  • He looks surprised/confused by his metal arm
  • Kuro saw actual Shiro on an operating table on his way out of Galra captivity:
  • The Galra let him escape and then declared that “stage 3 of operation Kuron is underway” {source 2}
  • “Kuron” is Japanese for clone like Dreamworks ain’t slick okay {source 3}
  • Shiro has not been gone long enough for his hair to have grown that long (see ref. 2 above)
  • The Black Lion didn’t activate for him. And you cannot tell me after everything that happened between them in S1 & S2 that the Black Lion would suddenly go “eh, i’ve moved on”
  • Shiro is the Paladin with the closest bond to their Lion i mean i have written literally thousands of words of meta about this don’t test me Dreamworks
  • his weird mood swing from “mooching in my room with a depression beard” to “chipper and fine and ready to jump back in!”
  • Hunk’s whole thing in 2x03 about how the Galra have the technology to plant false memories in Shiro’s mind? Same applies to planting false memories in the mind of a clone, presumably.
  • That weird headache that he couldn’t shake? COME ON PEOPLE 
  • The fact that he could survive in that Galra ship for so long without food or water is DEEPLY SUSPICIOUS

alright but seriously the biggest evidence i can offer for this not being Shiro is that everything about him is just… slightly… off. literally everything: 

  • He looks different - but just similar enough to pitch me straight into the darkest depths of the Uncanny Valley
  • His voice is weirdly not… quite… right?
  • He fights differently - less gracefully, less smooth
  • His personality is off in little ways - he’s not as funny. He’s really down. He’s not as warm.

i mean Kuro just deadass does not ACT like Shiro. Shiro has a sense of humour - you can’t tell me Takashi “my wound’s great! it’s getting bigger all the time!” Shirogane wouldn’t be cracking some kind of Star Wars related joke to himself on that ice planet. Shiro is kinda cheerful and lighthearted despite everything he’s been through, and Kuro is just serious and down and moody and flat.

One of the defining traits of Shiro’s personality is that he never gives up and when he faces a challenge he fights it head-on and he’s not the kind of guy to just go mope in his room. Kuro has no drive. Shiro has a fire inside and Kuro just has nothing.

This isn’t Shiro. Whatever he is, he freaks me the hell out - but he sure as hell ain’t Shiro. the Winter Paladin, maybe? sleeper agent? saboteur? whatever he’s up to, ALL THE NOPE MY FRIENDS. ALL THE NOPE. that’s not Shiro. NO WAY.

(props to @dent-de-leon , @gitwrecked and @honkgarrett for the other posts which you should also check out)

Walking in on Peter Parker naked (Headcanon)

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Walking in on Peter Parker naked…

- you and peter were having a quick study session before your big chemistry test tomorrow

- that you knew you were gonna fail but’s chill you were so over the year already

- but if it meant spending time with the sweet, beautiful, and absolutely lovable boy you called your best friend, then so be it!

- peter was of course, going to ace it, but you honestly didn’t care whether you did or not you were exhausted

- as your eyes scanned the numerous amounts of pages you felt a pair of eyes glancing your way

- :)))))

- vibrant, bright brown eyes meet yours and smile at you adoringly, watching your eyes scan the pages


- it made no sense as to how someone could be so gORGEOUS AND INTELLIGENT AND SWEET ALL AT THE SAME TIME

- boy did you love that BOY

- peter was absolutely over the moon for you, thinking you were his everything

- lovely lovely lovely love between the two of you

- so much sweet love you honestly thought nothing about him could get any better

- you were completely and utterly wrong

- an hour after stealing cute glances and admiring the other without the other knowing !!!;), peter interrupted

- “Give me five minutes to shower I’ll be quick I promise”

- you obliged and watched him rush out of the living room and into his bedroom, shutting the door


- but, Peter said he’d be out in five minutes

- ok first off you really were supposed to be studying and not paying attention

- well, it wasn’t five minutes


- after scanning your endless notes and flashcards, your brain declared you were done and you set your things down to make way to Peter’s room

-  it had been around fifteen minutes and you were antsy because he was TAKING TOO LONG

- you knew you were going to open the door to find him sitting down on his bed on his phone

- headass said five minutes so your ass waited fifteen

- this about to turn fluff to angst REAL QUICK

- you feverishly opened his door and 

- holy mother of fUCK



- you knew it was so, so wrong

- but it felt so, so right

- there before your very eyes was your best friend, peter, standing in the middle of his bedroom

- STARK NAKED (lmao see what i did there)

- your eyes immediately felt drawn to the naked figure before you


- your orbs scanned his toned, very fucking toned, upper chest area all the way down to his six pack carefully

- thank you god, thank you

- your hormones were in a rage as your sculpted his v line immensely, the seemingly awkward feeling you were supposed to be enduring was gone

- you completely ignored peter’s embarrassing and flushed gaze as you obviously, scaled his naked

- both faces flushed with color at the situation

- you were feeling hot and antsy

- while peter was absolutely mortified

- this was the most embarrassing thing he’s ever had happened to him


- but before your eyes made it to his uh, PACKAGE

- peter instantly wrapped the fallen towel back around his hips in embarrassment



- your best friend, was hot as FUCK 

- how did you not know???

- he was naked and you were completely dazed because???

- ok that’s your new favorite outfit on him

- fuck the blue sweater, the SKIN was the new winner

- “Y/N!”

- your eyes wide you locked stares with him and your face turned BLOOD RED

- you had known he caught you staring and probably drooling

- “Uhm, uh, what? Sorry, I-”

- peter realizes your seductive gaze on him and smirks to himself proudly

- headass

- “Did you wipe the drool?”

- that little fucker


- the hormones between the two of you were so vividly seen it was almost comical

- as you exited the room, biting your lip to hold back the grOANS YOU WERE GOING TO EMIT FROM YOUR MOUTH

- peter was smirking to himself, wondering in his mind when he would ever get to see you stark naked (lololol)


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You know why relationship breakups hurt so much?

We feel an overwhelming sense of loss because we have created a genuine connection to someone that makes us emotionally attached to the relationship.

This someone became your emotional comfort, and now, you cannot be comforted by him anymore because he’s the source of your sadness and pain. You don’t know who you will run to because you made him your entire world. You become emotionally attached and dependent. This someone made a huge impact on your life, and you used to live most of your life with him.

Break ups are like losing a piece of your identity. You feel it’s still within you, but it no longer exists. The absence of the relationship and everything in between will become a strong memory to you. It will haunt and kill you every single night.

It hurts because you lose the person you weren’t willing to give up just yet. You invested so much of your time, energy and emotions to that someone and all of a sudden, it’s all gone. Once upon a time, you were happy together, and now you’re not. You’re all alone again.

—  E.J. Cenita