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48 hours

I was standing in our old living room. One light was shining from the corner of the room. I could see the silhouette of my dad. I walked up to him. I hugged him, taking in his long lost scent that I missed every single day.

“Papa,papa,papa…” I kept repeating the word that was craving to escape my lips, but had no reason to. He stroked my hair, like he used to. I looked up to see his face, his smile, and his wrinkles. A small smile appeared on my face. I was happy to be in his arms once again-

A bullet shot was heard, and my eyes widened, seeing blood drip over that lost smile, down to my arms. His smile faded slowly.

“Why … Didn’t you help me-“ He fell off the couch head first on the coffee table that broke due his weight. I looked at his dead body, and back to my hands that were covered in his blood.

“Why didn’t you help me,” My eyes widened as I turned my head around to see my mother. Wearing the same white clothes I saw her last in. I stood up, wanting to take a step back from her. I bunked into someone. I turned my head quickly round, seeing the man who ruined everything. A bullet wound in his head.

“Why Sasuke?”  His voice sounded bitterly. “Murderer!”

“Murderer!” My mother screamed. I tried to run, but I tripped and fell…They closed in, everywhere I turned my face…I saw them. Armies of them!




My eyes shot open as I took a deep breath. I looked around me, checking my room from left to right. I slowly sat straight, holding my knees as I reminded myself that I was only dreaming…Only dreaming.

I looked at my phone. It was 2 A.M…Five hours before Itachi would come through my door to wake me up. I tried to change my mind from that dream by thinking about Itachi waking me up every morning, but my mind was going back to the dream. I wanted to get up and walk to Itachi’s room. I just wanted to crawl next to him and feel loved, but then… I would bother him. I didn’t want to bother him. I tried to fall sleep, but this scared feeling took over.

I gave up, ending up almost falling asleep three times before snapping my eyes open and hearing my mom’s screams again.  I suddenly heard the door open.

“You are already awake?” Itachi asked. He looked surprised, but that was to be expected.

“Yeah…I heard your footsteps.” I said.

“How did you sleep?” Itachi asked.

“Jeez what is this an interview!” I snapped as I got up.

“I only asked how you slept, is that wrong of me?”  Itachi rested one hand on his hip.

“I am not in the mood for you,” I said, hiding myself behind the door of my closet.

“It seems like a  very fitting question to ask someone who woke up-“

“Get out…I am getting dressed.” I said, throwing my shirt towards him. He closed the door, causing my shirt to fall on the ground…This was going to be one hell of a day.


“You…Look awful.” Sakura dropped her books next to me, it sounded like a rock falling on glass in a room filled with dead people.

“Ugghh…” I leaned my head on the table.

“You pulled an all-nighter.” Suigetsu turned his seat to face us.

“Not even! I slept from 11:30 until 2 AM. I couldn’t sleep from there on out.”

“There is like no way you can focus…Why don’t you go home, call in sick,” Suigetsu.

“Ha! And explain myself to my brothers, no fucking way! I will go home and sleep then…I would then be too tired to dream-“

“You had a nightmare?” I raised my head right away when I heard Naruto’s voice….Yeah hot usuratonkachi was sitting behind me.

“No, I am not a kid.” I laughed it off.

“Well…You can’t control your dreams so… nightmares aren’t really childish.” I felt Naruto judging me.

“Ah…I guess you are right, but I didn’t have nightmare, I just couldn’t sleep.” I lied. He just looked at me with those blue eyes that were stripping my soul. He then smiled and nodded. Somehow I got the feeling he was on to me.

I really thought I was going to survive this day….though I almost fell asleep every single lessen.

“Sasuke…Sasuke…” I thought I saw my mother standing in front of me, wearing that beautiful white dress she got cremated in. Her hands reached to me and I looked at her with wide eyes. She stroked my cheeks, her hands feeling rather manly…But I couldn’t remember her touches anyway.

“Mam…Mama…I am so sorry… Mama.”

“Mr.Uchiha!” Her voice turned manly and I snapped my eyes open, seeing that I grabbed Kakashi’s wrist. Did I literally move his hand to my cheek?!

“You called him mama,” Sakura said, giving me this strange look as everyone started laughing. I pushed Kakashi’s hand away.

“Ah!? I didn’t mean anything!” I felt myself getting embarrassed….Surly everyone would when the entire class is laughing at them. I had the feeling to just walk out of the room. Scream that they should fuck themselves…And maybe I would have…If it wasn’t for that one voice…That pure voice that stood up to defend me.

“Stop laughing, it isn’t even that funny.” It seems Naruto’s words were like rules, everyone listened. I looked at Naruto, who gave me a kind smile. I felt weak…Stupid…Miserable. He only defended me because he felt pity for me, for having lost my mother because of a mental disease.  I guess I wanted to cry right there…but like always, instead of expression my sadness…I turned it into sarcasm.

The bell rang and everyone stood up, leaving the classroom, though …Kakashi stopped me from moving.

“We should have a talk, Uchiha-kun,” Kakashi said.

“Yeah, cuz I was waiting for my wise knowledgeable sensei to lecture me,” I said

“Tone,” Kakashi frowned.

“Really…I look up to you. Who doesn’t want to live alone with 7 dogs, getting a crappy pay check for standing in front of a class and reading porn books while cursing his own life for never finding love, and that one sucker he did fall in love with, didn’t even stay in touch with him for so long because he was busy fucking the pussy of his only friend #2.”

“Get out of my classroom.”

I rolled my eyes, yeah teachers, those damn creatures, couldn’t take criticism. I got up grabbed my bag as I walked towards the door, before turning back to Kakashi.

“Finally… I can go home… You know who is home? Ha..You don’t have to guess. Obito is home…How I feel like cuddling next to him on the couch….I should tell him how grateful I am for having in my life. A sweet kiss would do.” I said, I could see the anger in his eyes…I stroke a nerve.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Kakashi asked. It caused me to stand speechless longer than I actually wanted. I couldn’t help but to remember asking me that same question.

“MAYBE! MAYBE IT ISN’T ME WHO IS WRONG. MAYBE IT YOU!!” I snapped as I walked out of the classroom. I ended up going home, but it turned out nobody was home…I expected Obito to be home.

I looked at my phone, seeing messages in our family chat, mentioning that Obito was going to an interview. I lay on the couch, starting at the ceiling as my eyes closed themselves. I felt pretty lonely when everyone was gone. I sighed…I was falling asleep…I felt like sleeping this entire day. The moment I was almost entering the world of dreams…I saw my mother…and father…Screaming at me. I shot up, panting slightly….Alright…Maybe I can’t sleep after all.


“Where is Itachi?” I asked as I walked to the table to get breakfast, though my stomach wasn’t really up to the task today.

“Emergency…” Shisui said as he pushed the cornflakes towards me.

“Hey Shi…” I muttered, looking at  him, though he seemed to be too busy on his phone.

“Hnn.” He said.

“Nothing … Have a nice day at work,” I said as I got up.

“Have a great day at school,” he muttered.

“Wow….Did you pull another all-nighter?” Sakura seemed concerned. My brain was slow with progressing.

“Uhm…Yeah…Not gonna lose to Zuna! Yeah… We are doing who can go without sleep the… Longest.” I said closing my locker.

“Didn’t you have chemistry first period?” She asked. I looked at the books in my hand.

“Haha…You got me there… I …Finished chemistry homework, so I…Am gonna do..” I looked at the book I had in my hands “Economic.” I took a few steps back before turning around to walk to class, but I bumped into Naruto.

“Dude you look aw-“ Naruto stopped his sentence, “You look tired.”  I just pointed at him, nodding my head. “Good change of words.” I said.

“Your clothes are inside out,” he grabbed my one shoulder before I would lose balance and fall.

“Yeah….Yeah….That is because….Because…It is…Wear your clothes inside out day! Happy holiday!” I said before making my way to the classroom….Turns out I stood 15 minutes in front of the wrong classroom.    During Sasori’s lesson he stood in front of me snapping his fingers for a minute before I reacted to him.  He asked me if I was doing alright, and if he had to call Itachi to pick me or. I shook my head and said I was fine…Just…Tired.

I was pretty convinced to go home…Call Shisui..Or Itachi, tell him the truth and hopefully he would come home and help me sleep peacefully. I was in the locker rooms when I tried calling them. Itachi’s phone went straight into voice mail.

“Hey aniki … I sort of … Need you to call me…. Quick…Bye,” I sighed as I tried to call Shisui next.

“You again?! What are you 6 years old and not able to cross the street without having someone holding your hand?” I hated when Historia answered the phone.

“Give Shisui.” I said seriously, but it seemed she wasn’t the least bit of concern.

“How old are you, for fuck’s sake no wonder Shisui is stressed out, his life would be much easier away from you-“I hung up, letting my head hang for a while before dialling Itachi’s number again, getting voice mail once again.  I took a deep breath.

“Hey Aniki-“ I had to stop talking since I felt the my voice breaking down…Maybe Historia’s words really got me… “Never mind my previous messags…See ya home.” I said as I dropped my phone next to me, hugging my knees.

“Hey…Sasuke?” Naruto entered the locker rooms, standing in front of the door for a while before closing it behind him and even locking it.  “Spill it.” He said as he knelt down in front of me.

“I am just tired.”

“Of course you are, you haven’t slept for two days,” Naruto said.

“That is an overstatement.”

“No, Sakura told me, she is concerned too.”

“Should have known she couldn’t keep that big mouth of hers…” I hissed.

“Why? Is something bothering you-“

“I am involved in a competition.”

“I don’t believe you, dattebayo.”

“Oh I don’t recall you being a therapist? Sorry I haven’t seen your degree on the wall.” I snapped. He shook his head.

“If you are going to be like that fine, but answer me this … Will you be fine?” He asked.

“Ye-“ I felt my shoulder getting pressed against the wall behind me, my eyes widened looking straight into Naruto’s.

“Will you be fine?” He asked again. I felt my heart beat faster…I couldn’t lie….I couldn’t….Not to those eyes.

“No….No…” I said turning my head away.

“Then tell me, I am worried.” He said. I bit my bottom lip…This made me feel so lame.

“It isn’t….that bad…It is kinda lame.” I muttered.

“Bastard, I once thought my fish was drowning so I tried to give it cpr. There is no way your lame excuse can top this story.”

“….I keep…Having nightmares…And I hear screaming…And it just fucking lame, but…. I can’t help myself…I don’t want to sleep because… I don’t want to get confronted with these nightmares.”

“Did you tell your brothers?” Naruto asked.

“No… I don’t want to bother them…Besides…I just wanted to call, but…”


“Shisui’s girlfriend picked up and told me to start solving my own problems…She was right-“

“Bullshit, you are just 16. She should shut her mouth with all the respect.” Naruto went to sit next to me. I chuckled.

“We should get going…Maybe sensei will get angry and makes us run.” I wanted to stand up, but Naruto grabbed my arm pulling me towards him. My head fell on his chest.

“Maybe…It is actually better for you to take a nap.”

“I will make it through the day-“

“You suck at lying.” Naruto wrapped one arm around me, his other one reached for his orange/black jacket as he put that over me. “I could use a nap too.” He laughed.

“…. I don’t want to…” I muttered, but at the same time…His sense…His warmth…His heartbeat in my ear…I felt so calm near him…I didn’t her any voices…Nobody screaming at me…No gun shots…Just his heartbeat. Two hours went by too fast for my liking, but I felt better having rested my mind for two short hours. I raised my head from Naruto’s chest.

“Hey…You sleeping?” I whispered not getting a respond from Naruto. His head was leaning against the wall.

“Thank you.” I whispered. The temptation took over as I closed in, placing my lips in an innocent kiss on his cheek. He might never know, but I was proud of having taken this risk, totally worth it.

“I am awake, dattebayo.” I was holding my breath hearing his voice, followed by him opening his eyes.  I tried to act like I didn’t gather all my wills power to kiss him on the cheek.

“Thanks…” I repeated. I felt awkward. We walked out of the locker room, Naruto was still in his P.E clothes. “Will you be fine?” Naruto asked.

“Yeah…Am gonna call my brother to pick me up.” I said.

“Are you going to tell them?” Naruto asked.

“I don’t think it is necessary..” I said with a small smile. The sound of his heartbeat hadn’t left my ears yet. When I arrived home I fell asleep on the couch. I slowly opened my eyes feeling Itachi stroking my hair.

“I listened to your voicemail,” he said, poking my forehead.

“Hmm…Turned out not to be important.” I muttered as I closed my eyes.  I smiled feeling him kiss my forehead. “How foolish you might find the reason, you can just say so…I am your brother… I am always here for you, even when you have bad dreams.”

“I forgot to end the call.”

“Yes you did.”

“Hn… I am fine now…Really fine. “ I smiled as I remembered Naruto….This is why I love him.  

The Coffee House (Part Four)

Summary: On Dean’s first official day, him and Y/N try to figure out what to do about their situation. But when coming to a decision things take an unexpected turn.

Characters: Dean Winchester, Gadreel, Gabriel, Garth, Charlie, Hannah, Jo, Sam Winchester (Mentioned)

Warnings: Fluff, language, smut, semi-public smut

Word Count: 3,651

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Catch Up Here!

Part One, Part Two, Part Three

A/N: I am in love with this series as much as I am in love with Shocking Sensations. Thanks y’all for being so patient with me, I have family over and every time I start to write they’re calling me for stuff! I hope y’all enjoy!

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