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submitted by Bill Ratos

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The base items of my EDC kit, usually accompanied with 10 ft 550 paracord, a bunch of cable ties, a Swedish military bandana and a LED Lenser L7 flashlight.

submitted by Mikey Bautista
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Sometimes, to make something even greater, you have to make it smaller. The Olight S1 Baton is still one of the best everyday carry lights around, but even great things can be improved. As you can see with the new S Mini Baton, small improvements can make the biggest difference.

At first glance, you might say the S Mini looks just like an S1 that got a haircut (and you’d be right). The S Mini is 0.25” shorter than its predecessor, which also makes it lighter at 1.11 oz (from 1.6 oz).

Smaller and lighter doesn’t mean less powerful, however, as the S Mini improves on the S1 in both output and runtime. Now it can put out a maximum of 550 lumens, along with four levels and a runtime of up to 30 days.

And it doesn’t fix what isn’t broken, either. The S Mini still makes use of a CR123A battery and floody TIR optics, retains an IPX8 water resistance rating, and comes with a clip for ease of everyday carry. There’s also something for the collectors, as the light comes in six finishes of exotic materials, from rainbow anodized titanium to red copper.

The biggest surprises can come from the smallest packages. Pick up the next generation of the Baton in your choice of finish from the Amazon link below. Just try not to lose it, OK?

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5 myths about Tourniquets.
1. TOURNIQUETS SHOULD ONLY BE USED AS A LAST RESORT. WRONG, dead wrong. This is a dangerous and antiquated approach to trauma. There is an overwhelming amount of substantiated data that dispel this myth. READ MORE..........


This is a dangerous and antiquated approach to trauma. There is an overwhelming amount of substantiated data that dispel this myth. If you’re attending a class and that’s what you are being told, contact us at Trauma Monkeys ASAP and we will find a course in your area that is teaching the current protocols.

In combat zone, Tactical Setting, Active

shooter, dynamic type event a Tourniquet should be the First choice if there is any suspicion that a casualty is bleeding from an extremity. For many years Extremity Hemorrhage was the number one cause of preventable death on the battlefield it has since been surpassed by junctional hemorrhage (armpit, groin, neck).

Significant improvements in training, coupled with the availability of tourniquets have directly resulted in a marked decrease in mortality. Through education and persistence the military has been able to convince all hands to completely change how they view tourniquets. No easy task considering the how many times we have all been told “only as a last resort”.

2. Placing a Tourniquet (TK) equals loss of limb.

The fact is loss of a limb is extremely rare. The risk of hemorrhage far outweighs the minuscule risk of limb damage. The old “Life over limb” adage applies here. There are many well-documentedcases of patients that have had commercial tourniquets in place for greater then eight hours, with no loss of limb. In the cases where their have been a loss of limb(s), they are directly attributable to a gunshot wound, blast injury, shrapnel, fragmentation, high velocity trauma and not as a result of restricted blood flow from tourniquet placement.

3. Belts make great Tourniquets.

This is Utter Nonsense. Belts make terrible tourniquets; it is extremely difficult if not impossible to completely occlude arterial blood flow using a belt. Utilizing a belt and its buckle will never be tight enough and attempting to tighten the belt with a makeshift windlass is problematic due to it’s rigidity. The makeshift windlass would need to be substantial (i.e. leg of a chair) to have any chance of tightening the belt enough. Belts are readily available and certainly work better then nothing, the point here is to promote commercially made Tourniquets or more suitable makeshift tourniquets (cravat / stick) see our article here on improvised Tourniquets.

4. Makeshift Tourniquets are proper Medical equipment.

Using what you have on hand in extremis is not only acceptable its commendable. There are no shortages of great stories of people doing self-aid or acting as a first responder, I prefer First Care Provider, more on this in future posts).  Read more about Brian Ludmer, the schoolteacher shot in the calf in the LAX shooting.  Ludmer crawled to a shop, scrambled into a storage room and shut the door. He found a sweatshirt and tied it around his leg to slow the bleeding.  Key phrase there “Slow the bleeding”, that’s what makeshift tourniquets do, commercially made tourniquets STOP the bleeding. Hospitals, EMS agencies, Fire Departments, and anyone in the business of saving lives is negligent if they are not equipped with commercially made Tourniquets.

This is what the city of Boston had on standby and utilized in the aftermath of the bombing.  It’s surgical tubing, and a pair of hemostats to secure the tubing after wrapping it circumferentially around an extremity. It’s important to note that 100% of these were found to be ineffective tourniquets and had to be converted to a commercial tourniquet. That’s not to say they did not slow the bleeding and contribute to the high survival rate. Please do not think this is a criticism of those brave folks that responded and undoubtedly saved countless lives.  

Boston has since purchased commercial tourniquets and discontinued the tubing policy. When someone is bleeding significantly from an extremity it is hardly the time for arts and crafts. If you are in the business of saving lives then make it your business to have the gear you need to do so.

5. There is a best Tourniquet out there.

Commercial Tourniquets just like any other piece of gear all have advantages and disadvantages, strengths and weakness, pros and cons. They all have subtle nuances and general rules of thumb regarding their use. I’m often asked what tourniquet I recommend, and my answer is always the question “recommend for who, when, and where?” The Tourniquet that works well for a Marine on his body armor, may not be the best choice for someone doing undercover work. The tourniquet I carry on SWAT missions to treat a wounded Police Officer would be a poor choice in a school shooting with expected pediatric patients. The tourniquet I would use in a controlled emergency room setting would be difficult to use in a low light stressful environment.

Tourniquets come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and accomplish the job in a myriad of ways. As with any other job, task, or mission the sensible answer is to choose the right tool for the job. 

submitted by Ece Oztunc

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submitted by C J Martin

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This beautiful Korth Sky Marshall is a one of a kind revolver.

Extremely smooth double and single action trigger
Picatinny rail behind the cylinder for a laser attachment
Picatinny rail in front of the cylinder to add an adapter that allows for a suppressor to be mounted

Be on the look out for Korth Arms in the near future. Products awaiting ATF import approval and they’ll be here before we know it!

submitted by Jessy and Perry Rhodes

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When inspiration hits you be ready to capture, write, play and create.


Out to the range enjoying Krebs Customs AC-15 Mod2’s. Civilian legal 7.62x39(stock configuration), civilian legal 5.45x39 with Fortis Short Angle Grip and Aimpoint T2, and Leo/Military only Full Auto 5.45x39. Prototype Muzzle Accessories as well.

Submitted by Ed Jelley
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Word Notebooks have made documenting your life even easier with their line of Adventure Log notebooks. These handy books were designed so that you can easily write down and look back on all the exciting things that you’ve accomplished. What sets the Adventure Log apart from regular lined pocket notebooks is its unique page layout. Each page contains a box for the location, date, companions, and conditions of your adventure, along with several lines for extra notes. You don’t have to be a mountain climber or avid camper to make the most out of these small pocket-friendly books — the ruling is suited for micro journaling everyday life as well. Each pack includes three 3.5” x 5.5” books with heavy stock covers, available in stealthy black or high-vis yellow.



Spec Ops Kylo Ren.

Hasbro Black Series Kylo Ren helmet
@sigsauerinc MPX Pistol
Shellback Tactical Banshee Plate Carrier with AR500 Curved Plates
Haley Strategic Partners D3CR Chest Rig