Every Little Thing
  • Every Little Thing
  • The Beatles
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Every Little Thing - The Beatles

When I’m walking beside her 
People tell me I’m lucky 
Yes, I know I’m a lucky guy 
I remember the first time 
I was lonely without her, 
Can’t stop thinking about her now. 

Every little thing she does, 
she does for me, yeah 
And you know the things she does, 
she does for me, ooh. 

When I’m with her I’m happy 
just to know that she loves me 
yes, I know that she loves me now. 
There is one thing I’m sure of, 
I will love her forever, 
For I know love will never die. 

Every little thing she does, 
she does for me, yeah 
And you know the things she does, 
she does for me, ooh. 

Every little thing she does, 
she does for me, yeah 
And you know the things she does, 
she does for me, ooh. 

Every little thing, every little thing…

Every Little Thing
  • Every Little Thing
  • The Beatles
  • Beatles For Sale [2009 Stereo Remaster]

“When I’m walking beside her, people tell me I’m lucky.

Yes I know I’m a lucky guy.

I remember the first time I was lonely without her.

Can’t stop thinking about her now.

Every little thing she does, she does for me. Yeah.

And you know the things she does, she does for me. Oooh.”

Every Little Thing part 2

 Summary: The reader and Jensen are co-stars and are having an affair

Pairing: Jensen x Reader, Jensen x Daneel

Word Count: 1,700 ~ ish 

Warnings: Language, angst, cheating… some other things but I don’t want to spoil anything!

A/N: I was challenged to write a fanfic based on the song Every little thing by Louisa Wendorff, didn’t plan on making this into a series but when I finished the first one I my mind kept it going.  This is no disrespect towards Daneel and Jensen or their beautiful family!! This is just a story and does not in anyway reflect how I feel about Daneel, she is queen and I love her and Jensen together! Please constructive feedback as always!


It was the morning after the event, you tired to contain your excitement. You knew today would be hard for Jensen and it wasn’t like you expected him to do it first thing in the morning but you knew today was the day he was going to end his marriage and you’d be able to finally be with him.  After the dance the two of you shared the rest of the night was pretty boring.  You and Jensen stole some glances and went on stage to accept your award but all in all it was uneventful.

You tried to find some tasks to to occupy your mind when your phone began to ring. Your heart skipped a beat as you thought it could be him.  With a little disappointment you saw it was just Y/F/N.  Not only was Y/F/N your best friend but she was also your manager and the only person who knew about you and Jensen.  

“Hey girly, whats up” you answered

“Y/N we need to talk about some business opportunities and changes, are you home? I’m around the corner” she was short

“Yea that’s fine, everything ok?” you ask a bit concerned

“Oh yea just some good changes, I’m pretty excited for you.  Ill be there in five.” she hung up.

Shortly after hanging up Y/F/N arrived and let herself in “Y/N… Y/N where are you?”

“In the kitchen” you called back.  She walked into the kitchen to see you scrubbing the grout of the tiled floor, which she knew you only did when you needed a distraction. “Does this have to do with Jensen?” she waved her hand at you.  You sigh and began to fill her in about everything that happened last night and what Jensen told you.

“Y/N/N, I think you are getting way to invested in this and if I’m being completely honest I think your making a mess of your life.” You knew her words were coming from a good place but that didn’t make them hurt any less.

You got very defensive “I’m not messing up my life” you say with maybe a little bit more attitude than you intended.  

“When you were first asked to be on Supernatural, it was a great thing for your career and now you’ve been on the show for four years.  You’ve generated enough interest in you… I have scripts being sent to me for you to audition for the lead role in movies and you’ve turned them down because your too wrapped up in Jensen to leave.” She sighs and placed her hand on her temple. “You have put your life on hold for him and at first I could understand because you were hopeful he was going to choose you, but I’m here to give you the reality check you need; he isn’t going to leave her, Y/N/N you need to move on.”

“You don’t know that” you almost whisper

“Listen your contract with Supernatural is up for renewal after filming the finale and I don’t think you should you should resign.  I think you need to move on with your career and personal life, I’m saying this as your friend and manager.”

You knew Y/F/N was right, but this time was different, Jensen was going to leave Daneel and after laying low for a bit you two could be together with no reservations.  You need to be with Jensen you are ready to start your life with him.  

“Look, I know the producer of a new Ryan Reynolds movie, they are looking for their leading lady and they are interested in you.” She steps forward and wraps you in a hug “Just think about it and let me know.  I love you girl, you know you’re like my sister and I want only the best for you.” You hug for a few moments and whisper “Thanks”

She turns and walks towards the front door “Give me a call later, Ill see you soon.” At the door you hear her say bye. 

Y/F/N gave you a lot to think about on one hand you wanted to advance your career, become more successful, but on the other you loved Jensen.  You loved him more than you loved anyone in your life and just felt whole when he was around.  It was all too much to think about… you didn’t know if it was the bleach you were using to clean or this whole situation but you felt sick to your stomach.  You had to practically run to the bathroom before your breakfast ended up all over your clean floor.

The rest of your day dragged on with no word from Jensen.  You were just about to turn in for the night when your phone buzzed

Your heart was in your throat, was this it?  Did he leave Daneel, was he finally going to be with you?

Those ten minutes flew by and next thing you knew Jensen was knocking on your door.  As soon as you opened the door Jensen grabbed your waist pulling you into him pressing his lips against your own. You pull away smiling “So I take it you finally told her and your getting a divorced?”

Jensen’s face fell and your heart dropped “You didn’t tell her did you Jensen?” you pulled away looking into those jade eyes.

“I was going to Y/N; I really was… As soon as we got home I told her we needed to talk and she even agreed with me, I thought she was on the same page as me and wanted to talk about how distant we were and agree we should divorce.” He says as he rubs his face “why don’t we go sit down and talk.”

“No Jensen, tell me what you have to say here.” You plant your feet pissed off at the situation.

He looks at you longing to just touch you.  He reaches out to you and you can see the tears fill in his eyes. Your concern turned to fear he was really starting to worry you. “What happened Jensen.” It was more of a statement than a question.

“We began to talk and I was about to tell her and she…” he paused tears threatening to spill over.  

“You are starting to worry me” you pull him closer

“She is pregnant Y/N… she is pregnant and wants to make our marriage work and go to a marriage counselor.” You pull away as if his skin burned you.

“What are you saying, so you love her now?” beginning to get angry “Did you ever want to leave her or were you just stringing me along and going home to your wife.  Did you want to have your cake and eat it too?” you were full on pissed and you spite your words out like venom.

“Don’t say that, of course I love you and want to be with you.” He pleads “But what can I do? She is having my child, it’s not just about what I want now, I have to worry about my child now” He was full on crying “I was selfish before thinking my actions didn’t have consequences… I have to be a good father which means I have to stay with Daneel. I hope you understand.”

Your whole world was crashing, you couldn’t breath and you felt light headed “You need to leave, goodbye Jensen.” As he stands in the doorway you shake your head closing the door and turning away, turning your back on your whole world, but only because it turned it’s back on you.  You couldn’t stand anymore as fall to your knees, sobs wrenching your body, laying in the fetal position you sobbed until it went black.

You must have cried yourself to sleep right there in front of the door, when you first woke up there was a moment where you didn’t remember everything that happened and was still happy.  But as all things do your memories came rushing back and you felt your stomach heave as you rushed to the bathroom throwing up anything that was in your stomach.  After cleaning yourself up you pulled out your phone to reveal six missed calls from Jensen, shaking your head you dial Y/F/N’s number.  

“Hey Y/N/N whats up” she answered sounding like she just woke up

“I’m ready to move on from Supernatural and Jensen.” You say trying to keep it together

“What happened?” She was completely awake now and you spilled the whole story holding it together for the most part until the end when you completely lost it.

~Six months later~

You woke up in your new bed, that was in your new house back in your home town San Antonio.  You think back to that day in Vancouver, the image of Jensen’s face as you closed the door burned in your memory.  After you told Y/F/N everything she got in contact with the writer and producers and they planned on a way for your character leave the show in the finale. They decided that your character should be killed off and filming those scenes with Jensen was hard and of course he kept trying to talk to you between take but you completely ignored him.  After filming you decided you couldn’t take the limelight anymore and that you needed some time away from acting and moved back to Texas.  You fell off the face of the earth, at least when it came to paparazzi.

You peeled yourself out of bed and made you way to the window looking out to your backyard… placing your hand on your belly you say “At least I have you baby girl, I’m going to give you the best life ever.”

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