Journal, Midori Passport (wallet), Nock Sinclair fountain pen case (with pens), sunglasses, and something to read. Five things I never leave home without. Day 3 of the April Journal challenge by @journaling-junkie

Pen: Pilot Vanishing Point, Extra Fine
Ink: De'Atramentis Pine Green


Close-up of Shellback Tactical Banshee Plate Carrier with AR500 Curved Plates with Haley Strategic D3CR.

The D3 loadout: Glock 19 Gen 4 with custom holster mounted in GP pouch, Magpul Pmags, Glock 17 Mags with Taran Tactical Innovations +6 base pads, Winkler Knives II Combat Knife mounted to cumber bun, and Tactical Response VOK located in GP & Bungee Pouches.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask away!

Take care


A little dual wielding holster and action of my Sig P320 subcompact and Glock 26 gen 4. Wanted to come up with something unique, that functions well, and is just badass. I think it turned out well! Email f.bryan59@yahoo.com for your custom holster needs.

EDC: winter is coming
-Field Notes
-Moleskin Journal
-Kaywoodie Bulldog Pipe
-Kaywoodie Pipe
-Neff knit cap
-Zippo lighter
-Kirkkland Retro Pen
-Ironsides Pipe Tobacco
-Mechanix Impact Work Gloves
-Verona Scarf
- CRKT Endorser Pocket Knife
-Citizens Wristwatch
-Iwan’s Pipe Store Matches
-Apple Headphones
-Belt and Belt Buckle
-Altoids Mints
-Field Jacket with Authentic Patches
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A good attempt, the photo didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted, or envisioned. This darn dorm room carpet is awful to work with. Also the size of the dorm minimizes my ability to capture good angles without showing all my other junk in the room. But no the less a decent portrayal of what I was aiming for. I’ll post another picture in the near future that’s more cleaned up. But I just wanted to get my idea hammered out first. Stay warm my friends.
Defensive Gun Use and the Need for Unarmed Skill

Way the fuck back in October (I really thought it was more recent than that), I wrote a thing on martial arts not being enough and the need for guns when it comes to proper self-defense. It got a decent amount of interest, but I feel like it was missing something. And now I am going to properly put that something into words: while no self-defense system/plan/whatever is complete without a proper handgun, guns are not the problem-solvers to solve all of your self defense problems. Just having a gun and being a decent shot with it isn’t enough. 

The vast majority of defensive gun use encounters happen at extremely close range. This means that in some cases by the time it becomes obviously necessary to draw your weapon you may already be involved in a physical altercation. You don’t automatically start with a weapon in your hands, you need to reach it. There may be someone actively trying to stop you from reaching it. This is where you need unarmed skills. Your gun is useless if you can’t get to it. This means that marksmanship is not enough. If you take self-defense seriously, you should at least acquire a decent base in an effective unarmed system. 

Now for my second point: all of the skills in the world are useless if you lack the physical fitness to use them. I’ve seen plenty of people at the range, some of which are even instructors, that have nice tight groups and couldn’t run a mile in under ten minutes without needing medical attention. Violence is inherently physically stressful, and if you aren’t physically equipped to handle the stress your skills will fail you. I’ve heard horror stories of obese instructors with years of experience struggling to hit a target and do basic reloads after sprinting 100ft. Don’t be like that. All the skills in the world are useless if you can’t execute when you are tired. So go to the fucking gym. Get your strength training and conditioning in. There is a reason that everyone in the military has to meet minimum standards for PT. Those standards aren’t hard to meet with a bit of effort, and they could save your life. And that’s the fucking floor. I would go so far as to say that you should probably be spending more time at the gym than at the range.

Finally, not all violent altercations call for lethal force. “Just shoot him” is not always an appropriate response. You need to have a middle ground between “walk away” and “lead salad.” Barring some serious extenuating circumstances, another person of equal size taking a swing at you outside a bar is not grounds to use lethal force. To do that there needs to be imminent risk of death or grievous bodily harm. That means you need an option that doesn’t involve your gun. And this is where unarmed training comes into play. 

Conclusion for the people that didn’t feel like reading the rest of this and everyone else: do Judo once a week (it’s really cheap and you will learn everything you could ever want to know about grip breaks, wrist control, and getting people the fuck off you), and go to the gym at least 2-3 times a week. If you have the time and the money and care enough to buy a gun, go to the range, and get your CCW, you have the time and money to unfuck the other 85% of keeping yourself safe. Guns are not magic self defense wands. They are tools. Scratch that, they are a tool. That goes in your toolbox along with a bunch of other tools. Just doing gun shit is the self defense equivalent of trying to remodel your kitchen using only a hammer. And we all know how that would work out.