Every Rose Has It's Thorn || Chuck and Blair

Blair gathered her things, a small collection of clothes that she sent Dorota to get from her and Chuck’s penthouse and neatly folded them into her Louis Vuitton duffle. She didn’t want to go home, she didn’t even know why she was. Of course she missed Chuck, but she didn’t want to fight with him, which had been happening way too often lately. She hated how after all this time he still managed to shut her out and act cold towards her whenever he was upset or angry. He had let her in before, and though she understood it was something he struggled with, she should be an exception to that. On top of that, he managed to make her feel awful whenever he was mad just by the things he said. She knew he didn’t mean any of it, but it still hurt. The worst part was that if it was anyone else she would never let it go, but she was just a weak little girl around him and let everything slide. She handed her bag to Dorota and led out of the penthouse, saying a quick goodbye to Serena and Nate, who’s constant affection didn’t help much the past four days. Blair slid in the town car after Dorota, ignoring the woman rambling on about Poland proverbs.

When the car pulled up she got out, making her way upstairs with Dorota in trail, just incase she needed a witness. Blair reached the door, taking out the key and hesitantly opened it, walking inside slowly to find the foyer empty. She gave a nod to Dorota, letting her know it was okay and waited for her to place the duffel on the table, shutting the door once Dorota left. She walked through the living room, jingling her keys to signal her arrival before realizing the door to his office was shut and let out a small sigh of relief. She set her keys down, going into the kitchen and saw Chuck at the table, freezing. “Oh,” Blair mumbled, relaxing after a moment. “Hey,” she said quietly, offering him a smile before opening the fridge, unsure of what she was even looking for.