Kurt was referred to as, “An angel that came to earth in human form, as someone who was too good for his life and that was why he was only here for such a short time.” Bull-fucking-shit! Kurt was as pissy and moody and belligerent and naughty and funny and dull as the rest of us, it just so happened he was a little too sensitive for the situation he found himself in, too.
—  Everett True, one of the singer’s close friends and the author of the book Nirvana: The biography

Everything’s PR: Conspiracies, Relationships, & Staged Events 

I need ya’ll to understand..like really absorb that this woman and her team arranged every aspect of her image and that everything said about her whether its positive or negative is actually in her benefit. Doesn’t matter who it involved, who was hurt, or how extreme the tabloids seemed. This is what most celebrities do. Even if there are small children involved. It doesn’t matter - it’s a booming industry. 

Like really look at these for a minute.

🔴 The Melody Maker print was made the MONTH Kurt died and was ALREADY spinning (what Tom Grant would later add to) the whole ‘mystery’ companion myth in relation to Kurt .. an entire YEAR before Grant went public with his conspiracy. It’s PR. That’s also more proof that Everett True is a literal shit stain. That’s his publication. 

🔴 People Magazine was (and is) Courtney’s go-to publication during the 90s. It was the biggest celebrity magazine during that decade in the US and every single one of her fake scandals after 94 has been printed in it. Even to this day many of her stories still have to pass through People at some point to attempt to go viral (they don’t now, but that’s the aim bc it worked before). Notice how the Ian Halperin and Max Wallace had an EXCLUSIVE with People to showcase their book and that was the theme of the magazine that week. Exclusives mean that the publication pays to have access to that. Courtney’s magazine. And remember again that Ian Halperin is a tabloid rag journalist. Google him. You get what I’m saying here. 

🔴 The other magazine clips here reflect what we said before about tabloids representing all aspects of her image (x) even if they’re perceivably negative. And it also shows..what we’ve said..again about fake feuds and fake pr love triangles (see our marketing and image tags) and Frances’s image being planned (that she’s since agreed to) from the jump. Dave Grohl, Billy Corgan, Trent Reznor, Marilyn Manson, Tom Grant and whoever’s had her name in their mouth. Everything’s fake. These people are frauds. But in the mind of a teenager or young adult in the 90s, they’re not going to get this. And even now. But if you look at all of the context on our blog and just look at all of this shit stacked next to each other, it’s easy to see. 

Kurt Cobain, journalist Everett True, Krist Novoselic, Sub Pop’s Bruce Pavitt, San Francisco c. 1989-90

“This is before their show that night. We were just leaving the apartment that we were staying at, Bruce and I. This is just a snapshot; I had a point and shoot camera. I didn’t take very many of these kind of pictures for whatever reason, and I should have taken more. I just dug this one up recently. I love the $1.09 gas. It really puts [the photo] in time.” - Photographer Charles Peterson

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Do you think there was any way for artists to avoid exploitation? Or is that just the heavy price to pay for success? I've been wondering how things could have turned out differently for Kurt but if Courtney didn't abuse him the industry would take that place? It is just so sad that he achieved what he most wanted but was crushed partially by how fucking shitty the industry is.

L summarized it best when I showed her this - “You have to be savvy and paranoid unfortunately :(”

And its better explained here (x). Also thank you so much for reading the blog and absorbing what we’ve been talking about with marketing and how fucked up the industry is and abusers, etc. That’s all we’re trying to tell people. What happened to Kurt (though his was an extreme case) happens to people all the time. People didn’t TELL Kurt what he was signing up for and they banked on keeping him ignorant. 

If he fucking knew that the journalists were being paid to basically get a rise out of him and he could’ve controlled that at any point, he’d probably be rightfully pissed. No one told him that the media can be bought and influenced and he had the power to do that. If he wanted to have Everett True fall in love with him (hint hint @ Courtney) and become some obsessive fanboy in Melody Maker for £400 per article he could’ve. And then write in his Nirvana Biography that he was pixie meat personified and was gloriously messy and tortured and that every syllable he uttered sounded like a chorus of angels. Hint. Hint. 

The link says it all.

On 12 September, 1995, Hilton Lewis Crawford from Conroe, Texas, called Carl and Paulette Everett, two friends of his, to check that they were attending an Amway meeting that evening. Yes, they were, they confirmed. When the Everett’s arrived at the meeting later on, Crawford was nowhere to be seen. Instead, knowing that their house was vacant, he drove over and knocked on the door.

Their son, 12-year-old Samuel McKay Everett, opened the door. The young boy was pleased to see the man he referred to as “Uncle Hilty.” However, the man the young boy trusted produced a foreign object and smacked Samuel over the head before throwing him in the trunk of his car. Carl and Paulette soon receive a phone call demanding $500,000 for the safe return of their beloved son.

Crawford drove the young boy to Louisiana before shooting him twice in the head with a .45-caliber pistol and dumping him in a swamp. Luckily, a neighbour had seen Crawford pull up to the Everett home the night of the abduction. Blood stains were discovered in th trunk of the car and on the body of the car. An investigation revealed that Crawford had devised the kidnapping scheme in an attempt to cover his massive gambling debts.

He was executed in February 2003. Ironically, he mentioned how his sons were his “greatest gifts from god” - something he hadn’t acknowledged when killing the son of his friend.

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What would you say the best Cobain biography is?

there isn’t one.

parts of “heavier than heaven “ are good

parts of “NIRVANA, the biography” are good  everett true’s book

parts of “come as you are” are excellent.  this was the “no warts “ version.

kurt’s tapes here became “about a son”, the documentary.

I haven’t read “kurt cobain, alternative rock innovator” by  Chros McDougall 

the absolute WORST BOOK is “kurt cobain” by christopher sandford.

what a hatchet job.  horrible book.