The Meeting of Kurt & Courtney

Courtney Love: I met Kurt in Portland in 1989. Nirvana played with a band called the Dharma Bums – they were very big in Portland. I met Kurt there and everyone knows that story, and it’s pretty true as is told. I just read a first draft of the biopic film and it’s deadly accurate. He was with Tracy, and then Kurt & I got into a wrestling thing. But in the first draft of the script it says Living Color was on the jukebox. No, for fuck’s sake, it was a song called “Dear Friend” by Flying Color from San Francisco.

We started wrestling because I told him he had a far girlfriend. I was just being a dick. But then he gave me a sticker – a little sticker with Chim Chim on it that had Nirvana in his hand.

Everett True: Did I tell you the story of me introducing Kurt to Courtney? No, there’s not that much debate about it. The only debate that exists is the fact that Courtney made up a story that she met Kurt a couple of years earlier in Portland and Kurt backed it up – with my full approval, because we didn’t want her to be seen as a gold digger. I went along with it because I thought it was funny.

Eric Erlandson: Courtney and I saw Nirvana together in L.A. a couple times. They were playing some weird club in a strip mall. L7 were raving about them, and we were like, “Uhhh.” We left early, I think. We were both into the Mudhoney thing still at the point, not Nirvana. It wasn’t until the next year, in the spring of ‘91, when Courtney actually met Kurt, when Everett True was here. Courtney and I were dating then; we were still living together. 

Everybody Loves Our Town by Mark Yarm, Pages. 294-295

Another one page thing, which I’m going to call finished because I don’t want to overdo it with the greytoning like I sometimes do.

A while ago on Twitter I said that I might start picturing my Inner Bully as Everett True, because then all that ridiculous negative self-talk might make me laugh as opposed to deterring me from drawing.

(If you’re not familiar with Everett True, click here)

Happy New Year, all!