HEYHEY, It’s my album, Everfree! Lots of hardrock tunes on there, lots of fun angry stuff. If you like progressive rock, industrial rock, or metal, then there’s likely something in there for you~ 

Also, since we’re talking about Everfree, I’m going to be performing at Everfree NW in about a month! Joining me will be automat1cjack​ on drums, nadaatall​ (F3nning) on Keys and guitar, skyecandi​ on bass, and Nick DeSimone, the person who played guitar on the song Everchanging, filling in that role live.

Gonna do a more official announcement soon, but for now i can tell you i’m extremely psyched~

“We are here. We are here.
Set this down too, as much
as if an atrocity had happened and been seen.
The earth is beautiful beyond all change.” 

this is giving me leli/warden feels??? some time after the warden returns, leliana takes them to the ruins of the Temple of Sacred Ashes and lets herself mourn justinia, cry for her in a way she hasn’t really let herself since the conclave when she’d severed herself from all emotion because that was a luxury and risk she could not afford, not given the monumental nature of the task ahead of her. the loss really hits her now and she lets it wash over her, her tears of mourning mixed with overwhelming relief that at least the warden is here and alive. she thinks back to ten years ago when she’d told the warden how she took particular delight in the untouchable permanence of stars and now realizes she finds comfort instead in the earth beneath her feet: marred and everchanging, but enduring, always enduring. and she thinks of herself and the warden and all they’ve endured: blights and taint and ancient horrors, but she still has them, she thinks wrapping her arms tighter around them, still has this, she’s going to be okay