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That Same Love {Bucky Barnes}

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Based on: Bucky comforts you after you feel horrible in a dress you’re wearing for a family event.

Note: MomentOfWeaknessProject piece and also based on my own personal struggle with my self image last week.

Warnings: Reader has self confidence issues

Author: @alloftheimaginesblog

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slightlyradchild  asked:

Can one rent a milo truck for their wedding? If not, they need to start letting people do that. ITS THEIR DAMN WEDDING DAY LET THEIR DREAMS COME TRUE

well I checked it and nope :( 

“Only requests with an expected turnout of at least 1000 people will be considered. This is to minimize any wastage due to the minimum capacity of the MILO van. All MILO vans are deployed on sponsorship basis; we do not charge for sending the van nor allow renting for private functions or events. Please note that sales of any Nestlé sponsored products and MILO van drinks are strictly prohibited.”  from NESTLE website


There is now an official webpage for the upcoming 「ダンガンロンパ3 -The End of 希望ヶ峰学園-」x「崩壊学園」event.

(P.S.: Take note that albeit 崩壊学園 is read as Hokai Gakuen, which directly translates to Collapse Academy, the English localization of 崩壊学園 is Guns Girl Z.)

From there, you can view the promotional video for the event, which is this one:

Plus the download links for the Apple app store and Google play:

Download from Apple App Store 

Download from Google Play

However take note that these are the latest version of the Japanese version, which is v3.2.

It is yet unsure whether the event will also be available for the other versions.

Plus, I don’t know about you guys, but the JP ver. is not compatible with any of my devices, so I won’t be able to play it.

I have, however, only downloaded the Asia version, which is currently v2.8

Here are the download links for the other versions:

Asia version 2.8 - GOOGLE PLAY

US version 2.8 - GOOGLE PLAY

CN version 3.3 - ANDROID IOS

From the video, we have the following characters making their appearances:

  • Chiaki Nanami (cv: Kana Hanazawa)
  • Kyoko Kirigiri (cv: Yoko Hikasa)
  • Tanaka the Forbidden (cv: Tomokazu Sugita)
  • Makoto Naegi (cv: Megumi Ogata)
  • Ibuki Mioda (cv: Ami Koshimizu)
  • Mikan Tsumiki (cv: Ai Kayano)
  • Miaya Gekkogahara
  • Nagito Komaeda (cv: Megumi Ogata)

If you also click on the upper right link on the webpage, it will bring you to the official website of the app’s developer, miHoYo Inc.

On their website, they have just announced last Aug. 15, 2016 of this big collaboration with DR3

“The collaboration of Spike Chunsoft‘s popular title “Danganronpa 3 -The End of Kibougamine Gakuen” and “Hokai Gakuen” has been decided!
Hokai Gakuen’s biggest and most despair-inducing affair begins…!

Along with it, we have published a special page and PV.

[Special page here]

With regard to the collaboration details and schedule, it will be released soon, so stay tuned!

Danganronpa 3 -The End of Kibougamine Gakuen official site

Vote for RealTimeFandub’s Steven Universe Episodes!

Every weekday from August 8th to August 19th, RealTimeFandub will be streaming an unrehearsed dub of a Steven Universe episode at 3 PM EST on the RTF Picarto channel, with one more twist:

You, the viewer (yes, you!) get to vote on which episodes will be dubbed!

From the choices in this Google form (Google account required to vote), select which one (1) episode you’d most like to see dubbed by RTF.

The top ten choices at the end of the weekend will be dubbed!

View a neat trailer for this event here (made by @knittinggiantbeanies)

(Note: some episodes have been omitted from the ballot for various reasons.)

So, get voting, and get ready for the Fandub Bomb!


(logo by @gumballfallsfan and @knittinggiantbeanies)


Requested: Whitewash can occur through lighting and editing. These two pictures were taking at the same event but different photographers.

Note: All whitewash photos are from fansites. All untouched photos (minus haechan - ©beecha0606) are from Korean photographer sites.
Credits for whitewashed photos:
painkiller of Taeyong | Make You Feel My Love | All Hail King Mark | Winter White | Slow Step | My Yuta | WinniWin |

Attempting to gage interest

Who would be interested in a Skulls Week for the Mystery Skulls Animated fandom?

I’ve got ideas for prompts I’m just not sure people would be too terribly interested. I’ve never really seen too many MSA Week events around (if I’m wrong whoops) and the fandom really needs a bit of a boost lately. Also I’ve never hosted/initiated anything like an event week before.

The goal is to make the week accessible for the canon gang AND/OR OCs if some people prefer! Because OCs are great. There’s even a day specifically focused on the gang interacting with an oc- yours or someone else’s doesn’t matter, as long as you credit appropriately! Feel free to have fun and let loose with your original characters.

So far I’m aiming so that Skulls Week would start next week and run from August 14th-20th (2016) to not overload any artists in the Gravity Falls fandom participating in The Power Of Mabel week, which starts tomorrow.

I’m willing and open to suggestions and tips about this including any potential prompts for specific days. I’ve already chose what I plan on using but it’s still very open to change. Please boost so I can see how many people might be interested!

anonymous asked:

a lot of q & a's! 4 so far correct?

Tom’s Interview Schedule (so far) with Available Links

Thursday, 8/11 at 3:30 pm (PST):

LA Times


Thursday, 8/11 at 5:00 pm (PST):



Friday, 8/12 7:30 pm (PST)

SAG-AFTRA (TNM Screening and Conversation with Tom)

Here’s the event page (no streaming link):


*Note:  I don’t know if this will be streamed or posted online afterwards… However, this is the same night that he will be doing a live streamed interview with Deadline (see below)

Friday, 8/12 at 8:00 pm (PST):



*Note:  This will be taking place after the SAG-AFTRA Conversation

Crisis: Increasingly kinky furry running out of groups to feel superior to

After years of accumulating fetishes, learning to appreciate various fringe fandoms, and participating in a litany furry events, furry Yelloweyes51 noted thursday that he has almost no groups left to judge in order to bolster his self-esteem.

“Without at least one group of people that I can convince myself I’m above, my ego is a house of cards with no bottom,” Yelloweyes51 told us, “when I first joined this fandom, I was able to comfortably pass judgement on all furries who were even remotely sexual. My god,” Yelloweyes51 said entering a nostalgic reverie, “seems impossible to imagine now.”

“Then it was only the very explicit furry artists until I got into that, then the furries who were into BDSM until I got into that too. Inflation fetishists, then foot lovers, then watersports, vore, hypno, one by one the pillars of my depravity were erected until my mind was a temple of imaginative filth. That, by the way, is a line from a fanfic I’m working on which focuses both on statue fetishism and slavery.”

“I used to hate the nauseating guilt that would wash over me after masturbating to some depraved fantasy, like breast expansion, extreme penetration, or obese Sonic taurs who weren’t aware that they were siblings. I could never have imagined how much I’d relied on that guilt to feel like I was, at my core, still a decent human being.”

“At this point,” Yelloweyes51 said finally, “the only thing I have left is that I’m not into snuff or scat. They’re the real sickos. Them.” When asked if he felt superior to Bronies, Yelloweyes51 sank into his chair and shook his head once, then stared straight ahead in silence until we left.

ok for the record

  1. atobe leaves the stadium after his doubles match with irie against tezuka and QP
  2. He strips down to his shorts and thinks about tezuka his life while bathing in the sea
  3. english team finds him. He is childhood friends with leone from the english team. They let atobe borrow their jersey/jacket. because he is naked like a wet chick.,
  4. They walk back and pass on a bridge above the water.
  5. They meet a rude australian tennis athlete with a dog.
  6. This dude is really mean and he throws leone over the bridge
  7. Atobe tries to hit aussie with tennis ball but he too is kicked over the bridge.
  8. so both he and leone are now wet and swimming in the ocean and still wearing the english team’s jersey
  9. at night atobe goes back to their accommodation and now he’s wearing japan team’s jersey

just to clear things up


On August 8th, the game will be going into maintenance from 13:00 ~ 17:00 (JST) to update the game and prepare for a new event! Please take note!

The new update is also expected to include the new Scout Catalogue system!

The Scout Catalogue system will be accessed through the Audition tab. This is a feature that allows you to use Scout Points (SP) to scout for cards! You can obtain SP by:

  • Doing a Rare Audition
  • Selling SSRs (at the moment, we’re unsure if it also includes practicing but we’ll get that information eventually!)

You will be able to use SP in the Scout Catalogue feature to scout for certain cards. The initial line-up features the following IDOLiSH7 cards:

  • An Ordinary Day
  • Outdoor Fes
  • Indoor Fes

(At the moment, other IDOLiSH7 cards and TRIGGER/Re:vale are not confirmed to be in the Scout Catalogue.)

We’ll get more information when the Scout Catalogue is implemented in-game!


160816 SongJiHyo birthday support from DC SJH & WITHJIHYO (cr.@churrokingtruck)
chi trans cr. Audrey @ Song Ji Hyo Baidu Bar
eng trans cr.@gapiplus

//1st photo
Churroking today’s destination is SBS Running Man
Happy Song Day! #MongJi treats
I’m here because the support for#SongJiHyo nim
which is held by #DCSJH #WITHJIHYO
Long time no see
Heart bouncing^^
Will be start at around 7pm (KST)
Send delicious food to RM family who run diligently in hot summer
Thank you 

//2nd photo
Before the shooting start
Song Ji Hyo nim who visits w/ bright smile
Angel, angel, such an angel
Sincerely wish you a happy birthday
will always support you
thank you

//3rd photo (event note from churro king staff cr. @wooahan_gamsung)
Churroking Today’s support is for Running Man Song Ji Hyo actress nim.
The support is prepared by WITHJIHYO & DCSJH. This is Song Ji Hyo actress nim who takes time to find her fans in the middle of the shooting, the way when she is signing for her fans.

I still remember the way that she concerned about her fans who arrived at the shooting scene during windy winter, “What am I that you guys have suffered hard time for me” And again today…

She shows the appearance of Angel JiHyo, just like that

Two times, three times, she keeps saying “Thank you, please be careful on your way home” and the way she keeps greeting w/ fans and takes care of fans sincerely, just by looking that on the side makes me feel happy and my mood become very good without noticing. Will always support you~ Please run diligently today too~

Oroku Saki [Theory Time!]

This is for a friend of mine - for our current conversation: If Shredder had accepted Tang-Shen’s refusal, could all the events have been avoided?

Note: I hate Shredder, I do. But I am going to shove my feelings for him aside and try and understand him… ugh.

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Mini-Event |  Joyeux Anniversaire

Draco Malfoy’s little princess is turning 18. So naturally, he’s invited the whole wizarding community to celebrate - ….just not at the Manor.

Because we all know what happened last time.

Location: Malfoy Tower - Wizarding Paris, France 
Date: Thursday, August 18th
Attire: Black-tie formal

  • The official tag for this is garp: paris

This will begin this Thursday, August 18th. Because this is a mini-event and not a plot moving group event, we’ll probably try and wrap it up sometime next week - not meaning you have to end your threads by then, just that we won’t start any new party threads so we can move along with the plot :)

Below are the tasks for this event. Remember, both tasks and the event itself are completely optional.

TASK 01 | Creative 

  • Create a graphic/aesthetic based on the mini-event. This can be your character’s outfit, based on the location, etc. Anything like that. x

TASK 02 | Starter Generator

  • We’ll be posting a generator on Thursday that will pick a theme for you to thread about as well as a character from our roleplay to thread about it with. We have a list of all the characters ready, so if you do not want to be included on the list for a spontaneous starter, just let us know :)

* You don’t have to use the generator for starters during the event. General open and character specific are totally fine! That’s just to mix things up if you’d like some new/random character interactions.

where will I end up, tonight?
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Loki makes the extremely sensible reason that the best way to deal with his fear of Thanos possibly being able to take over his mind, again, is to stop sleeping. This is a rational and considered decision that will not have any consequences at all.


(Follows the events of “Shrapnel.”)


In lieu of apologizing for not working on other projects and instead writing the things I’ve been writing instead, I am going to not do that and just say HEY LOOK, IT’S ANOTHER FIC, IT’S HURT/COMFORT, ENJOY. You all know who I am at this point. Or if you don’t: it’s this, honestly. Look in my unconscious brain and this is basically what it looks like.

(Everything else is still in the works, don’t you worry. For now, just enjoy this short fic about Loki suffering.)


vansrp’s event #2 when: august 23-24 • where: dallas, texas • always optional
note: events are in the background !! para, plot, post about them as you desire

because our tour has gained so much public attention and media momentum, we have all been given a special gift: the ability to give back even more than the average person. there are people who like, look up to, and/or inspire to be where you are; if you put something positive into the world, odds are, someone will follow in your example. and it’s time to cash in on your gift and give to those who need it! we have planned an event that will contribute to the charities that the tour supports all at once, through a little experiment we’d like to call the warped tour olympics. it’ll be an olympic-esque tournament devoted to athletic contests, complete with teams and a professional stadium. and with the actual olympics coming to a close in a matter of days, it only feels appropriate! for two days, you will be donating all your energy into our fundraiser. you’ll be selling food, drinks, and merchandise to the attendees and sweating your asses off in the sporting events. like any other dare, audiences all over the world will be able to donate or support you/your team. all proceeds will be evenly split up and given to the causes. the only difference is that we’ll be streaming live !! so find out what team you’re on, pick up your jersey, and meet at the at&t stadium in dallas, texas (home of the cowboys) to play for 80,000 attendees !

  • click here to see the teams! and continue on only for a lot of optional, extra details.

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