Even if that just means standing with them in the middle of a crowded mall

Everyone Loves a Wedding

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Trope-Tastic: Tadashi + 2. Fake dating/married turns into real dating. 

“We’re best friends, right?” Tadashi asked you, swiveling around in his desk chair to face you.

“Of course we are!” You said, looking up from one of his old comic books.

“So that means we do huge favors for one another if they need them, right?” He asked, giving you one of his sweetest smiles.

You put down the book and got off his bed. “What are you up to, Hamada?”

“Nothing bad!” He reassured.

“Uh huh, sure. Out with it, then. What’s going on?” You pressed, both curious and a little scared.

“Well…my second cousin Hana is getting married, and Cass, Hiro and I were invited.” Tadashi explained.

“Okay…?” You said, still unsure of what that had to do with you.

“I was, um, I was hoping you’d come with me as my plus one and…pretend to be my girlfriend.” He asked, sheepishly.

“What? Why?”

“Last year at the family reunion, Great Aunt Martha and Cousin Agatha were trying to set me up their friends’ and neighbors’ granddaughters and stuff. I want to avoid that as best I can. Plus, I want you to meet my family.” He explained with an apologetic smile.

“Isn’t this a little extreme? Can’t you just say you don’t want to be set up with anyone?” You asked.

“You haven’t met Great Aunt Martha. It’s impossible. It’ll be really fun, I promise. Food, dancing, a weekend away, you love all that. Please?” He pleaded, grabbing your hands and giving you his best puppy stare.

Keeping your best poker face, you considered the offer for a moment. He made a great point about you loving weddings, but…would you be able to stand it? Keeping your feelings for Tadashi hidden had become hard enough since the day you realized you loved him. You weren’t entirely confident you could make it the weekend without getting caught up in the whole thing and ending up hurt.

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Something Better

Note: Hello! :) This is just a little something I decided to write as a thanks to my 700+ followers and most especially for a friend of mine that’s been feeing down lately. @rei-scarlet this is for you! Thank you so much for befriending me and being one of the kindest people on this site and in the sns fandom. Hopefully this will cheer you up, even a little. I tried to lay off of the angst, I promise! 

Additional notes: This is a reincarnation AU one-shot. This was inspired by the song ‘Something Better’ by Audien feat. Lady Antebellum.  Hope you enjoy! :D 

Link to song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sDbRhC7rm8

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Pairing: Dean Ambrose x Reader

GIF Credit: ^^

Warnings: Swearing

Rating: PG-13

A/N: Request from an anon: “Okay so reader is new in the main roster & on her first day she trip on Dean who just snap at her with his cocky attitude. After that Shield always appear on her matches and they got closer and closer to the ring in every match she have until they eventually get to ring side. She’s tired of their bullshit so while they are in a match she interrupt and sit on commentary, they ask her about what’s going on with Shield and she reply that Dean is crazy for her and doesn’t know how to express it (½) (2/2) Dean hear what she says and on her next match the Shield finally get to the ring and he just possessively kiss her and tell her that she was right????????” This starts about two months before Extreme Rules when they won all their titles, which was when they were feuding with Randy Orton and Team Hell No (because I like thinking about protective Randy also I was watching this match when I started writing this. Also The Shield were heels at the time.) I feel like this is really crappy! I’m so sorry if it is!!!

It felt like everything was happening too fast. One moment you were in New Japan, you won the Women’s title, next you’re in NXT, then you get the call. You made it, you were going to the main roster. Walking through the arena was like swimming through a vast sea of the unknown. You knew some superstars, but more in passing than anything else. It felt really lonely up here. You were walking around, this arena was massive in comparison to any of the ones you had ever been in. Constantly you were seeing new things, amazed by all the technology that was needed to keep this all going. Not looking where you where going, you slammed into someone. Immediately your hands shot out to steady them, a blush running up your cheeks. Just my luck to run into someone on my first damn day! “Oh my god I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry about that I wasn’t looking I-” the person you had run into looked at you and you lost your train of thought. His blue eyes pierced right through you. The light strawberry blonde stubble on his chin and his hair shown in the faint light. Even through his t-shirt you could see the lines of his toned stomach and his arms strained against the sleeves.His lips split in a smile, little dimples appearing in his cheeks.

“I can tell you weren’t looking baby girl,” the way his voice twisted around the word ‘baby girl’ made you feel weak, “but you should start. Don’t know what you could run into. Trust me, I’m pretty damn nice.” He looked down at your hands, still holding his sides, and looked back up at you, a mischievous glint in his eyes. “Don’t wanna let go, huh?” You wanted to go crawl into a hole and die, what the hell is wrong with me!? Pulling away your hands, you ran them through your hair and broke eye contact with him, instead looking down at the ground. “So you’re the new girl?” You nodded, glancing quickly up at him. He was still smiling. “Dean Ambrose,” he held out his hand. You were too shocked by the whole situation to say that you knew who he was, and that you had had a crush on him since he was still called Jon Moxley. It took you a second to realize what he was doing and you quickly took his hand and shook it.

“Y/n,” you said, your voice a little shaky. He pulled his hand away and gave your arm a little pat and walked away. Your hand was still out stretched and it was a few seconds before you pulled it back down to your side. Well, that was terrible.

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Apartment 5108 // 9

Apartment 5108 — ft. Oh Sehun

// Contemporary Romance
// Adult Fiction
// Sexual & Explicit Language — in later chapters

A/N: If there is any confusion on the timeline of this story–it is before Christmas haha. There is also one part where it says Music Playlist–it’s a playlist Ahri made for Sehun so feel free to listen if you want. :)

// 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 //


My hands twist around my leather bag strap as I stand in front of the building that appears to be looming over me like a dark monster ready to strike. I instantly want to turn around and sprint back into Sehun’s car (or anyone’s car willing to let me flee the grounds with them). I swallow the strain in my throat but it continues to stick to me, leaving a sour taste in my mouth I can’t get rid of no matter how hard I try. With one step forward and literally an arm’s stretch away from the front entrance of the mall, I immediately avoid Sehun’s eye contact and u-turn in the opposite direction.

He quickly treads in front of me, blocking my path to freedom. I step to the right but he mirrors my footing. I walk to the left but again, he won’t let me out of his sight. “Ri.”

I loathe the way he says my name more so today than any other day. It has a dreary ring to it, implying that I’m being entirely too stubborn for no particular reason. But I do have a reason and it is a simple fact: I greatly dislike and abhor going anywhere near the vicinity of a mall. “Yes, Sehun?” I declare and pretend I haven’t done anything wrong.

He reaches for my hands that are still clamped onto my bag strap as if I’ll fall into a dark oblivion if I let go, in which I very well might. “You promised you would come with me as long as I do whatever you want inside the mall.”

“I have no recollection of saying or promising anything of such sorts,” I remark defiantly and ignore the minor detail that I’ve been standing outside for the past 20 minutes trying to go through the entrance (and have been making futile attempts of running home to the annoyance of Sehun).


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[FAN ACCOUNT] 140411 BTS Yeouido Fansign

Well ~ I guess I don’t have any other excuse not to write this now that I’m back in Singapore (((I seriously can’t believe my trip is over I was in Korea for sixteen days, guys, sixteen, yet it felt like six instead ㅠㅠㅠㅠ))) Anyway, back to where I was before I digressed - and just FYI I get distracted very easily so be warned - I’m going to write all about my virgin fansign experience in Korea! Huhu ~ ^^

The participation process was standard as like any other fansign, so I’ll just mention this briefly. A signup notice would usually be put up on both the group’s Daum fancafe as well as the participating music store’s website, where all the information on the event can be found. In my case for the 11th April BTS fansign in Yeouido, I had to purchase my album from the YP Books store in IFC mall (which was like, two subway stops away from where I was staying) between 7th to 10th April, and of all participants 150 would be chosen (each album purchased entitles you to one lucky draw chance so really, it is easier to beat the odds the more albums you purchase. Around 2000 albums were purchased at the store within the three days; Between my friends I bought five, a friend two, and the other just one, and I was the only one who got picked) and the winners list released on the YP Books website. Now, all that’s left to do is to turn up for the fansign at the stipulated time and location, exchange your confirmation number for a queue ticket, and you’re good to go!

On the day of the event I’d arrived at IFC mall at 7.00PM and headed for the South Atrium, thinking that I would be early but not too early and that I’d probably be able to snag a good seat for the fansign. But wouldn’t you know it, the place was completely void of fan girls and smack in the middle of the open space was some convention going on and mascots waving to a sparse, disinterested audience. It was just… weird. I went up to the concierge desk to clarify if there really was a fansign being held at this location, to which I was told confidently that yes there was, later on at night. Then I went to double check the details on BTS’ Daum fancafe and lo and behold, the location had been changed to the North Atrium as effect of 8th April. Partially my fault for not checking the fancafe regularly for updates but damn office lady lied to me. First dumb thing of the night -.-

I power-walked my way over to the correct venue that was definitely right because the middle portion of the space had already been cordoned off and I could see foldable chairs being lined up in rows as I approached. Not to mention the hordes of fangirls and daepo unnies armed and ready with their plastic stools (some even brought ladders. Super legit.) and huge ass cameras surrounding the area. I continued to loiter around and watch in fascination as the mall staff put up a giant BTS banner and continue to set up everything. It wasn’t until a mere fifteen minutes before the start of the fansign when I finally realised some of the fans in the crowd were holding laminated cards in their hands. That I didn’t have. Because I completely forgot about exchanging my confirmation number beforehand. Second dumb thing of the night -.- So I rushed back up to the 2nd floor to the bookstore to get my queue number and I ended up being #133 out of 150 people, in the second last row. My seat was so far away that I literally couldn’t see anything throughout the whole event because of the sea of camera tripods and human heads in front of me, not to mention the boys were seated down as well. I was only able to catch glimpses of BTS when I stood up and I am 1.65m and by no means short, so I hope you get an idea of how terrible my spot was. I can’t even blame anyone else but me ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

At 8.30pm sharp the boys arrived (they couldn’t be late anyway because of the Sukira schedule they had later on) and from the moment they did their greetings IT. WAS. CHAOS. Fans were screaming everywhere and a handful of girls, because they couldn’t snag a good spot to watch the event, decided it would be a brilliant idea to continuously ride the escalator right next to the open space and scream their oppas’ names as they came down from the floor above. Many of them were still in school uniform and some were even young enough to call Jimin, V and Jung Kook ‘oppa’. Horrors. It didn’t help that seat #133 was right next to the escalator so every single screech they made went straight to my eardrums X.X Thinking back about it now, I really don’t know how I managed to maintain my sanity for the whole two hours @.@ Because of my incompetence I didn’t really keep track of what the boys were doing for most part, only standing up occasionally to take a peek whenever I hear squeals (which turned out to be Jung Kook wearing the super adorable and cutesy headbands fans gave him. He looked absolutely adorable, like really he could’ve told me to shoot the president of South Korea and I would because no one can resist that face of his) but most of the time I was conversing with the Thai girl who sat beside me. Our biases were Rap Mon (mine) and Suga (hers) who so happened to sit next to each other so we began lamenting how we can’t see either of them because of the super tall tripod smack in front of us. Oh well, at least I made a new friend that day XD

After a 1.5-hour wait, it was finally my turn and the staff moved us to the front to queue by the right side AND I WAS THE FIRST IN LINE due to the way my row was called. I swear to God I was on the verge of a mental breakdown then and I kept asking the Thai girl if I could swop places with her because that was how nervous I really was (DON’T JUDGE OKAY IT’S MY FIRST FANSIGN). Oh, did I mention that my three friends were positioned at various places around the mall? Our Whatsapp conversation then was absolutely epic because they were reporting statuses and checking up on different locations to find the best spot to “catch me in action”. I had one friend on the second floor to capture a bird’s eye view, another on the right diagonally behind Suga (he was first that day) and the last running around the area to look for a better spot. If I hadn’t been on the verge of peeing my pants then I would’ve laughed but nup, scumbag brain didn’t feel like it -.-

Lineup for the day went like: Suga >>> Rap Monster >>> J-Hope >>> Jimin >>> V >>> Jin >>> Jung Kook moving from right to left.

I went up to Suga first; perhaps it was because that I said Hi to him in English, or the fact that I am really very tan, but he immediately asked me where I was from as he signed my album.

And I don’t know why but from the moment I knelt down till I moved on to the next member, the only glaring thought that kept running through my head was “Wow I can see his pores.” Feel free to bash me now LOL I don’t know why but that really was what caught my attention OTL Oh, and also that he was really good-looking up close, especially when he wasn’t grinning wide since he looks really cute and impish when he does XD

Our conversation went like:

Suga: Hello ~

Me: (English) Hi!

Suga: (English) Hi ~ Where are you from?

Me: Singapore!

Suga: Ah, is that so? 

Then he proceeded to read the post-it that I stuck on the page.

I’d asked him to write a poem with the initials of my name spelled in Korean, and because my question was written in English (blame le terrible Korean skills) he actually read the whole thing out in English too and his pronunciation was surprisingly really accurate and his accent super cute ^^

What he answered though, made me want to A) puke rainbows followed by what I ate for dinner, B) whack him on the head, and C) roll my eyes repeatedly.


Q. Write a poem using my name please!

[A/N: My name’s Wye Syn, pronounced Wa-Ee-Sin]

Suga: 이신는 (Wye Syn is)

쁘고(pretty and)

기해 (interesting)

Why thank you, Suga, how nice of you. 

Me: You’re lying!

Suga: Really! Singapore girls are all pretty!

Me: A-ing ~ *cough*because I really can’t take a compliment*cough* You have to come to Singapore, okay?

Suga: Okay ~

Me: Promise!

Suga: Yeah, promise!

And we hooked pinkies afterwards before I moved on *dies of happiness*

Rap Mon and I spoke in English the entire time (like duh), and I think he overheard my conversation with Suga or something because he said hi to me in English the moment I knelt down in front of him *shrugs* He needs to speak louder though, because low voice + screaming fangirls all around us + head bowed while signing album = I could barely hear what he was saying. But hey, at least I caught the gist of it ^^v

Rap Mon: Hi!

Me: Hi!

Rap Mon: Where are you from?

Me: Singapore!

Rap Mon: Really? *pauses to look at how to spell my name (he ended up spelling it wrongly anyway who is Wye Shin excuse you) You know, I realised that people from Singapore speak really good English. Why is that so?

Me: Oh, *thinks of how to summarise Singapore’s bilingual education system within 20 seconds* it’s just that everyone speaks English a lot, like, we were brought up using that language. All our classes at school are taught in English.

Rap Mon: Oh wow, really? Cool!

And he sounded genuinely fascinated, probably because a part of him miiiiight wish to have been brought up in an English-speaking environment, seeing as how he picked up the whole language by himself.

For Rap Mon I decided to ask a typical fangirl question which now, thinking back on it, is really rather embarrassing oh dear God why did I choose to do that X.X

Q. If you had just one day (y’know, since BTS was promoting that song at that time) to spend with me, where would you bring me and what would you like to do?

Rap Mon: (We were running out of time by then, and because it probably would take him sometime to process his thoughts and write them out in English, he decided to tell me everything while looking directly in my eyes. Oh yes, I am such a lucky bitch.) Let’s go to Japan, Hong Kong, we can go sightseeing, and let’s go shopping.

I melted into a puddle of Wye Syn-shaped goo #^u^#

We high-fived on it then I moved on to J-Hope.

To be very honest, my impression of him had never been the best because his on-screen personality was so loud and I just found that kind of annoying (I’M SORRY NARA), but everything changed after meeting him because he was just so nice and friendly and funny in real life hehheh >u<|||

He was the only member who wrote my name out in Korean too, which I thought was kind of cute XD

J-Hope: Hi!

Me: Hi, I’m from overseas!

J-Hope: Really? Where are you from?

Me: Singapore!

J-Hope: Ah, Singapore? We have to go there ~

All this while he was actually signing my album and reading my post-it (I’d asked him to write a note for my friend Nara) and underlining what I wrote and listening to me and replying to what I said. Like wow, talk about multitasking. J-Hope really takes the cake man, I was just absolutely amazed.

(Don’t laugh at my Korean! I know my grammar is terrible OTL)

He ended up writing “Nara~♥ I love you!♥”, typical idol answer but hey it works, seeing how happy it made Nara LOLOL

And of course, I had to prepare my own question as well

Q. What would you like to say to me the most?

Unfortunately, he wasn’t as sweet and nice to me.

J-Hope: We have to go to Singapore!

No love for me, eh? But I made him pinkie promise on it and GUESS WHAT, Hope Tree (his fansite) CAUGHT A PICTURE OF IT.

SEE THAT. THAT’S MY HAND RIGHT THERE, IMMORTALISED WITH J-HOPE’S. *flips hair* My hand is famous now, guys.

Next, Jimin was exactly like how I’d expected him to be, cute and bubbly, but he was definitely a lot more toned down from his on-screen persona. Or maybe it was just because of me. I tend to have an intimidating effect on people.

We actually didn’t have much to talk about, because we’d spent the first half of the time searching for his page because the marker I used for him got bent in somehow along the way. After passing him my album I’d actually spaced out (TBH I was thinking about how much Jimin looked like a potato. I’m sorry.) for a few seconds and I only snapped out of it when he went, ‘Where is my name?’ while flipping through the album. He’d actually sounded sad too and I panicked too, thinking, ‘Oh crap, he’s going to think I left him out on purpose, isn’t he?’ and the both of us were just scrambling to find his page XD

Q. Which girl group do you like the most these days?

I don’t know why, but somehow Jimin misread my question and thought I was asking which member likes girl groups the most these days, because he’d answered ‘J-Hope’. And I’m pretty sure it isn’t my Korean this time, no matter how bad it is. I challenge any Korean speaker to defy this.

Me: Are you serious? J-Hope?

Jimin: Yeah! He’s really good!

Me: *still sceptical* Is he the best?

Jimin: Yeah!

Jimin was really super cute; he reached over to pat J-Hope on the arm as he answered me, hoping to elicit some sort of response from the elder, but J-Hope merely turned his head slightly for a split second before looking away again. Poor Jimin got ignored TROLOLOL

And if I thought my communication skills with Jimin was bad, my interaction with V was on a whole new level because our frequencies did not match at all, not even once.

I’d asked him to write a note for my friend Stella who didn’t get into the fansign, and after some contemplation V wrote down, “I miss you”, or literally, “I want to see/meet you.”

Then he saw Stella’s name and went, “Stella?”

Me: Yeah, could you write it down (on the post it) too?

V: *after a short pause* Stella?

Me: Yeah.

V: Stella.

I blinked.

V: (English) Okay, bye!

And he waved (albeit) cutely. It was so sad yet so pathetically funny at the same time I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry or do both OTL I was completely weirded out, but at the same time I wanted to pat him and put him in my pocket for weirding me out so adorably. Tae Hyung ah why you like this ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Jin too, was another one that left a deep impression. At first we were rather quiet because I really didn’t know what to say to him and I think he felt the hesitation too, so he was just quietly signing my album as I watched him doing so LOL But then, we got to my post-it question.


Q. Of the following options, who do you think is the prettiest?

A) You (Jin); B) Me (Wye Syn); C) Member (____); D) Other (____)

Without hesitation, he ticked the first option. And there I thought idols were supposed to tell cheesy white lies in order to make fangirls happy OTL Guess Jin decided to take it like a real man and say it like it is *applies cold water to burn area*

Me: Is that so?

Jin: Yeah!

Then he browsed through all the options again… And he ticked C. While writing “Jin” in the blanks. Double blow to my already deflated ego ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Can I just curl up into a ball and cry now?

Jin: Don’t you agree?

Me: Haha yeah, I agree. You’re definitely the prettiest member.

And finally, to put the last nail in my fat coffin, he wrote “Jin” in the final option as well. You know, in case I didn’t catch his drift the first two times. Damn you.

Jin: It really is me. I’m the prettiest here.

Alright mister, now you’re really starting to get on my nerves. Yes Jin, I get it. You’re pretty. You’re the prettiest. Stop rubbing it in to my ugly face ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Me: Yeah, I definitely agree. You win.

By the time I got to Jung Kook, I was half itching to get everything over and done with because I was shaking like a leaf and actually feeling light-headed from seeing all these good-looking men up close LOL

Me: Jung Kook ah, hi! You’re so cute!

Jung Kook: Ah, thank you.

Completely soulless and unenthusiastic. He’s probably heard this 205631769508147 times from every single A.R.M.Y before me and at previous fansigns since debut so ~ Oh well. Here’s my “You’re cute!” to join the pile. He looked pretty tired too, having spent a full day at Music Bank and signed 130 albums before mine and still having another schedule afterwards and probably more dance practice till wee hours in the morning. And they’re preparing for a Japanese debut too, poor kiddo :’(


I’d asked him to write a note for my other friend Naomi who couldn’t get into the fansign too. Luckily he could comprehend me a lot better and wrote “Naomi” I tried prompting him to write “noona” too, but I guess our golden maknae doesn’t like being the youngest because he gave a face (for a split second which I saw) and wrote down “love~” instead and some incoherent scribbles at the bottom. Oh come on, Jung Cookie, I know you want to be seen as a manly man and all but I can still treat you like a man even if you call me ‘noona’~? /gets bricked/

Q. If you could play yaja time (age-reversal game) with your members, whose hyung would you like to be most and why?

Jung Kook: All of them, because I’m the youngest now.

Maknae on top, yeah ;)

Somehow, I ended up spacing out (again! >_<) and stared at the post-it for a few seconds before looking up and realising that Jung Kook already had his hand held up for a high-five and was kind of waiting there expectantly. Whoops.

After I gave him the long-awaited high-five I got up and went back to my seat. Only to realise on the walk back that I forgot to ask Jung Kook to call me ‘noona’. There goes my K-Pop bucket list. Well shit.

So yupp, that basically summarises (not really) my whole fansign experience ^^v

Please don’t quote me anywhere and always take out with credits!

Any questions you can contact me through Twitter: @qt_myung

Riley’s New Look.

Prompt: Riley works really hard to make it on the cheer leading squad senior year but when she finds out her “look” is whats keeping her from joining, she decides its time for a little change. 
Word Count: 2,355

♡ ♡ ♡

The surge of confidence she felt as she landed a cartwheel left the biggest smile on her face. It was Riley’s senior year and she was finally going out for the cheer leading team. In the past she was proven to be not the most graceful or coordinated but over the summer she took gymnastic classes that really helped her get in control of her long limbs and clumsy nature. She was actually really good now. She always had the rhythm she just needed to nail the tricks and surprisingly enough she did.

After her tryouts she waited patiently for the team captain to post the new members list. She had waited for this day since she was in middle school. She was never good enough to make the team and even though she was relentless they never really gave her a chance. All of that was about to change. Or so she thought.

She watches Carly Santino post the paper on the bulletin board and waits for the small crowd of students to diminish. Anxiously she walks up to the board and runs her finger down the rather short list of names…she wasn’t on it.

It wasn’t like Riley to confront someone but this was something she just couldn’t let go of despite her friends pleas. So after school she hangs back to talk to the captain. She knew she didn’t stand a chance before but now that she was actually good it just didn’t make sense to her.

“Carly, can I talk to you for a sec?” Riley asks, grabbing the girls’ attention as she’s exiting the gym.

“Sure Riley, what’s up?”

“I was just wondering why I didn’t make the team.” She tries to keep her voice calm and steady as she continues. “I mean, is there something I need to work on –.”

“You were great Riley.” She reassures her. “It’s not your skills that need work.”

“Oh?” She raises an eyebrow at the stunning redhead. “What is it then?”

Carly sighs and rests her hand on Riley’s shoulder as to soften the blow. “It’s your look.”

Riley stares down at her outfit and back up at the girl. “My look?”

“Don’t get me wrong, you’re super cute it’s just we’re not looking for cutesy adorable. We have a certain image and if I’m being honest you lack the c–.”

“Say no more.” She cuts her off, not wanting to hear anymore. “Thanks for being honest.”

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Quickly and Quietly part 7

A/N: Here it is! The seventh part. Things should start to pick up after this!

Word Count: 3770

Warnings: None

Part 6

“Could I talk to you?” Pietro asks, sliding his hand down my arm to capture my hand. Everywhere his hand touches leaves a trail of goosebumps prickling along behind it.

“Uh, yeah,” I say, looking back over my should I see Bucky comfortably walking and talking with Steve. Satisfied, I return my focus to Pietro. “Sure, what’s up?”

“Earlier you were saying that you are ugly, but you are definitely not.” He says quietly. “You know that, right?”

“I do now…” I respond, my voice even quieter than his. “Thank you, Pietro.”

“Of course,” He nods. “If anyone deserves to know they are beautiful, it is you.”

“Speaking of things people deserve to know, what was that kiss all about earlier?” I ask, lifting one eyebrow.

“Oh, yes that.” He says, scratching the back of his head. “I may have been a little jealous of the time you were spending with Mr. Barnes this morning and last night. It wanted you to pay attention to me instead. I figured either you would like it, or you would slap me. I couldn’t tell how you felt about it from your reaction so I just like of , eh, ran away.”

“Oh. Oh.” I say, grinning like a little kid. “We’re just friends, P. He and I were in the same line of work during our respective times in Hydra. We’ve got a lot in common.”

“Oh,” He says, his tone flat.

“Yeah,” I chuckle. “The next time you want attention from me, please just tell me instead of acting like a three year old.”

“Alright.” he says, smiling brightly at me. “I must ask though. How did you feel about me kissing you?”

“Mostly surprised, I think. It was our first kiss and I didn’t get to participate in it much because of the circumstances. But,” I kiss his hand before letting it go and winking at him. “Maybe we could talk about this more over dinner tomorrow at six?”

“(Y/N), are you asking me out?” He asks, mock surprise colouring his voice.

“Just a little bit, speedy, just a little.” I grin at him before leaving to do some other shopping.

I had half expected him to follow me, but he didn’t so I just stay in the mens department. After wandering around for a short while I find a couple of cardigans. I choose one that is steely gray for myself and other that is deep crimson for Pietro. Pietro hasn’t got any sweaters, much less one in his sister’s favorite color, and I’m sick of people staring at me.

As I’m about to head to the registers another item catches my eye. It’s a deep, almost chocolate brown leather jacket. It’s somewhere between a bikers jacket and a bomber jacket in design. It immediately reminds me of Bucky. He could use another jacket aside from the one he arrived in.

Upon closer inspection I find that it is, miraculously, about Bucky’s size. I desperately want to get it for him. Call it a “Welcome to the tower” gift. Hesitantly, I check the price tag, only to find that the once $200 jacket has been marked out 75% and is now $50.

I lift the jacket, on its hanger, off the rack. I examine it more closely, rubbing the soft leather between my fingers. I spin around, grinning, in a little dance to celebrate the sheer luck that the universe has graced me with. I notice a few people have stopped to stare at me and I freeze under their gazes, shrinking back to try and hide amongst the racks of clothing, my cheeks heating up. After hiding for a moment I rush off to pay for my findings and then to meet up with the guys.

When I catch up with the three men they’re all standing around in the perfume department. Pietro looks exasperated, but Steve is standing beside Bucky looking somewhat teary eyed. Bucky is holding a bottle of perfume, his facial expression is filled with concentration.

Before Joining them, I take the steel gray cardigan from the bag, remove the tag and slide it over my arms. I come to stand by Pietro’s side, watching Steve and Bucky.

“What’s happened?” I ask, tugging at the collar of my sweater.

“The new guy seems to have remembered something.” Pietro answers, looking at me briefly before turning back to the scene. “And we were so close to leaving too.” A whine mixes with his words near the end.

I sigh and stroll over to Steve and Bucky, gently and silently snaking my arm around Steve’s waist. In turn he pulls me into his side, his arm around my shoulders.

“That’s the perfume my mom used to wear when my dad would take her out.” Steve whispers. “They always asked Bucky to stay over when they could actually make time to go.”

Bucky turns to Steve and I, a single tear rolling down his cheek. I set down the bag I’ve been holding and reach out to him, wiping away the tear with my right thumb.

“There’s so many emotions.” Bucky says. His voice sounds like it’s on the verge of breaking. “I just feel so much, (Y/N).”

“I know.” I whisper.

“I remember…” Bucky starts, turning to Steve. “I remember that night, in February, when your parents went out. Your father stood by the door and I remember him just smiling so brightly at your mother…” When he pauses I can feel Steve’s breath hitch and his arm around my shoulders pulls me tighter to him. “They were so kind to me… Why?”

“Because you were a good kid,” Steve answers. “A good man. You were like a son to them.”

Bucky replaces the perfume and stands there silently, staring at the floor, deep in thought.

I can practically feel the impatience radiating off of Pietro in waves so I carefully take the keys from Steve’s back pocket and toss them to him. He manages to catch them and after doing so shoots me a puzzled look.

“Get the car started. We’ll meet you out there.” I whisper, handing him my bag. “The cardigan in there is for you. The red one.”

His eyes glint with a little excitement and he nods at me before walking off in the general direction of the car.

Once he’s disappeared in the crowd I turn back to Steve and Bucky. As I turn to face him, Bucky seems to surge forward, wrapping an arm around Steve and  another around me, pulling us to his chest. Steve and I are startled at his sudden embrace but, slowly, we respond in kind. Steve wraps his left arm around Bucky’s shoulders protectively. I snake my arm around his midsection and pull myself tighter to his chest. When his shoulders begin to shake I ball up a fistfull of the fabric of his top at the small of his back. He buries his face in the crook of my neck in response. Steve rests his free hand on my shoulder before he starts to rub slow, reassuring circles between Bucky’s shoulder blades.

After a short while he’s calmed down and pulls himself away from Steve and I. Taking deep breaths, he wipes the wetness away from his eyes,

“That was a little, um…” Bucky pauses, trying to find his words. “Overwhelming.”

“Do you think you’re ready to head back now?” Steve asks, sympathy and worry etched into his features.

Bucky nods and Steve squeezes his shoulder reassuringly in response. As we turn to go, Bucky runs his left hand down my right arm to grasp my hand. He runs his thumb over the back and, surprisingly, I can feel it. I guess Tony’s genius knows no bounds.

We walk to the car in a sort of horizontal formation with me on the far left, Steve on the far left and Bucky in the middle.  As we make our way to the car Bucky’s thumb keeps drawing slow circles on my hand sending surprising goosebumps prickling up my human arm and my neck, making me shiver a little.

“So, getting your memory back is kind of intense.” Bucky intones, his voice quiet.

“You’re tellin’ me, Buck.”

“What?” Steve asks.

“What?” I repeat.

“What’s this about you getting memories back?” He asks, his tone stern.

“Damn, I forgot you had super hearing too.” I say, running a hand over my face. “Well, I-”

“She was just sympathizing with me.” Bucky cuts me off. I look up at him, eyes wide, and he just looks down at me, smiles, and shoots me a wink before turning back to Steve.

“Oh really?” Steve sounds unconvinced.

“Really.” Bucky nods in affirmation.

“So there’s nothing you’re not telling me?”

“If you needed to know she would tell you, right?” Bucky says smoothly, using my words in my defence.

“I suppose so.” Steve shakes his head, shrugs and finally drops the topic.

Thanks, I mouth to Bucky.

“No problem. You’re my friend.”

At that I feel my heartbeat quicken slightly, and smile makes it’s way onto my features.

We walk the rest of the way in relative silence with the occasional captain america fan stopping Steve in the middle of the mall for a chat and to try and get a picture. Once we’re out of the massive building, all three of us nearly run for the car. We all climb into our previously assigned seats and heave a collective sigh of relief to be out the crowded public space.

“So,” Pietro says, somewhat mockingly. “How did it go?”

“It went great, Pietro.” I retort, smacking hard on the shoulder to try to tell him to shut up.

“Great!” He says happily. “So we can leave now, right?”

“Yes, Maximoff, we can leave now.” Steve says, exasperation leaking into his voice.

I scoot over into the middle seat and buckle in next to Bucky. I remember how important it

was for me to have someone near me when I first started getting my memories back. Even if that’s not what he needs, I can still lend silent support.

As Steve pulls out of the parking lot, Bucky scoots closer to me, at least, as close as the seat belt will allow. He links his right pinky with my left. In return I squeeze his pinky with mine.

“You okay?” I ask quietly.

Steve seems to sense that this is a private conversation and turns on the radio, almost instantly starting up a conversation with Pietro to distract him. I thank him silently and turn my attention back to Bucky.

“I think I will be.” He sighs quietly. “I think I’m just a little shaken up.”

“That’s understandable.” I nod. “It was a lot all at once, from a long time ago and in an unfamiliar environment.”

“I guess.”

“How old were you guys? In your memory, I mean.”

“I’m not sure. Maybe 16 or 17?”

“Whoa.” I breathe.


“Your brain is really taking you back to the beginning.” I muse.

“Is that not how it went for you?” He asks.

“No, not really. I was just all over my personal timeline. One memory from when I was three, another from when I had just been taken to the sandbox. It’s probably because I can be scatterbrained at times.” I answer. “Maybe your brain works in a more chronological way and that’s why you’re starting so close to your beginning.”

“Maybe…” He trails off, his expression pensive.

“Like I said earlier, don’t worry about trying to remember everything at once. Your only job right now is learning how to relax again. Besides, you’ll just give yourself a headache, believe me.”

Bucky chuckles in response and nudges my shoulder with his. I smile and nudge him back. After that we sit in silence for the rest of the ride. Somewhere between the time we left and the time we arrive at the tower I begin to feel drowsy. I end up closing my eyes, resting my head on Bucky’s shoulder and falling asleep. It feels like it’s been only five minutes when someone is shaking me awake.

I shake my head to try and clear away the grogginess and run a hand over my face in an attempt to rub away the sleep. I look around, trying to get my bearings. I slowly realize that I’m still in the car and it was Bucky who woke me up.

“We’re back.” He says quietly.

I nod absentmindedly and stretch, the plates of my arm shift and make popping noises before settling back into their normal and respective places. I slowly get out of the car and grab my bag out of the back of the car before heading towards the staircase with Bucky.

“I didn’t drool on you, did I?” I ask. He laughs in response.

“No, not really.” He shakes his head.

“Not really?! So I definitely drooled on you then.”

“Well, I mean, a little yeah.” His soft laughter echoes through the stairwell as we ascend to the living quarters.

“I am so sorry, that is one of the grossest things I could have ever done.”

“No, don’t apologize, it wasn’t that bad. It was just a couple drops.” He says, shrugging as we exit the stairwell and enter the hallway.

“Alright, if you insist.” I follow him out and am almost immediately met with the broad chest of Steve. I look up at him, eyebrows raised questioningly.

“Could I speak to you?” He asks, his tone scarily serious. “Alone?”

“Uh, sure,” I say, looking from Steve to Bucky and then back again. “I guess.”

He gently, but firmly grabs me by the arm and steers me to my room, closing the door. After flipping on the lights he turns to face me, arms folded across his chest, his expression stern. I can feel the blood drain from my face as he takes a few steps closer to me, stopping to stand only inches from my face, immediately making me drop my shopping bag.

“So, what’s this about you getting memories back?” He asks.

“Steve, I need you to back up a little bit.” I sat quietly. I can feel my heartbeat start to quicken along with my breath. I back away from him, but he follows me.

“No, not until you answer my question.” He presses.

“Steve, please.” I plead, my voice shakes and my back is now up against the wall. I can feel an anxiety attack building up, and if I don’t get some space soon I’m going to start another fire. “I can’t keep control if you don’t. I don’t want to burn anything.”

“O-oh, I’m sorry (Y/N). I didn’t realize…” He quickly moves back a few paces, giving me the space I need to breathe and calm down.

“No,  it’s fine, there was no way you could have known.” I run my hands through my hair and slide my back down the wall.

“I still need to know,  (Y/N).” He crouches down to be on my eye level. “You were wiped, weren’t you.”

“Yes, “ I breathe deeply, trying to keep myself from crying. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because I didn’t even know I was wiped, Steve. I didn’t have anyone from my past to tell me who I was or where I was from. When everything started coming back I was terrified. I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t think I could talk to anyone about it.” I sigh, trying to calm myself. “It’s not like I didn’t want to tell you, believe me I did, I just didn’t know how to do it.”

“Do you not trust me?” He sounds hurt somehow.

“No! I trust you completely!” I cry, looking at him pleadingly. “I didn’t want you think I was a hinderance to the team. I wanted to belong somewhere safe for once. You don’t know what it’s like to not know who you are, Steve. Existentially, maybe, but mentally or physically? It was mortifying to remember the things I did when I was in Hydra. I remembered every person I killed. How I did it, how it felt when they died in my arms, how I didn’t feel anything when they did.”

“I had no idea.” He sits down next to me on the wall, wrapping an arm around my shoulders.

“That was the point. You weren’t supposed to know.” I cover my eyes when I feel tears start to fall onto my cheeks. “I’m not the same person I was two months ago and I don’t even want to remember who that monster was. She wasn’t me. There may have been small parts of me in her, but I’m not her.”

“You definitely aren’t the person we found in that transport two months ago,” He pulls me closer to his side, rubbing my left arm with his hand in an attempt to comfort me. “But I would never have expected you to be whole after having been in Hydra for so long, none of us would.”

“I know…”

“Have you told anyone else?”

“Only Bucky,” I pause for a moment deciding if I should continue. “But Tony knows too.”

“What? How did Stark know before I did?” He asks, sounding a little upset.

“Hey, it’s not my fault! The man’s got a shit load of cameras all over the tower and apparently they’ve got mics too. I was talking to Bucky in the gym earlier, telling him about getting my own memories back before I had to go up for a diagnostics check on my arm.” I move my hands around, illustrating the order in which things happened. “I went to the lab and Tony commented on how comfortable Bucky was around me and I said that I thought that I might have known him, and then Tony told me he knew. So. Yeah.”

“He’s got cameras all over the tower?” He asks, his eyes widening. “Just how many are we talking here?”

“You might want to search your room. Thoroughly.”

“That man is a pervert.” Steve sighs.

“You’re telling me. I found five cameras in my room. Five. And two of them were in my bathroom.”


“They didn’t work, so that’s okay, but still. Gross, Tony.”

Sorry, sweetheart. Tony’s voice floats over the intercom.

“I thought I told you no more spying on us!”

And I told you, my tower, my rules. And cap, wearing your own merch? Really? Even I don’t do that.

I look to see Steve blushing profusely and trying to hide it with his hands.

He’s blushing right?


Nice. Stark out.

And with that Tony’s voice ceases to come through the intercom and Steve sighs. I just laugh.

“So. You wear your own merchandise, huh?” I say, raising an eyebrow at him.

“Maybe.” He rests his head back on the wall.

“Don’t worry, I do too. As pyjamas.” I wiggle my eyebrows at him. “So what do you wear? The t-shirts? The sweat pants? The boxers?” He turns his head to look at me, clearly all kinds of embarrassed. “No. Steve. You can’t. You just can’t.”

“Come on, they’re comfortable!” He whines.

“It’s one thing if it’s sweats, but underwear? Have you no shame, man?” I flail my arms for emphasis and Steve grabs me around my middle, pulling me onto his lap and tickles my sides. “STEVE, NO!”

“I’ll stop if you promise to never tell anyone about what you heard learned today.” He says, resting his hands on my sides.

“I can’t make any promises.” He sighs and starts tickling me again and my hands fly to his forearms, trying to get him to stop. “”Alright, ALRIGHT! I promise! I won’t tell anyone.” Steve stops tickling me.

“Good.” He smiles.

“But you have to promise me something.”


“You can’t tell anyone about my memory.”

“I wasn’t planning on it.”

“Thank you.” I haul myself off his lap and offer Steve a hand up in turn. He nods and heads towards the door.

“You said you might have known Bucky,” He says before leaving. “Does that mean-”

“That I haven’t got everything back yet?” He nods. “Yeah. That’s exactly what it means.”

Steve just nods before disappearing through the doorway. After he’s gone I strip what little bedding is left off of my bed and toss it into a corner of the room. After quickly replacing it with the new bedding I flop down on my back to relax for a second. I don’t get to be alone for long because the door opens and closes again. I prop myself up on my elbows to find Bucky making his way over to the bed. He sits down on the edge for a second before laying down beside me.

“Hey, Buck.” I say quietly.

“So what did Steve want?” He asks.

“He got me to tell him about my memory.”

“Oh.” He intones.

“Eh, he would have found out sooner or later. Besides, I totally got some dirt on him.”


“Yeah. I’ll tell you if you promise not to tell anyone.” I smile slyly.

“Lay it on me.” He chuckles lightly.

“He wears his own merchandise.”

“What?” Bucky says, sitting up and looking down at me. “Really?”

“Uh-huh. And that’s not even the best part.” I try to suppress my laughter. “He wears the Captain America underwear.”

Bucky snorts and falls back onto the bed, breaking out into laughter. His laugh is loud and booming, and genuinely happy. It’s magnificent.

“Seriously?” He asks, gasping for air.

“Mhmm.” I snort and chuckle to myself. “Oh hey, there’s something for you in that shopping bag over there.”

“Really?” He asks, getting up to investigate. When he pulls the leather jacket out of the bag he looks up at me with wide eyes. “(Y/N)…”

“Do you like it?” I ask, sitting up and swinging my legs over the side of the bed. I rise from the bed and approach him.

“I-I love it! But how could you ever afford something like this?” He slips the jacket on, running his hands over the leather of the sleeves. It fits perfectly.

“Stark gives me an allowance like a five year old. Not that I’m complaining!” I add, just in case Tony is listening. “And it was on sale, so don’t worry about it too much.”

“Thank you.” He says, rushing forward and wrapping his arms around my shoulders in a hug. I respond in kind, circling my arms around his waist.

“Welcome to the tower, James.”


Part 8

Thank you so much for reading! Feedback would be greatly appreciated!

anonymous asked:

Hi! :) Can you recommend me any sour skittles fics? Any and all that you know ^_^ thanks!

  • you’ve got me looking through blinds by MarauderCracker (T, 10k) Saying that Derek’s first interaction with his new neighbors isn’t exactly pleasant would be an understatement. When he calls his sisters to tell them the story, they laugh for five minutes straight and Cora tells him that he’s “being over-dramatic, I know college boys are bad but they can’t be that bad.” College boys are, indeed, that bad.
  • Four Times Derek Hale Was An Outsider (And One Time He Felt Like He Belonged) by bigbootsmanowar (Not Rated, 22k) It’s these little moments where he thinks they might be real friends, where he thinks this is normality he can grip onto and keep. He likes teaching them, likes watching them learn from him. And he’s come to expect their noise of an afternoon, stretching well into the evening. On nights when they decide to stay, he listens to their heartbeats sync up all on their own, waiting until they’ve fallen into sleep until he does himself.
  • ‘cause you’re on your own (in the real world) by canistakahari (E, 26k) Scott only invites Derek over the first time because he thinks he’s lonely. It gets a lot more complicated from there, but to be honest, Scott doesn’t really mind.
  • A Mutual Thing by blacktofade (E, 3k) The house is still tired around them, still half-asleep and stuck in the in-between, where dreams are fading enough that it will be impossible to get them back again. The coffee pot isn’t even switched on and the radio, unlike every other morning, is completely silent. Stiles usually sings along off-key and out of sync with the 80s station they have programmed in. None of the wolves like it when Stiles sings, but it doesn’t stop him.

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It's Your Own Funeral - Andy Biersack

seductivexoxo asked: Hiiiii<3 I would like to request a scenario where andy biersack is getting bully at school because he is an “emo” and no ne likes him but you are curious about him so you try to get to know him better and in the end you fall for him:3

You headed out of your last class before lunch and saw most of the popular kids rushing down the corridor. You soon heard the voice of your best friend calling you and you span to see her bolting towards you and before she spoke she grabbed your wrist and dragged you along to where the other kids were running. 

You reached a large group, laughing and you heard them egging on someone. Paying more attention you realized it was a ‘beating’. You weren’t a popular yourself, but you weren’t a freak, you sat pleasantly in the middle along with your friends. Seeing as you were in the middle of the two extremes you were permitted to watch 'beatings’. You never normally agreed with them but you didn’t want it to happen to yourself. 

The worst time was when kids got beat for the way they looked and the music they listened too. You’d be one of them too but you never mentioned what music you listened too and you wore what was close to the norm in the school. 

You and your best friend managed to get to the front of the circle to see first hand what was happening. A boy, who you didn’t recognize or know, was planted into the ground trying to protect himself from the punches. One of the three guys attacking him had a busted lip, the boy fought back. 

You managed to get a better look at him and you saw why he was there. He was new, he had ripped skinny jeans, a Metallica shirt on, piercings, make-up, straightened choppy hair. He was already dubbed 'emo’ by the jocks. 

Your heart almost screamed for him, you were a huge fan of Metallica too you wanted to help him. You really did. 

“Come on, leave him now!” One of the girlfriends of the jocks beating up the boy called out. “He’s weakened and we can get him after school even more now!” She squealed. 

The jocks dispersed along with the crowd, leaving the boy there to pick himself up again and you could see his struggle. You walked back a little with your best friend but something called you to look back and you saw him struggling. Glancing around there was no one around now. You spun on your heel heading back. 

“What do you think you’re doing?!” Your best friend seethed, grabbing your wrist. 

“Helping, he needs it”. 

“And do you need all the shit you’re going to get by going to help him?”

You simply shrugged and got out of her grasp heading for the boy. You reached him and he just laid there, one hand over his eyes and one over his stomach. 

“Need a hand?" 

He removed his arm from his eyes and you could see the bruise already beginning to form there. Seeing his face now you managed to take in how breathtakingly beautiful he was. His bright blue eyes, pale skin, snake bites, and the jet black hair. His eyes scanned you up and down and he scoffed. 

"Yeah, I’m sure you really want to help”. His voice too, wow. Even with it dripped in sarcasm, the deep tone turned your legs into a jelly. 

“I do. Really, I know I don’t look like I do. But hey, I like your shirt too,” you said, trying to lighten the mood. You held out your hand and his eyes darted back and forth from your face to your hand. He reached up and his large hand pretty much engulfed yours as you helped him stand. 

“Why are you even helping me?” He coughed a little, flipping his bangs. 

“You don’t deserve that”.

“You get used to it, besides, I think you should head back to your little friends before I get you into a state like me”. 

“I’m not a jock, popular or whatever. I’m in the middle, I am like you though. No one knows it”. 

“Well it’s you,” he said nearing a nonchalant tone, “Be you, live a happier life or whatever”. 

You shrugged, “What’s your name? I mean, I know you’re new here”. 


“Andy…?” You edged, wanting his last name. 

He sighed exasperatedly, “Biersack. Andy Biersack. Happy?” You smiled and nodded, even if he was a little off and angry you couldn’t blame him. He probably had to use that as a shield from people. “You?”

“(Y/F/N)”. He nodded, brushing off the dirt from his jeans. “Why don’t we go get you cleaned up?" 

"You realize helping me is your own funeral right now?” You nodded, taking his arm and taking him to a nearby bench. You sat him down and grabbed your make-up wipes out of your bag. You cleaned off the dirt from his face as well as his smudged make-up, trying to go carefully when going over the bruise forming on around his eye. 

“It’s swelling,” you point out about his eye.

“Really?” Again he was being sarcastic. “Nothing new then”. 

“I’ve got some eyeliner and mascara if you’d like to borrow some?” He nodded and you passed it over to him, holding up your compact mirror for him. Even though he looked amazing without the make-up, it still made him look like a 10/10. 

“Thank you”. 

Before you could respond you heard someone calling your name. You turned to see one of the jocks, you mentally cursed. 

“What are you doing? Weren’t you at the fight? He’s a freak”. 

“Told you it was your own funeral,” Andy muttered. 

“I-I wanted to help him”. 

“Oh, (Y/N),” the jock played, “And to think we were thinking of letting you hang with us. You’ve gone and blown that now. I think you need to get the message though”. He punched his fist into his hand and your eyes widened. 

Andy was quick to stand, arm in front of you slightly. “When I say run, you do so. Run to the Mall. I’ll meet you there,” he whispered. Too scared to do anything else you nodded. 

“Are you really wanting another beating?”

Andy shouted run and it took a moment for your feet to catch on but as you did you bolted for the school gates, you turned back quickly to see Andy throw a punch at the jock, sending him to the ground. Not wanting to see anymore you followed what Andy said and rushed to the Mall. It was quite close to the school. At a running pace it was just over a five minute trip.

You got to the mall, panting and you leaned against the bike rail awaiting Andy. You weren’t waiting long until you saw what you guessed to be Andy running up towards you. His long legs aiding him in getting here faster. 

As he reached you you saw that Andy had your bag in his hand, in the rush you forgot about it. He smirked and passed it to you, God damn that smirk. You smiled and thanked him as he sat next to you. 

“You realize you’re basically going to be a school renegade from helping me now,” Andy chuckled.

“Maybe, but I think being friends with you is worth it”. You giggled and rested your head on his shoulder as you felt his arm wrap around you. The simple touch made your heart jump and cheeks aflame. Was it just friendship you were wanting? You didn’t think so, but you found that just being with Andy right now made you happier than you had been for a long time. 


A/N: I hope this is what you wanted and that you like it! :)

Part 1, Chapter 3: Nothing to See

Well, I’m not not in Kansas anymore. I’m in Kansas, is what I mean.


Sorry, Alice. You know I can’t resist a bad joke. You used to like that. Maybe you still do.

Oh, man, remember…remember that time when we drove down the coast and there was that taco stand called–

What was that? What the hell was that? Something just moved in the trailer. I could hear it all the way up where I’m sitting. Something just shifted in the trailer. What the hell was

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I was a Horror Story

Okay, so I’ve had three posted submissions on here about other people. I think it’s time I roast myself a bit. I see a lot of people saying how they ‘used to be a weeaboo’ on here, but they never go INTO that. I’m gonna go into that.

I wasn’t the worst weeaboo, I wasn’t even the worst among my group of weeaboo friends. I was, in a sense, the gang leader of my weeaboo group, though. I’m not proud of that, but I was at the time. I never got into the spouting off broken Japanese habits, I never idolized Japan as a whole, I never obsessed over people of asian ethnicity (because they were asian, I did fan over idol groups from Japan and Korea with my friends, though). I did glorify anime as the best art form, though, and I was pretty obsessed with it as a hobby. Okay, really obsessed. It was bad. I collected boxes from the Pocky I bought and kept my Ramune bottles. My room was just a museum of all things Japanese pop culture, in all reality. But it was clean! Crowded, but clean. (I’d wash the bottles, etc. No food in my room, no dirty laundry, everything had a place, etc). I started off watching anime as a kid with what was shown on local TV; DBZ and Pokemon to start with. Anime that aired on Adult Swim when i got older is what, I think, shoved me into the whole weeaboo thing. InuYasha, FLCL, Lupin, etc. Then I figured out ‘oh man I can watch it online’ and it just went downhill from there. My brothers referred to me (still do) as weeaboo. It was bad.

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Attention Holiday Shoppers

Kurt really, really wants to get his Black Friday shopping on. Dealing with those crowds is kinda hard though. Good thing Kurt Hummel-Anderson is a professional. Well, that and he comes up with some pretty amazing (albeit insane) plans.

Note: I don’t go shopping on Black Friday, but if I did, I feel like is something I would do… if I were pregnant, that is. Anyway, here’s a little MPREG!Kurt ficlet for you.

“Okay. You remember the plan?”

“Yes, honey. I remember the whole thing. I still can’t believe we’re doing this though. What kind of people are we?”

“The kind of people who want to get really nice things for really low prices. Now come on, they’re about to open the doors.”

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Presenting the “Bellamy and Clarke work at a bookstore and art supply store respectively across the mall from each other” AU that no one asked for but I wrote anyway.  I also apologize for my italics obsession.

Clarke Griffin loved her job.  Really, she did.

Two months ago when her favorite art supply store in the local mall had posted job offerings for the summer she’d been one of the first to hand in an application.  She’d landed the job two days later.

No, Clarke Griffin loved her job.  What she didn’t love was the hot (wait, she didn’t really just think that, did she?) asshole who worked in the bookstore right across the aisle.

Because Bellamy Blake was an asshole.  A nicely dressed, dark-haired, freckled, sarcastic asshole.  And Clarke hated him.


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7 Days of Christmas ❄ Day 7: Santa’s Helper Pt.1 | Yoongi

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Jungkook | Jimin | Taehyung | Namjoon | HoseokSeokjin | Yoongi 

Summary: Yoongi works as Santa’s Helper in the mall and wants nothing more than to go home after a long day when he suddenly finds himself in a predicament to help you.

Word Count: 2,727

Genre: Fluff

A/N: MERRY CHRISTMAS!! :D So, here is the last day with @bts-scenaarios!! It’s been a fun week doing this!! :) I hoped you guys enjoyed it <3 This scenario will be split up into 2 parts (as you can probably see in the title), so be sure to watch out for part 2 on @bts-scenaarios’s blog and give her some love c:

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Partner in Justice (Jungkook x OC) | Part 1

[A/N]: I present to you, my Christmas present for you guys. Merry Christmas! I tried to finish this as soon as I could so that I could post it immediately, and that managed to happen. I’m still trying to find a perfect song for this series, so please sit tight and wait for that. On the other hand, I hope you guys like it!

Summary: (officer!au) In which Jungkook and OC are both police officers, and being a police officer created a huge boundary when it came to falling in love.. especially when you’ve fallen in love with your co-officer.

Partner in Justice (Jungkook x OC) | Part 1

Parts: Teaser | Part 1

Being a police officer wasn’t all so great. It was all about acting tough, acting powerful in front of people who needed help. It was all about portraying yourself as the ‘hero’ in the situation in which you would save someone from a criminal. It was all about catching someone whenever they would fall down to their knees.

Although I do act tough almost 24/7, there were times in which I would slowly fall apart. There were times where I would find myself falling in love.

Love. That was it.

The only time I would be weak was when I would fall in love. Love was my weakness. Whenever I would fall in love with a guy who made me feel like a billion bucks, I would find myself weakening just by the sight of him. I would find myself weakening when I should be keeping my guards up.

And I guess that’s how it is when you’re in love. Love makes you weak. Love can tear your walls apart, make you the weakest person ever even though you are tough enough to fight it.

“One wish, Sujin. Just one.” I whispered to myself, gripping tightly onto the paper airplane with my wish written beautifully in cursive writing. “Just give me a sign, something.”

I shut my eyes, inhaling and releasing the tight grip on my paper airplane. Give me a sign that he’s the one, so that I would save myself from being hurt.. again.

Fluttering my eyes open, I looked ahead of the oceans, before throwing it. It soared in the air, flying a far distance, before finally disappearing in the night sky. I pursed my lips into a line, how is a stupid wish going to do anything? How can a wish help you from falling in love anyway? If it wasn’t for falling in love with that jerk of an officer, goddamnit, Jeon Jungkook—

“Officer Sujin?”

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@papanara askedfor Eren and Mikasa searching for the best present ever for Armin and anything for you, dear <3 I always feel all the brot3 love. That’s it friends! Thank you all so much for your requests; I had so much fun writing them all. Tomorrow will be for my Secret Santa and then I’ll have a fic up for New Years. I hope all of you have wonderful holidays! :3

Eren was beginning to doubt his brilliant idea to wait for the last weekend before Christmas to find Armin his gift. That was mainly do to the fact there were so many people here he didn’t think he could even move without running into someone. He shoved his hands in his coat pocket as he leaned up against the wall of one of the buildings, the street and sidewalks in front of him lined nearly shoulder to shoulder with people. The store fronts glimmered under the night sky, Christmas lights and decorations lined just about every inch of this place.

In his defense he did think the outdoor mall wouldn’t be quite a packed near the end of December but clearly he was very wrong. Did these people have no lives? Christmas was in a few days and all these people still were shopping. He decided to stop his train of thought there realizing he was very much one of those people this year. Normally Mikasa forced him to go earlier in the month to make sure he didn’t procrastinate but this time she went along with waiting for at least Armin’s gift for whatever reason. Maybe he finally just wore her down.

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