Have I ever mentioned that Lily/James is one of my biggest ships ever? The Marauders era is probably the time period I’m most fascinated with. I barely do anything Harry Potter related, but I’m going to try to do more in the future :)


We’ll always remember the scene where Captain America kisses Peggy Carter in a parallel universe and Jarvis is left out. Verily I say that Hayley Atwell holds Chris Evans so tight 

Just I wonder if I could be at this time, Hayley Atwell, just saying (x)

MARVEL Dubsmash War 2015

This website has all of the videos from the great battle in the correct order, with full details

I s2g this will actually be the death of me it’s my favourite thing in the world ever


Remembering Lily
Lis is found in a French pub by two English con men that seek redemption from Albus Dumbledore. They believe returning Lis to him under false pretenses that Lis is Albus' missing friend Lily Evans will grant them the help that they seek but Lis is Lily with amnesia and dark wizards want the witch dead...along with one of her very familiar new companions named James Potter.

So I love Anastasia. And I love jily AU. And this happened. 

I did a one shot back in the day for jily week but this’ll be a whole story. 

Please read and review, tell me what you think? 

Love you people. 

was so bored today that i was about to watch american horror story and then i remembered evan peters was in that, so i didn’t….his face annoys me a lot…he sorta looks like the type that would take a dump n not flush


          “It’s not mercy, Regulus. And it’s not pity either.”
   Because that’s what the next accusation would be, right ?
                                        that her kindness came from some
                                        place of being more than what he
                                        was owed as part of this family, in
                                        whatever T W I S T E D  way he fit
                                        in to things.

                   “ It’s just an offer.”

“Don’t you get it?” 
Regulus was sure she did, but Lily was s t u b b o r n 
                                       in a way that reviled Sirius.
                                      “You can let it go. They are
                                       going to question me             anyway.
                                       There’s  no  point  in  you
                                               l  o  o  m  i  n  g
                                        or  arguing  in  a  corner.
                                           Pity     or    mercy.”