Johnny: Speak of the devil! We were just talking about boyfriends

Sarah: Kenny and Evan…Kevan! That is definitely a romance, for sure!

Casey: Kenny and Evan have this like odd relationship that I wouldn’t…I wouldn’t say it’s brotherly. It’s not brotherly love because I guess if you shower together with your brother past the age of like 4, that’s awkward, not cute.

Sarah: Those boys shower together! And not just like one time shower together, like ALL THE TIME showering together

Johnny: They would actually wait and be like, “What time are you showering?..Okay I’ll get my stuff and be in in a second” And it’s not like showering like, “Oh lets wear board shorts and bathing suits and shower together” Legit, like ass naked showering together!

Evan: I know it looks bad. It does look bad. Does it look bad?

Sarah: And then they claim that it’s just so that they can talk without the cameras and the mics on. How many intimate conversations do you need to have…like, naked?!

Evan: LISTEN! Theres some places on my back that I can’t wash; helps to have a friend.

Kim: They’re totally in love. 

Evan: I wonder what our kid would look like….Wonder who would have the kid…


TJ: All right Evan, Nehemiah, you lost tonight’s elimination round, therefore you have to leave Costa Rica immediately.

Evan: Been along time since I’ve heard this, Teej.

TJ: It’s been a minute.

Kenny: A strong wind came by and I got like, this thing in my eye. And it like, it was bothering the hell out of me. So it looked like something else was going on.

Kenny’s my best friend ever. I totally love the kid. In his honour, I’ve been developing a Do-It-Yourself Guido kit. It comes with a little comb, some hair gel, a tattoo with a heart with ‘Mom’ written in it, some fake chest hair and a wifebeater. I love Kenny. He’s a great guy, an honest guy. His family’s awesome. I love the kid. We want to live together. He’s like, ‘Come to Jersey!’ and I’m like, ‘I don’t like the smell of garbage. Come to Canada.’ And he’s like, ‘I don’t like poutine.’ We have our issues. We’re like an old married couple.
—  Evan Starkman [On his hetero life mate, Kenny]