Step By Step

☮ Wicked Wednesday ☮ : 90′s music videos~!!  I want you Put klaine in one of your favourite videos! Whatever the situation is is all up to you! Video boy,  camera man, au within the video, DOESN’T MATTER! Bonus points if you can find the most ridiculous video! *v*

You tell me about those bonus points ;)

“Do whatever you want Puckerman, I’m the one riding that bike into the garage!”

“Oh man,” Puck whines, his turquoise shirt floating in the breeze. “And why would I let you?”

“My father’s garage, remember?”

Puck pouts, literally pouts at that, and Blaine steps forward to calm things down while Kurt goes to get the aforementioned bike. God knows that they need to record this video before sundown, and Puck can be a contradictory son of a bitch when he doesn’t get what he wants.

“You know what, bro, you can do the jump over the drums.”





“You love jumping around!”

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