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Evan P. Donohue-O Justice!

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I saw Evan and his band of Buddy Holly Lookalikes straight up destroy a tiny apartment in Chicago. Easily one of the best house shows I’ve ever been to. Buy Evan’s album Rhythm and Amplitude from his bandcamp ASAP, it will not disappoint. 

Watch on 365musicproject-blog-blog.tumblr.com

Super sweet song from one of my favorite not not record labels HI54LOFI Records

Song of of the day is “Irene” from Evan P. Donohue. Click here to download it for free, yo. 


Find him on:
Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp

Find HI54LOFI on: 
Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | Bandcamp | Website


saw Evan P. Donohue perform in a bar in Nashville last night. he was phenomenal. can’t stop listening to his music.


I’m a fool for why I stay here longer. 


Last March Houston Mathews gathered 10 bands* and a crew of healthily gifted Nashvillains to create a documentary that pays respect to the bubbling talent that roils* beneath the city streets.

He called it Music City Underground and today it premiers at the Nashville Film Festival.

Next week, the Mercy Lounge is hosting an evening dedicated to the film, with a film screening at 7 and a show at 9:30 with Vitek, The Electric Hearts, and Evan P. Donohue

More details here

I might be selling prints at the show? Come and see!

(Photographs from the day of the shoot March 5th, 2011)

*(well, kind of 11 if you count The Apache Relay! who weren’t there that day but are also featured in the film)

*also: definition of: roil


#EvanP.Donohue I Wish I Was 19

Nice Song!