Ev Crawford


When Joan Crawford showed up [for the first session in 1956] with her daughter Christina and two tiny poodles, she was very drunk. Walking up to Eve, Crawford kissed her on the mouth — the two had never met — took off all her clothes, and demanded that Eve photograph her nude. At this point in her career, Crawford was aging and fearful of losing her place in Hollywood to younger, fresher talent. She seemed desperate to show that she still had the body she had displayed when she started out and (although she tried to bury the fact) appeared in “blue movies”, soft-porn films.

Eve was caught in a dilemma. Crawford kept insisting on the nude shots, but even though she was slim and good-looking for a fifty-year-old woman, she was still undeniably a fifty-year old woman. Eve knew that the pictures would not please her. <…> While Eve might make a great deal of money by releasing the pictures, she would never recover from the damage such an exploitative act would do to her reputation. In the end, Eve capitulated, but instead of sending out the slides, she gave them to Crawford in a yellow plastic box over lunch a few days later. — From the book Magnum Legacy: Eve Arnold

Joan Crawford photographed by Eve Arnold, 1959.

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@TBranch56 so i just realized theres one more member for this that’d make the team even more perfect. scandal savage

Yeah, I guess so! Well played, Anka. But I refuse to be one-upped!! hahahaha! Time to add Gail Simone into this mix, yes?

Thank the comic gods that I made all of them individual files. 

Hmm….about two weeks ago, Kris Anka said that that he wanted a DC book with WW, Batwoman, and Starling. I said that would be awesome, and challenged him to make a cover. He said its already dared himself to make one too. We both agreed that Gail Simone and Greg Rucka should write it, either one or the other OR together.

I got tired of waiting and its been a while since I drew anything…with the new job and stuff. BUT FINALLY got to this.

Your move, Anka. *scratches chin evilly*

Starling from Birds of Prey. I really like Ev. There’s enough mystery to her to want to know more, and she’s like the bad friend with the heart of gold. Plus I love her look. So what I did, was emphasize on her, IMO, Rockabilly look to her. Different hair, stylized sunglasses and a more stylized corset that I figured be a bit armored and a harness with her guns and ammo. Her pants are cargo-ish with small pockets for extra gadgets n stuff.

A great looking character and a lot of fun to draw.