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So we just started a multiplayer game of Europa Universalis III that I would hope we finish but after winter break ends who knows how that’s gonna go, we might have to reserve an hour to play each weekday or something, or maybe we’ll just play on the weekends. That’s then though.

So the human players in the game are:

myself as Castille

rod/thedorkwithglasses as England

darvince as Novgorod

yqt1001 as Austria

smjjames as France (he literally just bought EU3 right before we started so forgive the state France is in)

Nothing super unusual going on, although that’s to say “unusual” exists in this game. At the start of the game, 3 of us (excluding Darvince who had not joined the game until 1409, and Rod) lost our rulers and had to have regents, so the game went slow for the first decade or so. Most of the action happened in the last 8 years. I have started to take down Aragon and claimed it’s vassals (Foix, Navarra) as my own and have expanded into Italy. Everyone’s playing friendly in this game, for now at least, probably to the end, but who knows, so Yqt has a mission conflicting with mine, unfortunate, I would have liked all of Italy. Yqt as Austria has taken the title of emperor from Bohemia and started to vassalize many states, including electors, Genoa, and Ferrara, that I know of. Obviously some direct progress in northern Italy, as well. Rod has united all of Ireland under the English flag, and just recently attacked Scotland successfully, and annexed Normandy which revolted from France. Darvince is… having a bit of trouble, he lost land at Livland and Estland, though he released Murom and got it as a vassal. And in France, revolts have been taking place, with aid from other countries to help control them as smj learns the game.

Elsewhere, the Golden Horde is succumbing to rebels, Bavaria is expanding (not unusual), Burgundy consolidating, and Sweden is without Skåne or Jämtland.

It’s only 1420, a lot can will change. There’s a ton of time yet.

Next time: Probably more in-depth details on some wars, rather than this kind of boring overview.