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Hi! I seen a few Japanese actresses/actors in the Hollywood & I only know Rinko Kikuchi, Tao Okamoto, Ryan Potter & Rila Fukushima, would you recommend me some Japanese actresses/actors?

Hi! Sure, I can help you out (and sorry for the delayed reply)! 

  • George Takei - well, everyone knows George Takei :)
  • Karen Fukuhara - Katana (Suicide Squad)
  • Brian Tee - is currently playing Dr. Ethan Choi in Chicago Med (main cast)
  • Suzy Nakamura - is currently playing in Dr. Ken (Ken’s wife)
  • Tamlyn Tomita - probably best known on tumblr as Kira Yukimura’s mom, also starred in Come See the Paradise (1990)
  • Masi Oka - best known as Hiro Nakamura from Heroes, currently plays a recurring character Max Bergman in Hawaii Five-0
  • Ally Maki
  • Keiko Agena - best known as Lane Kim from Gilmore Girls, she’s going to reprise her character in the upcoming GG Netflix reboot
  • Amy Okuda - probably so far best known as Catherine Hapstall - a recurring character from HTGAWM
  • Kimiko Glenn (eurasian) - at the moment most known as Brook Soso from OITNB
  • Vanessa Matsui (eurasian) - most recently played warlock Dot (Shadowhunters) - minor role
  • Hayley Kiyoko (eurasian) - most recently played Raven Ramirez in CSI: Cyber (main cast)
  • Nichole Bloom  (eurasian) - is currently playing Cheyenne Tyler Lee in Superstore (main cast)
  • Joanna Sotomura (eurasian) - so far best known as Emma Woodhouse from webseries Emma Approved
  • Tani Lynn Fujimoto - probably best known as Abby Fujimoto in Discovery Kids’ Flight 29 Down
  • Lyrica Okano -  Nico Minoru (Runaways)
  • Ryan Higa
  • Kina Grannis (eurasian) - latest work: Joanna in Single by 30
  • Ian Anthony Dale (eurasian) - currently can be seen as Adam Noshimuri a recurring character in Hawaii Five-0 (Kono’s husband)
  • Devon Aoki (eurasian) - mostly a fashion model, probably most known as Kasumi in DOA: Dead or Alive (2006)
  • Anna Akana (eurasian, multiethnic) -  filmmaker, producer, actress, and comedian, youtuber. Minor cameo appearances in various TV shows and films
  • Ryan Potter (eurasian) 
  • Jennifer Spence (eurasian) - Canadian actress, probably best known as Betty Robertson from Continuum (regular s1-3)
  • Naoko Mori - British actress, best known as Tosh from Torchwood
  • Sonoya Mizuno (eurasian) - British actress, model and ballerina. So far best known as Kyoko in Ex Machina (2015)
  • Haruka Abe - British actress, one of her recent works - Anna in Cucumber Banana Tofu (minor role)
  • Takaya Honda (eurasian) - Australian actor, currently is playing Klaus Thompson  in The Family Law (a recurring character)
  • Kimie Tsukakoshi - Australian actress, currently is playing Heidi Thompson in The Family Law and had a recurring role in Secret City
  • Rumi Kikuchi - Australian actress. Minor role in The Family Law (Klaus & Heidi’s mom)
  • Hiro Kanagawa - one of most recent works - Hachiro Otomo in Heroes Reborn and Emperor Ishida Tetsuda in Dark Matter
  • Clyde Kusatsu
  • Christopher Sean (eurasian)
  • Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa - mainly known by playing villains in 1980-90s action films (”If I only have a choice between playing a [stereotypical desexualized] wimpy businessman and a bad guy, I’ll chose a bad guy, because I have balls” - The Slanted Screen 2006)
  • Mako Iwamatsu -  best known for his roles as Po-Han in The Sand Pebbles (for which he was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor), Akiro the Wizard in Conan the Barbarian and Conan the Destroyer, and for his voice roles as Aku in Samurai Jack and Iroh in Avatar: The Last Airbender. He has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 7095 Hollywood Blvd.

Classic Hollywood:

International Japanese actors (i.e. Japanese actors that worked in Western film and tv industry):

Obviously this isn’t a full list, just the ones I remember at the moment and have in regular reblogs. I’ll be updating this list, so if I’ve missed someone, feel free to drop me a message (just remember, that since this blog is focused on Western media, I’m only listing actors that work / worked in Western film and TV industry).