Euphoric hardstyle


WOO YEAH! Here’s my gemsona, Zircon!! (yeah original, I know) :D

Gender: Agender

Pronouns: He/They

Sexual/romantic Orientation: Aromantic Asexual

Height: 5’

Weapon: Chinese Jian

Likes: Fighting evil, chilling around, mediate fights/differences, napping(he doesn’t need sleep but he enjoys to), helping others and bring happiness to them

Dislikes: Bickering, jealousy, being rushed, being made fun of publicly, judgemental people

Personality: Zircon is an overall very chill and easy going gem, he doesn’t do much things in a day and is often seen lying around instead, he is also a heavy procrastinator. He tends to play the role of a peacekeeper whenever there’s tension in the air and he often feels the need to meddle into fights or quarrels to help out sorting the differences, despite that he is not involved in the first place. Even though he is overall nice and friendly but he’s actually very sensitive in nature and can easily feel hurt and will sulk about the matter for a long time. But because of his sensitive nature, he’s more compassionate and empathy, he likes to help others and make them happy. 

Zircon also has a special ability which is making a person’s insomnia to go away. He also has the habit to hunch which is why his posture’s looking pretty weird. His fusion dance is influenced by the shuffle and his theme has a touch of euphoric hardstyle.