By Heart [ III ]

Genre [Rating] : Angst

Length: 7.3k

Pairing: Kyungsoo x Reader

Summary: Getting over him was the most impossible thing in the world because part of you couldn’t believe it was really over.

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Having your heart broken once was something that could change your whole world. It made everything feel like it had been shifted. Like there were bits of sadness tucked into every corner of things you used to enjoy. Like the sky was never blue, but a dull grey that reflected the way you felt when the demons came out. Like ghosts were suddenly so very real, and haunting you every day in the form of lingering memories that made your chest ache. Like everything was a creation just there to mock you and remind you that somehow, someway, you weren’t worth it. You had messed up. It felt like the world changed, when in reality, it hadn’t.

You had.

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Zhang Yixing//Oh God

Prompt: You’re a teacher filling in for another class, and having trouble from one of the students. In an attempt to sort it out, you discover that you’re a lot more friendly with his parent than you originally thought.
Scenario: Fluff, smut mention
Word count: 3,837

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Student Council Prez [13.5]

Back to Episode 13
Words: 570

The moment she steps inside the shack, she gags and almost throws up at the stench reeking in the living room. She clutches her handbag closer to her body, almost acting as a shield while she steps over a pizza box, her kitten heels hitting the ground. “Disgusting.” She mutters at the pile of clothes and stack of dirty dishes on the counter.

“Y/N? Did you come for a visit?” A familiar voice calls out from the bedroom.

“Y/N who? Don’t tell me you contact her regularly!” She spits out as the man emerges. “You’re a terrible influence.”

His smile falls as he looks at her, mouth dropping to the ground in shock and he blinks hard several times. “Eunhye?”

She smirks, lifting her head high. “Who else could it be? Don’t tell me I’m unrecognizable, I’m not that old yet.” She snaps.

“No, it’s just…it’s just….”

“You’re still such a slob, aren’t you. Even when we all lived together, you room was the most disgusting.”

He grins, crossing his arms and leaning against the wall. “You haven’t seen your younger brother in so long and you’re already nagging him?”  

“Maybe if you actually picked yourself up and looked in the mirror once in awhile, everyone including our family members would like you better.”

“Ah shucks.” He swats the air with his hand. “Since when did you care about the relatives so much? You used to hate them.” He takes a long sigh. “But what brings you to town?”

She scoffs. “My own business. Just taking a look at the children.”

He nods. “They’re doing quite well for their age. Y/N’s really something. She’s got your work ethic and our sister’s determination.”

Upon the mention of their deceased sister, they grow quiet.

The two siblings hadn’t been in the same room or even seen each other since their sister’s funeral. Maybe it was the difference in personality or that she had been the glue and peacekeeper between the two but now she was gone and just like that, they fell apart. They did try but somehow it was always a bit sad when they were together, reminded that the three could never be reunited again and laugh like they once did together; an important missing puzzle piece.

“Are you looking out for them?” Eunhye asks.

“Somewhat.” He smiles meekly. “I try.”

“What are you doing these days?”

“Ah…” He scratches his hair. “Running my own…plant business. I sell plants…kind of.”

She nods. “That’s good for the environment.” He chuckles quietly, agreeing with her.

“You know…you should come down to the farm with us sometime.” Eunhye speaks louder, face twisting in disgust when the smell lingers in her nose. “If you cleaned yourself up and lived less like a rat, we wouldn’t mind having another helping hand around.”

He laughs, a roar erupting from his chest. It was the first time his older sister ever offered a stay at her precious farm to him or even visited his abode. He can’t help but feel their relationship beginning to mend, taking a step forward and leaving all the hurt behind. He wonders if you’ll become the glue of the family one day like your mother once was. “I’ll sure think about it.”

(“Are you hungry? Want some pizza? There’s some in that box by your feet!”

“That’s disgusting!”

“Oh come on, lighten up Eunhye!”




My father said he’d take responsibility for our family forever. But he couldn’t do that. A person can’t take responsibility over another person. You can only take responsibility for yourself. Until I can accomplish things on my own, I won’t marry.”


140620 “Marry Him If You Dare” Trailer - Blu-ray & DVD / Release Date: September 3

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Student Council Prez [13]

Episode 12 - Episode 13 - Episode 13.5 OR Episode 14
Words: 9.2k
Genre: Fluff, Slice of Life, High School!Au

The second you walk through the door, Sungjae practically launches on top of you, never happier than to see your face. Your two siblings look cleaner than you’ve ever seen them, Sohyun’s hair tight in braids and Sungjae’s own hair swept to the side in the style of the 1940’s. Aunt Eunhye is happy to see you back too but doesn’t waste any time to scold your messy attire.

But as you look around the apartment, everything is well kept and spotless. Most importantly, your siblings have been well fed, are happy and completely safe.

For the next week, you find yourself with less responsibilities and hardships, despite your aunt nagging you to do more chores. Sometimes you even become shocked at how little you have to do or worry about; if your siblings ate or not, how much you had to spend on groceries and what you were going to make - the list was endless but at the same time all but disappeared. For once you were exactly what you should be: a teenager.

Nevertheless, all good things must come to an end.

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blue dress by Eunhye Jo