Eugene Woods

You know nothing of madness

Till you’re climbing her hair
And you see her up there
As you’re nearing her,
All the while hearing her:

First drawing of 2015! I saw Into the Woods yesterday, and I just had to draw Rapunzel and Eugene in the outfits of Rapunzel and her Prince from the play/movie.

I’ve been wanting to draw Rapunzel and Eugene doing the hand thing from the concept art for years now, and I finally got around to it! Yay!

“Come with me if you want to live.” - Almost 2 hours

I love these two from Zombies, Run!  I couldn’t refuse when my friend Sue asked me to draw this moment for her as a commission.  Let it be known that it’s very easy to make green plaid look like watermelon.  I tried to do some cool perspective thing with the pose initially but it just turned into Jack having a monster T-Virus Birkin arm which I can still kind of see but I’m happier with how it’s turned out now.

I think that the longer you stay at Abel the more capable you are of getting over the intense Sam-Crush and it probably develops into just a fondness and an intense feeling of security and/or a strong desire to protect him

But I feel like probably all the runners had at LEAST a couple weeks where they were head over heels for Sam and I bet he’s mostly used to it and sort of flattered.

and probably it makes things complicated when he likes a runner back because is it just a phase for them or????


doodle-e asked you: Zombies, run! for the meme :)

ZR! - I’m up to S2M19 so these are impressions so far. Names deliberately left out of the pictures so you can have a guess at who people are before reading on. No (obvious) spoilers!

1. Are there any Fives out there that didn’t feel an intense love for Sam immediately after meeting him? If so, I don’t even want to know you.

2. Sara was really intimidating for a while. Now she’s my safety blanket.

3. Don’t get me wrong, Gene and Jack are adorable, but they’re just not my thing.

4. To be fair, it’s not precisely Van Ark that makes me love Van Ark. I’m just a major sucker for that terrible archetype.

5. Only because you broke my heart into teeny tiny pieces, Mr. McShell. How could you be so stupid?

6. Archie Archie Archie Archie Archie. Forever.

7. Researcher self-tasked with saving the world? Hell yeah.

8. Not cool, Nadia. Not cool.

9. Doctor Girlfriends. :(

10. I got nothing!

Friday, I'm in love
  • Friday, I'm in love
  • Jack and Eugene
  • Zombie Run Radio Mode Season 1

Eugene: Hey, Jack?
Jack: what?
Eugene: you know, I’ve been thinking.
Jack. Oh yeah? What is it now?
Eugene: Well, I’ve come to the conclusion that, I don’t care if Monday’s blue
Jack: Or, Or, like, if Tuesday’s grey?
Eugene: And Wednesday, too.
Jack: And Thursday, I don’t care about you.
Eugene: It’s Friday
Jack: Friday
Eugene: Yeah, it’s Friday, and I’m in love
Both: *laugh*

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I put the heart-wrenching low-morale radio clip, “We’re Still Here,” to the musicbox version of Radioactive and drew this picture of Abel late at night.  The red light on top of the comm tower glowing in the dark…

That clip going around the tag got to me.  Never before this radio clip had I ever cried because of the game but when I heard it I was in tears.  Jack and Eugene are normal people.  They were normal people going about their everyday life like normal.  They are two people who host a radio show and they can be overwhelmed just surviving.  And sometimes, they can’t hide it.

Here’s to Abel Township, New Canton, and every other friendly settlement surviving whatever is in store for the Season 2 finale!


More Radio Boyfriends! :D <3 These guys are just too darn precious to not at least try to cosplay!

Jack Holden - Elin
Eugene Woods - Anna
Photographer - Elin U ( / )

Characters belong to the amazing Six To Start’s Zombies, Run! - an app we encourage all you lovely people to try out ‘cause it is amaaazing!~

  • Halloween
  • Jack and Eugene
  • Zombies Run Radio Mode Season 2

Jack: Now, Obviously there are some children out there who know it’s Halloween tonight.
Eugene: A Holiday we keep celebrating.
Jack: Because it’s brilliant!
Eugene: I just don’t know if that’s true anymore. Anyway, Major De Santa has requested that, and this should be obvious but, NOBODY is to dress up as a zombie. Just to repeat that, NOBODY. IS TO DRESS UP. AS A ZOMBIE. 
Jack: If you do dress up as a zombie, you may well be shot. 
Eugene: Which will probably put a damper on your trick or treating. 
Jack: Stay safe guys.