Eugene Oregon


I’ve always thought of hibiscus as tropical plants. But guess what? There’s a cousin of the hibiscus, called Rose of Sharon, that’s much hardier and grows in cooler climates, like here in the Pacific Northwest. Here’s one of the flowers that bloomed this year at my place.


I had such a fun time creating this Rainbow Dash inspired look on the cutest little Amelia today. 

I’m so lucky to get to do this sort of thing for a job!

Amelia Hart Hair And Makeup


My good friend Melissa of Melissa Mankins Photography takes the best photos of me! She always makes me feel so glamorous! Hire her!

P.S. She also shot my holiday photos and my SLUG Queen photos. 

Dress- eShakti

Glasses- Target

Shoes- DSW

Hair- Amelia Hart, Dawn Baby Salon

Fabulousness- All Mine


gazerlies posted this gorgeous illustration they made based off of christopher-walken’s cuteass picture we submitted to the pravanapro 2014 Show Us Your Vivids contest! It’s so lovely! 

Speaking of, would you mind clicking this link and then clicking “like” on my entry? I sure would like to win a prize, and I sure would love y'all forever for your help!

to see more of my work:



I’m not one to post something like this… but this guy has been one of my friends for the last 6 months… one of the first people I met when I moved to Oregon, and he’s been gone for 11 days now. If you’re in the Eugene Oregon area, and you have seen this person please contact the numbers on here. He and his girlfriend may be trying to get to the Salem/Monmouth area, but no one really knows, apparently the girl he was with was spotted near Sheldon High School in Eugene Oregon.

I’m not gonna be like “reblog this please”, but if you want to help, it’d be much appreciated. He’s a good kid.