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The Sword Dance Touken Ranbu inspired handmade Zipper Bag

★Designed by HANA

★The pouch comfortably fits your smart phone, pens, makeup, coins, mp3 players and any other small items you just can’t leave home without.


Mikazuki (三日月宗近)
Tsurumaru (鶴丸国永)
Kiyomitsu (加州清光)
Yasusada (大和守安定)

★Size: Approx.12cm X 11cm X 5cm (In addition the sleeves)

** Please note that as each items are handmade, the pouch may not be exactly same as in the photos. **


I often browse the shops and websites of other small businesses that make ocean/beach/mermaid-inspired accessories. I like to gawk at all the pretty things that I’ll never own and I also look for items similar to mine so that I can compare prices. It AMAZES me how much people charge for a cheap pendant and chain that they bought at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. I’ve seen shops selling a $7 pendant on a $3 chain for $30.00 bucks and up! (That’s WITHOUT shipping!) AND PEOPLE BUY IT LEFT AND RIGHT!!!

It blows my mind. And I’m over here trying to sell things for not much more than what it cost me to make them -because to me, that’s only fair- and I make fewer sales. I don’t get it. I don’t want to charge astronomical prices, but maybe I should? Maybe I would be taken more seriously? *sigh* Idk.

can’t believe I managed to pull this off in 2 days

it’s the logo for the shop my friend and I are making (and someone else was supposed to do the lettering bc I CAN’T DO LETTERS but they didn’t soooo they’re pretty crappy ://  )


I am having a big cleanout on my Etsy! :) 

Tons of geeky merch - Lord of the Rings, Pokemon, Supernatural, Marvel, DC, and Death Note among others! There are zines, postcards, notebooks, posters and original drawings on sale, too :D

Use SECRETCLEAROUT until the end of May to get 20% off any order over 5£!