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Hello Tumblr and my fellow Supernatural fans!

Say, are you looking for some cute, supernatural character themed hair bows for your next Cosplay, Supernatural meet up, convention or just for everyday use? You are!? Then head on down to my Etsy Shop to view my modest collection of quality hair bows :3

I have some new additions to the store this month!
Charlie Bradbury, Gabriel and FOUR different Bobby Singer designs are now available to purchase!
Not only this but a CLIP ON BOW TIE option is now available too!!!

Each bow is made by hand with fabrics that are as character accurate as possible, and are interfaced to ensure that your bow doesn’t sag, flop or generally lose it’s stiffness over time. This is a big benefit over a ribbon based bow and will stand up to a lot of wear and tear, just like our boys (and girls)! Above are just some of the designs available and I’m always open to special requests.

So why not browse my store which you can find here;
Lauren’s Shop



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Little preview for my etsy shop!

Left: Castiel necklace, double wings & tie, silver
Right: Hunter necklace, caged salt, wing, dagger, bronze
Top: Glass pearl filled with water, bronze, comes silver and gold colored too (once I get the empty pearls)
Bottom: Glass pearl filled with dried flowers (summer flower mix), bronze with butterfly connector

I will put them online tomorrow probably, so if you’re interested, check it out ;) I’ll make a separate post for them with better pictures and a link then.


Black Ice Crochet Afghan: $75.00! :)

For sale in my Etsy shop!
Ready to ship!

I have several new stone arrowhead necklaces available @ ((clickable link in bio))🌙🔮 #arrowhead #jewelry #jewelrygram #stone #style #wirewrap #necklace #pendant #etsygifts #hippiejewelry #gypsy #gypsyjewelry #boho #bohemian #bohostyle #bohojewelry #instagood #dragonglass #instajewelry #gift #giftidea #etsy #bohochic #shopping #festivaljewelry #festivalfashion #festivalstyle #obsidian #indie #hippie


Sunrise Surprise Crochet Afghan: $75.00! :)

For sale in my Etsy shop!
Ready to ship!

Anyone a fan of Twootie Tarte’s bubble bars? Right now I’m taking orders for all the current bubble bars I offer to be made to order. They will be made next week so now is the time to get your order placed. You can find the bubble bar section here and keep updated with my Facebook page