My Tarot Shop is finally open!

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Now you can request paid readings for the times where my free slots are closed. Limited free slots will still continue on the weekends, so don’t worry! I’ll be adding special spreads and the like later on and look forward to a giveaway soon since I hit 600 followers today! Prices are SUPER LOW right now so take advantage of it!


Hi everyone!  I hate to be annoying but if you could look at my Etsy shop, I would greatly appreciate it.  I’m in a pretty bad situation right now and am desperate for money, I’m willing to come down on a price if you like something and we can go through paypal.  It’d mean the world to me even if you reblogged this and shared it with your friends.  Thank you so much.

Ashanris Accessories on Etsy


A little compilation of some of the bassnectar mandalas I’ve done over the past two years! The last 3 were all commission, too! His logo is such a unique and geometric masterpiece, it’s so much fun to map out!


Chemistry Glassware by Cognitive Surplus

This glassware by Cognitive Surplus cleverly represents the molecular structures of the drinks you pour into them. The Portland, Oregon-based design studio is the brainchild of self-proclaimed “science nerd” Kristen Zephyrus and designer Geoff Zephyrus. “We are fascinated by and curious about the science in the world around us. We love everything from physics jokes to the exquisite beauty of early scientific etchings and illustrations.” See more of their clever designs on Etsy.