Why Eto isnt dead

Ya wanna know a lesson that I learned from the transition from Tokyo Ghoul to Tokyo Ghoul:re, is that if someone is really dead you gotta see their dead body. This is because at the end of Part 1 there were four characters that were thought to be dead, two of them were even pronounced dead. Kaneki who a lot of people believed to be dead came back as Haise, Seidou came back as a One-Eyed Ghoul as did Amon, Hide is the only one who hasn’t shown up yet if he ever is. My reason 1 for why I don’t think Eto is dead is because we don’t see it happen we see her closing her eyes, which can mean many thing she got really hurt if anything I think that panel was just for dramatic affect

The thing is if Eto died in this chapter she would be the first major character to be killed off screen, which would be underwhelming for the big presence she has had in the series. It wouldn’t fit the wild character she is

The second reason that I think she is alive is the fact that she herself said she was dying,

Eto has always been known to lie and bend the truth to make her story look better in the grand schemes and do underhanded actions to reach her goals. I  personally think Eto is lying due to her actions a few chapters ago, yes she was hurt but a few chapters ago in 82 she wasn’t this bad she was still fucking around with Furuta, as she was kink shamming his Kagune, and trying to figure out what he is up to. I’m not doubting that she is hurt, I mean look at Eto, but I feel like she isn’t close to dying she’s just trying to appeal to Kaneki’s emotional side. I mean Eto knew the moment that she saw him that he killed Arima and was vunerable. Eto needs help, but considering the relationship that her and Kaneki have she probably thinks he wouldn’t help her unless she made him feel bad for her.

The third reason I think Eto is still alive is because while Kaneki told Eto this

He still thinks highly enough of Yoshimura where I don’t think that he wouldn’t break his promise to him about saving her.

So, I would think that Kaneki someone who was asked to save Eto morally, would at least save her physically. Which he could have done by feeding her himself, or even collecting one of the V members from the area the ETO and Furuta fled away from. Yet something else like I noticed is that out of the five members of squad zero with Hirako, only two of them were with Hirako when he attacked Aura and Mougan.

By the way one of them in the picture is Hirako.

Suspicious, I think yes, like I don’t think they are dead but could possibly still be with Eto maybe even helping her so she could escape as well.

My finale and most subjective reason is that I don’t feel like Eto’s narrative is done, there are still many questions that haven’t been answered like how Noroi became Noro, what was the catalyst for her hatred for V, how she met Tatara. Then there are things that she still hasn’t accomplished like annihilating V, killing Furuta, because after losing she must be hella more pissed then she already was. Then this women spent a huge chunk of her life with one purpose fuck up the already fucked up world to the point where it gets a factory reset. Yet, it isn’t like Eto to not see her plans through as she said “only the reckless ones stick to there beliefs” I can’t picture Eto going out before she tries to influence Kaneki into a factory reset she wants. Eto set up all the pieces to get Kaneki to be the One-Eyed King, Eto since she was captured has in little ways has tried to earn Kaneki’s trust by getting him information on V and Furuta, as well as saved :re gang from the compactor. I feel like Eto is still important and relevant to the plot, maybe not as a major villain as she was but a person with a lot of facts and power, I mean Eto is most likely going to be the only executive of Aogiri left and still controls the ghouls who will still be alive after this arc. Whereas Arima was the Original King, Eto in many ways is like an advisor for a king guides a king as well as do the work he has no time to do.

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What kind of better world they can build if the ghoul can only eat human? It's a win-lose. This may sound cruel but in a world of human, ghoul shoudn't exist in the first place. If I am a human and there is no alternative food for ghoul, I'd choose to eliminate or sterilize the ghoul to control their population. Some say ghouls only kill human to eat to survive, then I say humans have the right to kill ghoul to protect themselves in return.

  • I thought these two questions can be combined together, so I did. I hope you both wouldn’t mind.
  • I also have previously answered these concerns, but it seems I have to address them, one more time, in more details. I will divide the following into sections, appropriate for each concern.
  • I am glad there are people in the fandom who do not take things at face value, and that do not just sympathize with ghouls and forget humanity. I have been constantly annoyed by people who judged Arima for killing ghouls, even though he was just doing his job. If - and I say that for the millionth time - aliens invaded Earth, I would be on Humanity’s side regardless. 
  • Finally, I would highly appreciate it if the fandom stops flipping their opinions towards a character on a weekly basis, when the story hasn’t even unfolded properly yet. Thank you.

Part I: On Humanity, and other emerging species - regardless of their nature.

As a biologist, a geneticist precisely, I am well aware of the possibility of humans not being the only rational living species in the world. Life may be present on other planets, as well as may diverge on Earth when humans accumulate enough mutations to form a new species. I am also aware that for this to happens, hundreds and thousands of years need to pass. Regardless of it happens or not, regardless of whether the aliens will attack Earth or not, regardless of whether the new species/subspecies lives off humans as food or not, Humanity’s stand will be difficult to change. Humans will aim to annihilate the stranger species, or subject it to experimentation. I know that for a fact because I have been to International conferences, and spent a long time in the field of Population Genetics to know how the power front of the world thinks.

Seeing how Humans themselves cannot agree with one another, and wars still clash on a daily-basis in this wretched world, this is not surprising at all. Look at all the victims who fall in useless ongoing wars, and terrorist attacks…

Having read through Tokyo Ghoul, its one shots, and its sequel: Tokyo Ghoul:re, and having witnessed the success of numerous fan-made theories, including mine, as well as the meticulous symbolism in Ishida-sensei’s work, as well as his subtle biological, genetic, and evolutionary references, I cannot but be certain that his work is ultimately his view on this world and humanity’s conduct… something I am sure the three of us agree on. 

As such, seeing how one would sterilize a whole rational population, or annihilate it, when there are other means to make peace with it, is but an adoption of the common human perspective on other species. It is okay to think that way, in fact, this is the common opinion in the power front of the world, however… is it the humanitarian opinion? is it the right choice to manipulate the equilibrium of the environment? 

Part II: On Killing Ghouls as a mean to preserve Humanity

When did ghouls emerge exactly? We don’t know. An attempt to answer this question was drafted by @hysyartsymaskstudio who was kind enough to tag me to encourage discussion. You may read how the discussion unfolded here [x].

Regardless of when ghouls emerged as a separate species or a sub species, I personally (and in my humble opinion here) believe that they could have been annihilated decades ago… yet they were not. We also do not know why this annihilation never saw light, however we do have some obvious partial-answers:

  1. The only organization who has sought to annihilate ghouls (in Japan at least) - the CCG - itself is ruled by Ghouls.
  2. The CCG is not only ruled by ghouls, but is also conducting breeding experiments that have the potential to unleash a new species/sub-species, ultimately disrupting Humanity… regardless if its aim (that we do not really know at this point, but we suspect it is what Arima thinks it is) to feel more human.
  3. V is a shady organization that is also ruled partially (or is it?) by ghouls who aim to maintain a balance between the Human and Ghoul Worlds. Unfortunately,  it is obvious at this stage that V is biased… not towards ghouls or towards humans, but towards some ghouls and some humans. Additionally, its concept of maintaining an equilibrium is rotten to the core. Not only is it failing (italized because they do not think they are failing, but rather they are purposely maintaining a twisted equilibrium) to maintain this equilibrium, but also never sought to touch upon the fundamental issue that leads to the hostility between the two worlds: ghouls eat humans.

In light of this situation, if one were to still adopt annihilation of ghouls, one must first shatter both CCG and V as they proved to be hindrance towards this goal. Then, one can worry about Aogiri Tree and other ghouls, and seek to kill them all (or sterilize them as one of you suggested). 

Part III: On Humans, Ghouls, Hybrids: Who’s the real victim? Who’s the real monster?

In the TG-universe, humans have mixed feelings about ghouls.

  1. The majority do not accept them, and want them dead… for obvious reasons.
  2. Some accept them as allies: V members, Eto…
  3. Some recognized that they have feelings and are rational: Kimi, Ukina, Hide.

In the TG-universe, ghouls have mixed feelings about humans:

  1. The majority sees them as mere food.
  2. Some accept them as allies: Washuus, V…
  3. Some recognized that humans are like them: Anteiku crew, Touka, Kuzen…

In the TG-universe, hybrids are also various:

Kaneki, the main character, is an artificial half-ghoul, who struggled with this new status, but was convinced by Yoshimura and the events that shaped his path up until now, that he is one of a kind: he belongs to both worlds.

Eto, who is a natural half-ghoul, also struggled to survive, yet she has been prominently taking the ghoul side, with some interactions with humans.

Other artificial hybrids include:

  1. Quinx - although willingly approved to change their bodies, each adopted this option out of desperation. This transition to a new body does come at a cost that we still did not infer so far. What we do know is that they are tools. Nothing more, nothing less. Their bodies do not belong to them anymore. 
  2. Sunlit Garden products - each hold an exquisite genome and each product’s abilities are different. What they all share though is their identity as a victim. That is what they are… products, destined to be used and thrown away, with a short life cycle… an expiration date pinned on their foreheads from the moment they were born.
  3. Kanou’s products - namely the twins, Amon, and Seidou - them also are products, destined for usage. Their bodies are also at a risk of degradation. Even if this does not happen, they have been all manipulated, against their will, to become so, be it a brain wash, torture, or imprisonment. 
  4. Furuta Nimura - originally a garden product, he realized how victimized he was and decided to bring back his stolen destiny by deciding for himself how his life unfolds. Undergoing a ghoulification experiment was but a way to protect himself from the dangers surrounding him, having been born as a defected hybrid. 
  5. Arima Kishou - originally a garden product, he was the best out of them and this is why he, probably, was the most brainwashed… having been kept closely by the Washuus, used a mere tool. Like Furuta, he recognized that his will has been stolen from him, after a long time of being used, decided to turn the table on his abusers, though differently than Furuta.

What I see is a bunch of people, having different genomes, different identities… having gone through hardships or put other in hardships. It is hard to judge them, us the people who mess up on a daily basis. What is clear though, what is clear enough, is that the victims do not share one identity… that the victims are not humans only, or ghouls only, or hybrids only… that the victims are a mixture of these. Whether each of those parties think this way, or not, whether they believe their own are the only victims, or not… the obvious answer remains, as clear as the sun… that the victims are numerous and partitioned among humans, hybrids, and ghouls. 

What is even clearer…

Kaneki seems as the victim who knows that humans, ghouls, and hybrids are all equal… in being victimized. 

Part IV: Eto, Arima, Kaneki, and the New World [Misconceptions]

I said this before, but I will say it again, one last time.

It is very early to assume anything about Eto and Arima’s motives. It is even early to assume anything about Kaneki’s motives. It is early to judge Arima, Eto, Kaneki… or even Hirako as I have seen many jumping to conclusions and trashing him for being an actual human attacking fellow humans. 

The only thing that we can take out of this chapter, without over-analyzing things and trashing the most complex characters in the story to the ground, is that the New World, the Better World is one where a real balance exists between Humans and Ghouls. Put more subtly, the King is to reign over a world where both humans and ghouls live peacefully. 

Several blogs have put this nicely: Both Arima and Eto do not deserve to be Kings. They, Arima and Eto, know that they will never create such a world on their own. Although they understand ghouls and humans (as well as hybrids) are victimized, and deserve to live peacefully, they know that as long as Eto’s image is associated with ghouls, as long as Arima’s image is associated with humanity, with all the terror and fear that both images bring to the consecutive ghoul and human worlds, their perfect world, the one they both agreed (over a decade ago) that must be created, cannot see light. 

It is not that Eto thought only ghouls were victimized. She was clearly saying that if Arima Kishou dies, a brink of hope will rule over the ghouls. She also is hinting that if she dies, a brink of hope will rule over humanity. When the two Kings die, humans and ghouls can breath. 

This is why Kaneki has been chosen. Kaneki has embraced both his ghoulness and his humanity, and is the most subtle person to ascend the throne they were both sitting on… and lead both humans and ghouls to a new era. 

Ironically, the real monster was not Eto. The real monster was not Arima. However, as long as this is what the ghoul and human world perceive as a monster, both of them should be erased. 

The true monster is the larger force that made both Eto and Arima hate this world and call it twisted and messed up. Now Kaneki knows who this true monster is… and his ultimate goal, creating a peaceful world for both humans and ghouls, cannot be fulfilled until he brings down this real monster. 

Please read these short answers for more details [x] [x] [x]

Part V: Peace - Controlling Consumption

Anteiku was Kaneki’s support. Anteiku was Kaneki’s motive to continue fighting and to embrace his shared identity. For him, this small coffee shop was a micro-world where peace ruled. He witnessed:

  1. Touka’s affection towards Yoriko. 
  2. Nishiki’s love and sacrifice for Kimi
  3. Yoshimura’s struggle to maintain a family with Ukina
  4. Hide’s acceptance, love, and sacrifice
  5. Their abilities to maintain their lives close to humans, without killing them
  6. Their abilities to atone for their sins (killing humans) and feeling guilt.

If such a micro-environment excelled in adopting and living peace, so can the macro-environment. 

Unfortunately, this micro-environment was shattered and no longer exists… until :re was established… though Kaneki could no longer be a part of it.

Both Humans and Ghouls can live peacefully with one another… if they adopt Anteiku’s method.

Even more so, with the larger force (Kaneki’s true enemy at this point), making ghouls, hybrids and what not… Humanity, and the ghoul world, can successfully produce food subtle for ghouls to survive on, if scavenging dead bodies is not enough to sustain the ghoul population.

All of this might be far-fetched. The story may be heading towards a different direction. I don’t know. What is clear to me though is that Kaneki is not looking forward to a world where only ghouls live. This is something obvious. 

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I have a question. Since eto and arima's deal was long before kaneki, then how did both of them agree on who to call the oek if theyve never met up again?

I still think there is more to the story than what we just found in the recent chapter. I think Ishida-sensei will give us more answers when the right time comes. 

Things can also be strictly metaphoric. I am still not sure about this “deal” Arima and Eto made. There is no deal really in chapter 86. Leaving Eto alive and saying her motive looks good could have been all that ever happened.

Regardless of your point about Eto and Arima deciding on Kaneki, previous events now seem troublesome. The Anteiku raid always seemed fishy to me, when it comes to Arima and Eto precisely. It’s almost obvious now that he is the one who let her pass through V14… that their whole fight was an “act”, that Tatara announced him passing by. 

It’s really confusing at this point. 

If I want to pose possibilities, it’s either one of the following:

  1. They never met after their initial interaction from Chapter 86. However, they were able to understand the subtle hints they left to one another (Eto’s books, Eto’s actions captured by V, Arima’s actions, etc…)
  2. They did not cooperate after that interaction years ago, but they started contacting one another after V14. 
  3. They did not cooperate after that interaction years ago, but they started contacting one another after Eto found out about Kaneki Ken/Arima found out about Kaneki Ken through V.
  4. They were interacting ever since they met years ago, but not that heavily… ie they would meet whenever a huge incident occured.
  5. They have always interacted.
  6. They interacted indirectly through someone in V, someone who was not actually loyal to V.
  7. They have connections with the clowns, and again, they interacted indirectly through them.

Since nothing concrete has been revealed, I personally do not want to assume anything, and will be waiting for more insight.