Everybody knows how you rage-quit an on online shooter: scream racial-slur-laced invective into your headset and disconnect.

And everybody knows how you rage-quit chess: the classic board flip.

Have you ever thought about rate-quit etiquette for other games, though?

For example, how do you rage-quit water polo?

Competitive baking?


Don’t Play With Your 箸(はし)

Culture Etiquette Lesson!

Even in America you should do this!!!

The Japanese word for chopsticks is 箸 (はし). 

Typically, in a nicer restaurant (in America), or someone else’s house, or most restaurants in Japan, you will not get wooden chopsticks in a package that you pull apart (the typical American kind). You will get nice chopsticks, with a holder to rest on the table, like this:

Many people will rub their chopsticks together to get wood slivers out or play with them (have you ever not seen a child use them as drumsticks in a restaurant?). This is VERY rude, even in America. If your chopsticks do have wood slivers, discreetly rub them together under the table right before you eat

But onto nicer chopsticks. Don’t play with them, don’t rub them together, don’t mess with them until you are going to eat. It sends a message to the host of the dinner (at a house) or the employer (at a restaurant) that you basically don’t trust their hygienics. It’s like going to a dinner party and cleaning your fork and knife with a napkin before using them. In addition, just don’t touch them until you actually get your food or the host raises his/her “fork” (chopsticks) so to speak, like in American dinner etiquette. An American comparison is one of those scenes in movies where kids hold their fork and knife and bang on the table and chant for food (I don’t remember what this is from, but I did it once as a kid because I saw it on TV and was scolded). Once you finish your food, you set your chopsticks down, and that’s it. That’s the message that you are finished eating.

Lastly, this is just a side note, but when you say the customary meal sayings, いただきます and ごちそうさま(でした), you really don’t have to put your hands together like you’re saying a prayer. It’s not a religious thing, it’s just manners/culture. Putting your hands together became a “cute” thing to do after a girl on Iron Chef (the Japanese show) did that with all of her meals. So….like all media fads, people started doing that and it never stopped. But you can just bow your head slightly and say いただきます・ごちそうさまでした。I was talking to my professor about it yesterday (she finds it funny that even men do it now when it was originally a cute girly thing to do), so that’s why I remember it. Random piece of knowledge, but if you’re anything like me it’s a cool fun fact and now I know I don’t have to look like I’m saying grace every time I eat a meal. 

Smoking etiquette

So I always provide the drugs in my circle of friends and so people always come over and smoke and whatever but I get so offended by some things so I decided to write some smoking etiquette rules.

1. If it’s not your shit make sure who ever provided the drugs gets the first hit.

2. Two hit from the pipe or bong then pass; don’t be greedy.

3. Don’t burn the shit!

4. If someone was nice enough to let you smoke from their piece while they weren’t present make sure you clean the bowl when you are done or don’t smoke the whole bowl.

5. Always Contribute to the smoke sessions. In some way shape or form.

6. If someone tells you they are low on shit stop asking for more.

7. Never take or ask for someone’s last bowl.

8. If you are visiting a friend and smoking say hi to your friend give them a hug catch up before asking for the piece.

9. Do not blow smoke in anyone’s face unless they asked you to.

10. If you don’t know who the pass the piece to and yell “Marco” and whoever says polo first gets the piece next.

11. Do not gloat about how you can get better quality, pricing, or quantity. If you are trying to say you wanna share this “better” deal that you can get then hook it up! But if you are just being a snob get the fuck out of here then. (Credit: @richboymob-blog )