Illustrations I did a while back for an article about disease caused by sustained exposure to noise, for Etiqueta Negra magazine. You know, it may be a low-frecuency buzzing from some ominous engine, but you could also get mad hearing a tap dripping onto the sink in the dead of the night.

Oh yes, there is some obvious Kirby tribute in the first one. Drawing nonsense machinery is fun.

Beautiful new cover Etiqueta Negra (“Black Label”): a magazine of narrative journalism in Peru

Managing Editor Lizzy Cantú explains this 100th issue:
“For our 100th issue cover we wanted two things: to make a tribute to old newspapers (celebrating that we had survived ten years in print) and to convey that feeling of winning/triumph of achieving something with a lot of effort. The smaller print on the background are the two first letters of the editor, sort of a declaration of principles for our magazine: una revista para distraìdos, a magazine for the distracted.”

Founding Director Julio Villanueva Chang

Pretty damn pleased to have another rad graphic artist, @chermanyinks, illustrating an essay of mine for @EtiquetaNegra. Their food issue dropped in Lima today.  Pick it up if you read Spanish and have been dying to know my thoughts on gastro-tourism, amateur food photography, and fish juice.  Or buy it for the great art.  If you happen not to live in Peru (or near an international newsstand), check out Made in Chermany, Inks. for more work from Cherman.