Declaration--A Billie and Chris One-Shot

(Author’s Note–I know it’s been a while since I’ve written anything but this idea randomly came to me and I figured what the hell LOL. I just hope everyone enjoys it. And there’s no real warning excepts talks about babies and a bit of miscommunication. Well there is a brief mention of sex, but nothing too graphic. And for the Billie and Chris timeline this happens a few months after LUCKY CHARMS, which I know I need to finish)


Although a horrible storm system had attacked the Upper East Coast, Billie and Chris were determined to salvage their Fourth of July weekend. They invited their family over for an indoor cook-out, and afterwards their friends were coming by for a big shindig which would include an epic fireworks show if the weather permitted.

And Billie was extremely ecstatic that her BFFs Nicole and Ethan were staying for a few extra days.  In fact she had spent most of the morning setting up the guest room. And after she added fresh sheets to their beds, she called to see if they were on their way.  

“Please tell me you guys have left Brooklyn!”

Nicole put her on speaker phone and said that they would be there in Massachusetts in approximately 3 ½ hours, depending on the traffic. And Ethan said that they would have left sooner if she hadn’t spent so much time in the bathroom.

“Well you know Nikki likes to hog the mirror.”

“More like hogging the toilet.”

“Babe! You weren’t supposed to mention that!” Nicole yelled as she smacked his hand.

Billie asked if everything was okay, and Nicole modestly revealed that she was four weeks pregnant. But she wanted to keep it under wraps for the time being since she was still at risk for miscarriage.

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crispydolan  asked:

im puttin all my money on ethAn NOW. i feel nicole and gray will end up together but i dont want to b positive on that idea just in case it doesnt happen ahahA

It will all play out the way it was mean to.  I just want to reveal it all sooooooo bad!

anonymous asked:

You can best believe I want the reader to end with Ethan! Nicole can have Grayson and then everyone is happy (at least in my mind lol)!!!!! This part was great can't wait for more💕

Thank you, boo! 💜💜💜