Ethan Choi


“Dr. Charles we’re in the business of saving lives. The moment people lose confidence in their leader the fight is lost.

“You would have died if you were my Love-Interest”

Ben Parker and Ethan Choi late night pillow talk with a bit of angst on bens part. Even in FanAUs i have to ship the couple that’s never gonna sail. Also ben strikes me as a ‘wears socks in bed’ kinda guy….

Also as a Radikal DC fan i felt my heart bleeding spending any time of my life drawing Marvel (esc) characters… Please forgive me DC…

(I’m aware that most of my followers are waiting for the new part of my JonDami comic and it’s almost finished but I’m having some technical difficulties)


Prompt list:

1) “Why the hell is your chair in my yard?”
2) “That’s my book.”
3) “I love you too. Now please help me with this bullet wound.”
4) “That’s my coffee.”
5) “Yes. I speak Latin.”
6) “We had a small explosion.”
7) “I just want to hear your voice.”
8) “Yes. I know we’re stuck in an elevator.”
9) “Why did the train stop?”
10) “What type of candle should I get?”
11) “Shut up. Help me out of the damn well.”
12) “That was my favorite shirt!”
13) “Yes. I brought puppies home.”
14) “I know this is weird. But can I take a photo of you?”
15) “Don’t ask. Just take the damn rooster.”
16) “Please explain why there’s a clown on our couch.”
17) “Stop getting crumbs all over my bed.”
18) “It’s 2AM, you want me to do WHAT?”
19) “I swear I had no idea it was your cat.”
20) “The shop is closed. Oh wait your hot. Come on in.”
21) “Yes. I’m aware the curtains are on fire.”
22) “I swear I didn’t pick the furniture.”
23) “I can’t loose you. I can’t.”
24) “I miss you way too much.”
25) “Okay so maybe I should have picked a different movie.”
26) “I hate Valentine’s Day.”
27) “Okay so maybe we’re both lost. But at least we can look at the lights?”
28) “I need to not be stuck in a romantic movie.”
29) “It’s three AM for god’s sake.”
30) “how did we get here?”
31) “What’s with the fancy outfit?”
32) “Cuddle. Now.”

Thought you guys might want a short prompt list. Just request/message me one or more of the numbers and fandom and character :)

anonymous asked:

Can you write a Jay Halstead imagine where she works at the Chicago med and there a dangerous guy she has to treat and Jay is tree because he's watching over the dangerous guys. There not together but they kinda have a thing please.

I’m presuming you meant that Jay was there, granted he is as tall as a tree…

Anyway, here’s your request :) (if you indeed want Jay to be a tree, maybe dressed up as one or something, feel free to just request it again).


You loved Chicago, you really did. And you couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. But the gang shootings always made you want to pack and leave.

Like today. You had heard that there was gang violence on the news, the whole hospital was prepped for it.

But when the first testosterone filled gun victim and his ‘brothers’ got assigned to you, it didn’t make it any easier.

Your only somewhat of a comfort, was that some members of PD were in the ED. They were there to investigate another patient, but that didn’t mean you didn’t notice a certain tree like detective occasionally glancing your way.

You sighed and carried on with the some what awake gunshot victim that was just assigned to you. You prayed that no gang members would be filing in to look for him, because trying to get a bullet out with a bunch of gang bangers behind you is probably on your ‘things to never do again’ list.

However as you thought that, two men walked up to you, “You working on my buddy?”

“Would your buddy be this man over there?” you pointed to your patient who you had just walked away from.

“Yeah. That’s him,” the other man replied.

You sighed, as you thought these people were clearly lesser members of a gang that were sent in to check on your patient.

For now your patient was stable and fine, you didn’t need to be there constantly and you had other patients to attend to.

But the two men didn’t seem to get that message.

“Why aren’t you taking care of him?” the one closest to you asked. Stepping a bit closer to you.

You strategically moved behind the nurses counter, wanting to get a few feet between you and the two men.

“I am,” you assured him, “but right now he is stable and I have other patients. I can go through what happened to him if you would like me to.”

“We already know what happened to him!” the man shouted, “we want to know why you aren’t with him now!”

By this time, half of the ED was watching and Jay and Dr Choi were slowly inching towards you.

“Because,” you began, “he’s stable. He’s fine. He is going to make a full recovery.”

One of the men moved around to your side or the nurse’s station and looked like he was about to hit you.

But before he even made it two steps he was flung in the opposite direction and, to your surprise, Jay stood protectively in front of you.

“He’s gonna be fine,” Jay said, addressing the two men, “you can go tell whoever wanted to know. Now get out.”

Then Jay turned towards you, for a second you saw something in his eyes you had never seen before. Fear and worry. And something else you couldn’t put your finger one.

And then it was gone.

And so was he.

It was three hours when Will came up to you, “You should call Jay.”

“What?” you dropped the while you were holding.

Will chuckled and bent down to pick it up, “You know I can only remember one time that I saw him like that.”

“Like what?” the two of you had reached the staff room and Will was getting his coat.

“So worried. So protective. So angry,” he said as he put it on.

“What do you mean?” you asked, confused.

Will turned away and as he was about to walk out the door he turned to you, “Jay had a puppy when we were kids. And the last time I saw him look so rawly worried and angry, was when my dad took it away.”


I swear I don’t plan for these things to come out the way they do…

Anyhoo, I’m really sorry for being so inactive but school just started so everything is a bit hectic. But don’t worry, I still take requests and I still try my best to write them :)