Eternal Warrior

Favorite Comic Book Characters

(which you already know when you follow my blog)

I was tagged by @fllmetl in THIS POST for my Top 10 comic book characters.

1. Ninjak

Best ongoing comic out right now. It’s a freakin’ Ninja who works for the MI-6 and kills people.

2. Superior

Mark Millar’s best book. Read it.

3. Bullseye

Marvel’s best villain. Deserves an ongoing where he kills some major marvelguys. Would read.

4. Bloodshot

Current “Bloodshot Reborn” is fucking epic.

5. Moon Knight

Can’t wiat to read the new ongoing by Jeff Lemire, where he is in an asylum for mentally ill. That’s gonna be great.

6. Red Sonja

The Gail Simone run was brilliant. must read. Best female hero.

7. Nemesis

Sickest Motherfucker ever. Needs own movie.

8. Midnighter

Do yourself a favor and read the current ongoing. to much epicness.

9. Deadpool

Can’t wait to see the movie 2016!

10. Eternal Warrior

New ongoing in November going to be sick. Most metal charakter ever.

Honorable Mention:
Hellboy. Hopefully I find the time to fully read into the Hellverse!

Wolverine. Hope the Old Man Logan stuff is good, but hey it’s written by JEFF LEMIRE!

Cyclops: Everything after that Avengers vs. X-Men stuff by Bendis was weak as fuck. Realy hope Cycs gets back to his old strength and get’s some spotlight in the x-titles…

Others: Daredevil, Winter Soldier, Peter Stanchek, Kris Hathaway, Faith Herbert, Charlene Dupre, John Torkelson, Livewire.

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Family Portrait

My favorite thing about Destiny is that it brings my family closer together. I moved away to college and I play with my dad and brothers a lot and am able to hang out with them from hours away. My step-mom doesn’t play but she’s always around and very supportive.

This was about a 70 hour project and was definitely a test of my patience but I am super happy with how it came out. Sadly the version of all the helmets together in a frame is too large to post here without loosing all the little details so here is a link to it on DeviantArt x

In order of appearance Battlecage of Kabr (Dad), Helm of Inmost Light (Brother), Eternal Warrior (Youngest Brother), Apotheosis Veil (Step-Mom), and The Ram (Me).

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