DNA - Part One (M)

Genre: futuristic dystopian smut and angst

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 4492 (Part One of ?)

Summary: Jungkook’s career is in jeopardy when he begins falling for a woman he’s supposed to impregnate.

Author’s Note: This story is a combination of three things: Stephen King’s memoir/writing advice book “On Writing” which I recently finished reading, my trip to a county fair where I spent way too long talking to a farm boy about the intricacies of dairy cattle breeding, and a crazed caffeine-fueled BTS sex dream.

Stephen King talks in his book about how he views stories as found objects. The writer doesn’t create them, just uncovers them and brings them into focus, like a paleontologist uncovering a fossil. It lets you judge a piece honestly without feeling like you’re judging yourself. I’m sure it also helped Stephen King distance himself from some of the intense stuff he wrote. 

So don’t judge me too hard for writing this half-porn, half-nightmare trash. I didn’t set out to write it, I just found it in my brain.

Warnings: explicit sexual content, men and women used for breeding 

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Let's Get Hurt
Let's Get Hurt

“Let’s Get Hurt”
Smash Hits!, 1995

I spent a lot of time in my car in the mid-90s. Being a pizza delivery driver is a lifestyle choice, I suppose. Needless to say, I had plenty of time to listen to music and it was during these years that I took so many chances when buying tapes and cds. The label an album was released on held more sway at the time, and I bought Smash Hits! solely because it was released on Estrus. I hadn’t ever heard a note of a Teengenerate recording, but I had a pretty general idea what awaited me.

Well, a general idea and a final realization are two entirely different things. Teengenerate was punky, sure. Garagey? Yep. Lo-fi? Extremely. At their core was a colossal energy. Just listening to them get through one song, and then another, and then even another, was exhilarating! And exhausting!

As easy as it would be to say they just set a tape recorder in the middle of a room and went through fifteen songs, it actually sounds better than that. Each instrument in the band is clear, and was captured correctly. It’s just that once it came time to mix, the engineer found the proper level and then DOUBLED it. Teengenerate sounds amazingly loud at low volumes, and at high volumes will peel the skin off your face.

And that brings us to the particular song “Let’s Get Hurt”. A lot of Teengenerate’s repertoire is built on the same fundamentals: hot riff, speedy tempo and a full moon howl. There’s a mode they would settle into and rarely break out of. Occasionally, though, one song would have just a little something extra. In “Let’s Get Hurt,” Teengenerate threw in a bit of British Invasion r&b, Van Morrison style. Of course you’d be forgiven for missing it, what with the going deaf from the volume. It’s there, though. You strip the distortion and the aggression away, and you’re left with a marvelous song that could’ve been at home on Them Again.

Teengenerate only survived for four years. That must have been all they could endure, because the grind of being that fucking rad must do a band in.



I was going to bring up Geladas as animals that still freak me out, but upon closer look I realized that they look really weirdly beautiful. Like weird alien manticores who eat grass.

The chest lumps females get when in estrus weird me out still tho


Often seen as the least territorial or possessive without as much of a need to control others, male and female omegas are differentiated by their possession of wombs (specifically for omega males) and increased fertility (omega females). Omegas of either primary sex will also experience seasonal heats.

Heat (or estrus) cycles   are periods of 3-5 days where an Omega will experience sexual excitability and have an increase in fertility. This often comes in tandem with a large release of pheromones to communicate the biological shift to others. Depending on several variables, such as emotional and mental state, safety, and whether or not they have a mate, most Omegas will experience a heat every 3-6 months.

Pregnancy  is commonly associated with omegas of either primary sex, mostly due to the fact that they are the most fertile of any other combination. Most omegas will carry at least 1-2 pups per pregnancy regardless of who impregnated them, but larger numbers are common if the conception was during a heat cycle.

The length of pregnancy is the same for both male and female omegas (8-9 months).

Omega Male Specifics

Omega males are biologically capable of giving birth to young due to the adaption of a womb-like organ, connecting to the lower portion of the rectum. When they are not in heat, the channel to the organ is closed off and unable to access during sex. The structure of the opening is very similar to the female cervix.

Omega males will only lactate during and just after pregnancy.

Omega Female Specifics

Omega females are extremely fertile during heat cycles, but are usually unable to get pregnant outside of them. Menstrual cycles are uncommon if present at all in omega females, as their body has stocked almost all of their biological resources in the heat cycles versus menstrual cycles.

Omega females will lactate most of their lives if their body is given extended stimuli to their breasts, but will stop lactating without this stimuli.

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Omegaverse: Everything You Need to Know - DarthSuki


7 Year Bitch: Gato Negro. 1996. Artwork: Jamie Hernandez. Art Direction & Design: 7 Year Bitch & Sung Lee-Crawford
The Makers: Tear Your World Apart. 1997. Double 7". Artwork: Jaime Hernandez. Design: Monster X
The Shame Idols: I Got Time. 1995. Artwork:Jaime Hernandez. Design: Monster X
Lung Leg: Maid To Minx. 1997. Artwork: Jamie Hernandez. Design: Divine Inc. & Marc Baines

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Why are the male Jaria's chests covered and not exposed like the females? The females not have chest coverage seems like an act of 'HAHAH IM SO STRONG STAB ME IN THE CHEST AND ILL STILL BITE YOUR FACE OFF!' And the males covering seems... rather more like a sign of weakness...? Maybe I totally missed the ball and it ended up in the parking lot on that interpretation though...

Not at all! I touched on this a little while ago, regarding wardrobe and how significance and prestige come in the form of ‘how much are you allowed to cover yourself and present as androgynous’. So here, the more covered the more ‘neutral’ and thus elevated your rank is. 

Because of Jauria extremely patriarchal and binaristic society, the concept of androgyny is an honor to earn and a thing only elite members are allowed, as in–cover their bodies in clothes to hide their gender so it’s well shown that they don’t carry out the enforced duties of men and women.

The role of females is seen as hard-won property, and expectations of behavior in females are that they’re to be EXTREMELY cold and calculating, and above all, aromantic and sexually-speaking only driven by the obligation to procreate. They’re not to ever engage courtship with males, and sexual conduct is only a ‘necessity’ to remain focused on work. (lesbians are frowned upon though not necessarily a taboo, it is thought unbecoming to be gay af if you’re a lady since you’re supposed to be proper.) Demeanor of females is overall, ‘scary’. they’re spec ops and usually are deployed as individual units as opposed to male platoons for assassination/diplomatic/etc missions. So in a way, Bri is VERY VEEEERY Poor at being feminine…she’s loud, obnoxious, openly competitive and rebellious. A terrible tomboy.

Sticks out like a sore thumb…

Female’s chests are bared because in a society where even the gangliest of females can tear your face off with a swipe, they want the females to be IMMEDIATELY identified. Stat, go. They are in the capacity to be mothers, but only so if a male has been given authorization and has the qualifications to father off-spring. Because this is a very militaristic society, you don’t want lovechilds, you want /killers/. Nothing goes to waste, and even the children need to meet expectations. There’s no room for ‘wasted’ potential.

And so in the immediacy of identifying females, there’s no ‘weird’ and improper conduct is carried out between opposing genders (though there’s intersex castes that’s still reinforced–ie. Lions)

Males on the other hand are given far more allowance. They aren’t expected to behave, they’re expected to display just how fucking dominant and powerful and capable they are of keeping each other in line. So yes, TW there’s a lot of non/dubcon and they don’t even consider it so, it’s just a facet of their culture that’s encouraged–a harem hierarchy is established wherein you either mark someone or you’re marked. Everyone falls under someone else, and usually this is how battle platoons are formed. Though not always the case, usually it’s the top cats who get the privilege of being given breeding rights to help the new generation of murder cat people be created. 

BUT–But this behavior is not allowed publicly, of course. And so covering their chests is kind of, more of for decency’s sake than anything, showing their butts however is more of a flaunting aspect, males flaunt that’s what they do–they NEED to show their assets. Literally. If they ever want to have a legacy, they better. 

Males also have heat cycles, more or less like estrus where they have horribly bad growth spurts and even more horrible mood swings that make them a danger to pretty much everyone also dangerously territorial and needing to get off/procreate. It happens twice a year, though males are otherwise fertile. This is where they get their stripes, as in–stretch marks. Usually a fairly striped male implies he’s gone through a lot of heat cycles and has reached their near full stature. Karel still…has more stripes to go, and boy has he had his cycles. The males end up very hairy, very bothered, and very tired at the end of each, and usually receive a ‘formal reintroduction’ to society when the need to murder/(fuck) everything has desisted–they’re applauded, etc. Think of it as a period, except it’s nothing people are shaken or speak ill about. 

Karel isn’t too big on the celebrations though, as being the first and very few male lions in the Dome he’s tremendously self conscious of how destructive he tends to be during these…not to mention he’s aware how every time it’s tougher for the boys to cheer him as he just progressively towers over them.

But he starts to enjoy that eventually. /too much/.  WOW MAN YOU HAD YOUR PERIOD??!! CONGRATULATIONS, YOU’RE A DUDE, YOU’RE ONE OF US! STRIPES STRIPES STRIPES!! and then you have to show how a tight-fit your previous attire is and everyone has a dick contest for cycle growth spurts which he wins every time. you know. frat boy life.  Overall the guys, just have tons of fun…bad fun. but more fun than the girls, definitely.


In other Gelada news: apparently because geladas tend to spend most of their day grazing and therefor sitting on their butt upright, their ass isn’t used for sexual display like with their relatives and isn’t as bright or potrubant. This is the likely reason they evolved to have the red patch on their chest as a way to compensate, to the point that the females get swelling “blisters” on it during estrus much like the sexual swellings on the rears of many female primates.

This interests me cause it is reminiscent of a different primate who evolved on the plains and is also often in an upright position which for some reason evolved a peculiar chest as a sexually selected trait

Monster Falls AU
Deerper and Bill fluff eue

Bill turned himself into a deer just to screw with Dipper but he chose the worst time to do it because the ‘rut’ season is on its way and Dipper is irritable af. One would think Bill is going to get stabbed with those steady-growing antlers when he pranced his way towards the teenager, but… surprisingly, even to Bill himself, Dipper nuzzles him and licks him as if Bill was a female doe in estrus. Dipper follows Bill’s every step and sticks to his side like a guard, pawing the ground with his head bowed in a mock charge at any bucks who come close to Bill. 

Dipper will never live this down and Bill is 100% okay with all of this.  

Veterinary Storytime: Horses & Embarrassing

I’m just going to come outright and say it.

Did you know horses in heat will wink their clitoris?

Because they do as part of their estrus signalling behavior and they will wink at any likely suspect when they think there’s a stallion around. Some are less discerning than others and will even present and wink at tree branches that happened to touch their flank in the wind. I’m not shaming here.

As part of our studies at vet school, we had to learn about artificial reproduction in the horse. That meant a practical lesson about semen collection and insemination.

The problem with collecting horse semen is that one must acquire it from a stallion. A stallion, even a relatively docile one, is a significant health and safety hazard when you have dozens of vet students milling around, trying to see all the goings on.

So the university implemented a clever solution.

Instead of a fully grown, 600kg stallion that could easily do whatever the heck he wanted, the demonstration was done with a 60kg miniature stallion called Lucky.

While Lucky arrived with a partner his own size, like all stallions he was a lady’s man and proceeded to flirt and call to every single standardbred mare in the surrounding pens, many of which were on heat and keen for, but confused by, the attention.

Little Lucky would strut his stuff and put on his very best show, and he did a very good job. The standardbred mares would respond, back up to the fences and wink… only to look confused when the source of the stallion-ness was not readily apparent.

They would turn, lowering their necks through the pen to examine Lucky, and I swear the poor beasts looked confused at this creature, just the size of a foal, trotting around like he was the Best Thing.

So not only did we get to experience the embarrassment of the whole general situation, we also got to experience Lucky’s.

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6173. Demons as a species have an estrus cycle. This usually carries over into any offspring that is at least half demon. And since demons being a mostly magical species can change to breed with almost any species, the pheromones of a female demon in heat tend to be rather strong, albeit, only affecting unclaimed/single males. Needless to say, however, is the amusement Robin, Star, Cy, and Bee got from watching BB either avoiding Raven like the plague or being all over her. (After Titans Together)

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