I remember the first Esther Day I celebrated, three years ago at LeakyCon. I remember hearing her story as though it were yesterday. The story of a girl with kindness in her soul and laughter in her heart. The story of the girl who inspired “The Fault in Our Stars.” The story of a girl who, when asked how she wanted her birthday celebrated, requested that it be a day where people vocally express their love for one another. A day like Valentine’s Day, but without the baggage, and not just limited to a lover. A day filled with pure love for all.

So on this August 3rd, on what would be Esther’s 22nd birthday, I will send love out to my family, love out to my friends, love out to all of you, and love out to Esther Earl, a girl who is no longer here, but is somehow still teaching us to open our hearts a little further, and to love a little deeper.

Happy Esther Day ❤️❤️❤️ @tswgobook


Happy Esther Day 2014! || Happy 20th Birthday, Esther Grace Earl!

Just be happy, and if you can’t be happy, do things that make you happy. Or do nothing with the people that make you happy.” 

-Esther in a letter she wrote at 14 to her 17 year old self. 

‎"I am so glad that I knew Esther, and that she was a nerdfighter, and that through Esther’s family and This Star Won’t Go Out we can still decrease suck with her…When I told Esther we wanted to celebrate her birthday as long as there were vlogbrothers videos, and that videos on that day could be about whatever she wanted them to be about, she waited a couple weeks before getting back to me. She finally decided she wanted it to be a day that celebrated love in families and among friends. I think of Esther Day as a kind of Valentine’s Day for all the other kinds of love…Esther means ‘star’, and her friends had a bracelet printed up that reads, “This star won’t go out.” And it won’t. We won’t let it.“ - John Green
Happy Esther Day everyone. 


Hand Hearts

A project created on Esther Day in celebration of love, to remind those that need it most that someone loves them, even if it’s a stranger.