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윤재호와 에스더의 추억이 깃든 이곳에서 마지막 촬영..ㅜㅜ 열정가득한 윤손하배우님과 추억송송 기념촬영~ 다시 내일첫씬을 위해 고고 !! 상속자들 마지막까지 홧튕!!!♡

BT: Yoon Jae-HO and steeped in memories of Esther last shoot …ㅜ ㅜ passion by learning and memories filled with Yoon son-HA song song for the first scene filmed to celebrate again tomorrow and!! We are focusing their heirs will make it bounce till the end!!!♡

Treasurer: Esther Lee

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By Esther Lee

Looking back on the past year as DPD, it was definitely a time of growth and challenge. The challenges were predictable: working closely with others, detailed logistical planning, loneliness etc. But the personal growth and innumerable blessing while serving were pleasant surprises for me. By working “backstage”, I was able to truly see that without God and His guiding hand it was nearly impossible accomplish anything. The more that we tried to do lead by our own logic and reasoning, the more difficult it became to serve.

God taught me that all he wanted from us as leaders was total reliance on His power and His plan in prayer. By having the privilege of serving in this ministry, I was able to truly experience His love and grace for us firsthand. Even though I won’t miss running back and forth trying to work out logistics, I will more than miss being part of such an intimate community that loves God.


By Esther Lee

Oh good! I didn’t have enough a Anna Kendrick shit to coo over!