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This took way longer than I had planned on it taking, but dang was it worth it because like just look at this it all turned out so good and I am so damn happy and proud of myself! Have been wanting to draw Papyrus in a colour palette for quiet awhile as when I did the request palette one no one asked for him, but since I now decide myself who I want to draw for these palettes when I decide to do them I decided to finally do it!

And I also came up with a story or rather like a scenario for this, which is that either he woke up his friend/datemate/possible datemate not sure you decide up really crazily early to take a walk on the beach and watch the sunrise with him, or so have he been awake all night just walking with this person keeping them company as they can’t sleep because of troubles, either way the person he is with is having troubles about something, and he decides to give them a pep talk telling how he believes in them and that he knows they can do it! :D

Frick I am so damn happy with the colours, I choose this palette because of it’s name as Papyrus always makes me think of the sun, because he is my sunshine, my only sunshine pft, anyway so damn happy with that background so i had to post it with only the background because look at it, I usually don’t make backgrounds like at all except for like some random colours so it was fun trying to draw a sunrise with it shining and reflecting on the ocean and i think i succeeded in it pretty well, really happy with those clouds like look at them, the sun could had been a tiny bit better but i still like it hella lot, and the water fuck it looks so good, realized while i am writing this that there is a dark bit in the shiny stuff which kinda bothers me but can’t be bothered to fix it, this be done, i used a different kind of brush on the sand to make it a bit grainy which somehow turned out pretty well, and the colours on Papyrus himself dang he turned out so good, really like the shine around his head as i wanted it to be like he is the sun kindaish, really happy with his mouth, I had troubles drawing those hands but I got them looking good in the end, had to copy his left hand to make the right one as I just couldn’t get the right one to work at first but dang they both look good really love the colours on them both, and the jacket this fucking jacket fuck it almost killed me but so worth it as I have been wanting to draw Papyrus in a 90′s looking jacket for so long so I decided to put him in one in this and I really like the result, ended up looking at photos of Will Smith from when he was starring in “the fresh prince of bel air”, though ended up looking at one of the other actors jacket for the pattern on this jacket tho, also based Papyrus’s crop top on one of Will’s outfits too, the text that is crossed over says Philadelphia but since Papyrus likes to fix his clothes up I decided to cross it out and then he has written in perfect papyrus Cool Dude above it, and yes 69 because i could pfft, the shine and stuff in his eyes could had been a bit better, and I could had fixed the lines and stuff on the jacket a bit more properly but can’t be bothered now he is done and I am so damn happy with this like srs so happy! 

and fuck it i’mma post this now because just look at it gnjekgea


It is done! amazing balls I actually kept my word! 

So thanks to @rifcringes posting some videos by Thomas Sanders, who I had heard of but never, that I can remember, watched anything of so I went and checked him out and I absolutely love his stuff! :D he’s amazing! So was this created! 

I ended up watching his vines compilations and found 3 which made me think of Undertale immediately, and this is one of them! based on one of the vines HERE  

I have no idea what is going on with Scratch’s eye light thingie, tried to like combine the original blue and yellow of UT Sans and then add some purple, looks weird or maybe that’s just me? it reminds me of candy for some reason

Also for those people who don’t use feet and inches to measure height, Papy is 221 cm aka 2 m and 21 cm and Scratch 141 cm aka 1 m and 41 cm. went with these two because Papy is the tallest and Scratch the shortest in my head when it comes to the skellies in UT, US, UF and SF~

Edit: realised I forgot to add a little black dot in Scratch’s magic eye, fixed now~ 

The other two can be found HERE and HERE


Inspired by this scene from the anime Gintama HERE

Ever since I got into Underswap and saw how some drew Papy smoking cigarettes and some where he just had a lollipop instead, immediately made me think of that scene from Gintama which you can watch on the link above, and I just had to draw it! xD and damn I am pretty proud of how it all turned out, had such problems drawing a bunch of stuff but eventually succeeded in the end!

Omfg I still can’t believe I began and finished the last five of these pictures today, it took me like 10 or so hours, frick I feel pretty damn woozy, no more working on art today! But this was such great practice for me to draw and finish stuff faster so I have no regrets whatsoever!

Enjoy anyway~

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Angular!! Cheekbones that can cut glass!!




This is based on This Intro of YuGiOh Abridged, go and watch it you won’t regret it, because all the way back when I got into Undertale so have I been wanting to draw this as whenever Papyrus said Nyeh in the game etc I immediately thought of this scene xD

And damn these are so old now, like months old! took way too long for me to finish these for some reason and there are soo many things I am no happy with but I am too tired to say them all so meh

Finished the last panel today and for some reason I decided to animate it a bit, the animation turned out pretty well actually <: think I might post it without the speech bubble separately later~

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Um, could you do a palette 33 with UT Alphdyne?


Ahhh finally done with the first one and have to say it sure turned out good! Sorry for making it angsty but as soon as I read the name of the palette, “I’m just alright”, my thoughts immediately went to Undyne comforting a distressed Alphys, like she have insisted she has been just alright but she isn’t alright and then ends up breaking down and Undyne ends up comforting her and stuff, but I hope you like this buddy :D

As I said before I really like how this turned out, this is completely digital which my colour palette’s usually isn’t, usually make the sketch first in my sketchbook, but since I couldn’t get the pose to work when sketching by hand I ended up doing it on sai and then move it to photoshop for colouring, and it turned out pretty good, really like how Undyne’s skin turned out, and her shirt and pants, her hair is ok but I feel like I could had done something more with it, or like fixed it up a bit more properly, really happy with how Alphys turned out wish I could had shown her face but Undyne’s arm got in the way, her skin turned out really good, really like her leg, and her clothes also turned out good, her tail could looked a little bit better tho, and the background is pretty neat too, so yeah really like how this turned out <:



Finally frikkity done this took way longer than I had planned but it was pretty damn worth it because look at her! Anyhow this is @nighttimepixels genderbent underswap pap aka Amber who I have been wanting to draw ever since I saw her, and I finally sketched her up weeks ago and then it just took awhile for me to finally get around to colour her because she had to get coloured because she is so beautiful and I am just so gay for her xD

And for some reason she just scream older sister vibe for me, like yeah she is the older sister, I think so at least dunno, but she just screams it ok and I couldn’t stop thinking how cute it would be if she like received a really genuine compliment outta nowhere or something and she gets flustered but still stays cool but her cheeks are all blushed up and she says with a tiny bit of a flustered laugh “hehe, aren’t you sweet honey”, I can like literally see that scene in my head and hear her saying that and that is pretty much the backstory to the pic haha, funny tho that reaction is kinda how I see Stretch would react like too, because I like him easily flustered pfft

Have to say I really like how this one turned out, really like her tank top and her face, and most of the colours turned out pretty good too, not so happy with the blush tho it looks a bit weird but still ok, pretty happy with the smoke from the cigarette also, the hand is the only thing that irks me, except for like some parts of the lines that ended up wobbly but meh, the hand just looks weird as I couldn’t fully figure out how I had sketched it up and then I tried to fix it but dunno just I don’t like the hand, like it works but looks effy, also I had so fun trying to like make her look more feminine in a way, like her fingers are much thinner, her whole frame is a bit smaller and slimmer, and her face is a tad bit rounder and a little bit shorter, I have never actually drawn a skeleton that is female before but I think I did a pretty good job! I also had to add the skeleton gloves even though Amber does not have them but like skeleton gloves is my whole swap pap thing so she had to have them, also freckles because freckles man! I also felt like doing one without the speech bubble, just because!

Anyhow I hope you like this Night :D I srs love all of them ladies you are dishing out and pretty much anything that you make is just so good, and you are so good and I just love you man!



Some more fanart of @tyranttortoise Skeleton Squatters and the Landlady, this time two of my favourite parts from the latest chapter :D

Was going to write something here but my mind went blank… so… yeah…


Where did the hats and sunglasses go after Papy teleported himself and Edge away??? like Edge did throw his hat and sunglasses at Paps but what about Stretch? did he continue to wear it or did they fall off??? like nothing mentions that he takes it off, so… did he keep on wearing it? I got questions???? for some reason I find this hilarious as if he did then no one commented on it and he just kept on walking around wearing the hat and sunglasses for no reason! I I don’t even know anymore, been thinking about it since I re read that part for the sketch and stuff xD 


This is my secret santa for my girlfriend @parttimeslave! which I finally finished yesterday, a whole day late but done nonetheless :D I was originally planned on drawing her selfship with her Red, but no matter what I tried I just couldn’t get it right, so then I was like wait let’s put him in a sexy santa outfit and this is the result!

I am not super happy with how this turned out, some of the colouring looks weird to me and the fluff can just go and burn, really like how the smoke from his cigar turned out tho, and the red colours looks pretty neat too <:



Ok so… I really, REALLY, love @theslowesthnery Sims 4 Sans and Papyrus adventures, and I had to draw something based on it because it’s hilarious so went and sketched out these two based on THIS and THIS :D they might not have turned out that great but I tried at least! still a bit bothered over the fact I couldn’t get his face close enough to the original pic on the second picture but moving on

Got a third pic in the works but which I have decided to colour so it will take a bit longer but hopefully not too long! <: spoiler, it’s a preggy sans~

Anyhow, I hope you will like this @theslowesthnery :D I srs love your art, your au and all your sims post! I think it was even because of you that I started to draw Sans with a tooth gap!


Been wanting to draw these two for like 2 days now as I haven’t drawn Grillby or my idea of his former husband Aquator for awhile now, and also been wanting to draw someone been pregnant so hit two flies with one stone and did them in the same pic aye :D

Really like how this turned out, decided to not try to make everything look super good just doodle away with my sketch brush that I have and see where it goes, and this is the result and I really like it, even though some anatomy etc looks a bit meh but I don’t care it looks good anyway, I mostly like how Grillby’s stomach turned out drawning pregnancy stomachs are hella fun and been something I have always loved to draw though I am a bit rusty, just really like the whole sketchy feel of the whole pic ye 

Grillby is pregnant with Fuku btw as I headcanon him being her dad and then Aquator her other dad who sadly did not get to see her grow up as he went and fell down and then dusted because I love the angst aye <: got some more about them if you search for Aquator on my blog if ya wanna know more aye


So instead on working on the stuff I had planned on working on today, I instead decided to replay @nighttimepixels game “Soul Redacted"​ so that I could get a hold of the dialogue from this scene of Berry declaring that he and Q, belongs to @jolie-in-the-underground,​ are now best friends, which frikking killed me the first time I played it as this was immediately what I thought of, Berry putting his finger against Q’s screen shushing him with Q just looking slightly shocked and stuff <:

This actually didn’t turn out all that bad, just Berry’s anatomy which looks a bit meh and my attempt at drawing the machine did not go so well either though I didn’t really try, Berry’s face on the other hand in the first panel turned out pretty damn good if I may say so myself :D

Anyhow, hope ya two enjoy this!

Bonus close up of Q:


IT’S SKELECHARA  (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Had a need to just draw something random today, and decided to give @insanelyadd‘s child skelechara a try, as i have been wanting to try them out for awhile and stuff aye <: also you guys should totally go and check them out Goatie is such a awesome artist and their comics etc is so good!

Really like how they look like in my style, they be cute, tried to practice some quick lineart which didn’t turn out so good, dunno why but i just can’t draw shit straight for some reason, guess i just gotta keep on practicing, also tried to colour with different tools but it went a bit meh that too, i do like the shadows on their hat tho, but yeah overall I like how this turned out, was fun to do 



This is yet again completely @tyranttortoise fault, because she rebloged THIS and I had to draw it because Edge with cat ears and because I have no self control and Tortoise gives me constant inspiration for things I am not supposed to draw adjkawk

Also bonus Stretch as Luigi from the latest chapter of “Skeleton Squatters and the Landlady” as I had to fill up the page I drew Edge on so took the opportunity to draw Stretch because that moustache, also that joke he is saying is like one of my favourites of all fucking time



So, this is what I have been drawing all day today instead of drawing the stuff I had planned on working on :D oh well, at least I got some skeleton anatomy practice which is pretty good to do, because I know shit about it! pretty happy with the anatomy of the middle picture~

All is based on some of my favourite scenes in the new chapter of Skeleton Squatters and the Landlady which you can read HERE by @tyranttortoise because that fic is so damn awesome and I just love it so just go read it damn it!

The fish in Paps ribcage is kind of sexy (????)

I hope you’re happy @tyranttortoise, you did after all warn me there would be a Papy wearing a bikini top, so I should have know it would come to this <:



Ok so the other day, or rather 1st Jan in fact, I had this sudden need to give another of the skeletons freckles, because I srs love freckles so damn much, first I was thinking of Berry but then both he and Stretch would have freckles and also Berry got them eyebrows going for him so it was a no, and also he is often drawn with freckles by other people anyhow even though he do look great with freckles too, but I knew I wanted it to be a Sans and then it hit me that yes, Scratch should totally have freckles! And damn this got to be the best decision I have made yet this year because look at him they fit him so damn well!! :D

And these sketches turned out so good that I had to colour the first one, which took me yesterdays evening and pretty much the whole day today to finish, and I am very happy with it even though I ended up a bit sloppy at the end, but still very happy with it, especially the scarf! It was so nice to just paint it up as I went lineless on it and just used various shades of purple and blue and stuff <: the only thing I am not overly happy with is the freckles themselves, like they look much better in the original sketch than my attempt at drawing them on the comp, think it’s because it looks too clean somehow or maybe there are just too many so it looks clustered or I don’t know

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Can you maybe do the UT bros in constant rambling?


” but you’re smiling tho, bro”


And here you go mysterious anon! :D with yet another little dialogue because I can~

Also this is not fontcest so do not put it in the tags if you reblog ok? <:

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Pssst, did you know, steel toed crocs exist? Since you drew cruggs, I thought you'd like to know about other disasters. ♡


I have no excuse for this, just that when I read this ask I immediately googled for steel toed crocs and found THESE! Sadly they are fake, but that aien’t stopping Stretch tho xD

I srs wasn’t supposed to make this, I had other things I was supposed to work with, but I guess the call of the croc was too strong *sob*

also, to quote @nyehehehe when she saw this:

“I like his face in the third panel fjeng

That’s the face of someone who knows what he’s doing is wrong

and doesn’t give a flying fuck”

Because it is way too true pfft