You probably wouldn’t be surprised to learn that known startorialist Dr. Parshati Patel dressed fabulously for her graduation ceremony, but even my high expectations were blown away when I saw these photos!

The image on the scarf (an Indian dupatta) is an artist’s rendition of the Pillars of Creation, hand painted by Rekha Dwivedi, Parshati’s mother’s art teacher in India. Parshati chose the pillars (in M16, aka the Eagle Nebula) because her thesis research focused on young, massive stars. like those shaping and illuminating the nebula.

But the startorial details don’t end there! The star brooch was custom made by Bhagwati Jewellers in Ahmedabad, India based on Parshati’s design, and her nail polish is Starry Starry Night by Essie (love that bottle!).

The galaxy heels are from @modcloth but now only available (and on sale!) directly from T.U.K.

Parshati is now the Education and Outreach Coordinator at the Center for Planetary Science & Exploration full time.

Photo credits: Nandish Patel & Tanya Harrison–Emily