We’re pretty sure Chris Pratt could walk around Essex and pass for a local. 

Guide to stopping a fight in essex:

“Mate, mate, mate, just let it, mate, just let it go, yeah? mate, mate, come on, let it, mate, yeah? Yeah? just let it go yeah? oi, mate, oi, oi, let it go, let it go. Yeah, alright, yeah, just let it go mate, yeah?”

California Nebula with added SII 

Added some more data to my image of the California Nebula. Only my 2nd narrowband image so still learning but ive mapped the Ha to Green and Blue and the SII to Red, no OIII was captured. This object has moved out of my FOV now so its time to move on and image something else. 

The Great Galaxy in Andromeda 

Imaging galaxies is great fun because what looks like dark sky actually turns out to be a system of billions of stars and civilizations. M31 is possibly the best known galaxy that sits in our local group of galaxies and is at a distance of 2.5 million light years. Its the first target i ever attempted (about 1 year ago) and ill be doing some more images of this as the winter progresses. Taken at a good friend of mines near Colchester Essex.