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Essence Subscription Box+ My favorite things

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored ad. I was not gifted this and used my own money for this honest review.

How many of you own a subscription box? I’ve never really been into the fad but one day, while reading my Essence monthly issue, I saw the Essence beauty box. To be honest, Essence and I have a long history. I grew up and the first thing I can remember reading were my mom’s Essence magazines. It meant a lot to see beautiful women who looked like me, looking flawless across the pages of the magazine. So as I grew up, I bought my own subscription and watched the magazine grow too. 

From its online platform, to Essence debates during lunch to this new subscription service, Essence embodies my lifestyle as a black woman.

Most of my hesitation to get into the subscription box fad was because I wasn’t sure if they would have “me” in mind. This isn’t something to worry about at Essence. This is made specifically with black beauty in mind. You can even log in and make or edit your beauty profile, so the box can be made with your skin tone, hair texture and beauty needs in mind. The price is fairly affordable too, with the price point being $15 a month for a box of around 5 goodies. 

Each month, usually around the 15th, you’ll receive around 5 items in your box. I’m going on my third month with the subscription. Here are some of my favs:

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anonymous asked:

BLA - Have a cookie, you survived a difficult battle; not meant to normal mortals; Law is the stuff nightmares are made of. writing these symbols is HARD, I totally relate to the size difference problem; I sure hope to get better, but the more I draw and compare my old drawings to new ones, the more I feel like I lost my style & essence and that they get worse. I like ugly sweaters too, I'm glad they didn't know my fashion sense to accept me in the fashion course. I dress anything on my wardrobe


*kicked where it hurts*

Same here, I wear flip flops everyday because I’m too lazy to put socks and shoes, too much work, I could spend this time sleeping.

Yeah, Japane/Chinese symbols are hard, specially the most detailed ones, inking them is like disarming a bomb, you sneeze and everything is a mess.

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Can you relive your moment when KyxDizzy was hinted to be canon in Overture? Like how was the reaction from the Internet, some says it has divide the base and said GG has been ruined.

My reaction?

I don’t have the mindset of a shipper or someone obsessed with Fighting Games exclusively, so forgive me if it had ZERO IMPACT on how I view Guilty Gear as a whole.

Let’s put it this way, my enjoyment of the world and story itself is my number one priority.  That is regardless of what form the game takes or the effect the story has on its characters.

If it was Pachislot, Platformer, Puzzle, RPG, Action, Adventure, Tactical makes no LICK of Difference to me.  I enjoy the content because its essence and style is what I like.

I think fans of the Final Fantasy Series might understand more where I am coming from by saying this, as they’ve experienced a similar journey as fans faced with a wide diversity of FF games and spinoffs out there.

Granted, I have a more open mindset than traditional FGC hardliners, who eat, sleep, and breathe competition, I’m sure they felt a shock when GG2 appeared: a game outside their ken of knowledge and understanding, to say nothing of the despair SolxKy fans felt.

People will say what they WANT to say about GG. It’s not their place to decide the true vision of the games.

If you dislike the direction GG went:

1. You set the bar of expectation too high, no game will ever reach that level unless you yourself make it.

2. You aren’t listening to the game’s ‘inner message’, instead you’re talking back, like its an argument, and projecting your own ideals on to it.  Most games have an objective, even if its unclear at first, but that objective is almost never something you yourself created in most instances.

Take time out to ask yourself what it is you really REALLY crave out of a game like Guilty Gear, or even BlazBlue.  Boil down what it is you like to its essence.

Then, ask yourself (or the developers) if you think you’ll see more of what you liked or not.  If not, you’ve been playing the wrong game all this while.